NOW is your time – Speech to Alabama Football Team | Gary Vaynerchuk 2018 Keynote

– I’m about to give a talk to the Bama football team, national champs. I’m a national champ, feels natural. – [Gary] You got your perspective. (crowd cheering) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? (slow hip hop tempo) (audience applause) Sup fellas? Thank you for having me. I’m super honored. Look, I’m gonna set some framework. I think, when you come and speak, when you do something like this, my biggest agenda in here
is to bring you guys value. You guys are busy, you
could be doing something with your time, I don’t
need to be wasting it. So, what I’d really like
to do is create a framework that allows us to do some Q and A, so I can answer some direct questions, whatever is running through your mind. Let me give you a little context, cause I know the far majority of you have no idea who I am. I was born in the former Soviet Union. I came to the US when I was three. We moved to a studio apartment in Queens. I lived with eight family members in a studio apartment slightly bigger than the stage that I’m on now. My parents grinded. I didn’t see my dad until I was like 14. My mom and I kinda put it together, you know, walking two miles, no car, all that kind of stuff. So it was a real humble beginning. Eventually my dad became a
manager in a liquor store in New Jersey, so we moved to Jersey. That’s where my
entrepreneurial hustle started. When I was six, I was running
four or five lemonade stands. I convinced, tricked,
whatever you wanna call it, my friends in the neighborhood
to stand there all day. I would make signs and look
at cars and try to make money. Ripping flowers out of people’s yards and selling it to them, selling rocks, baseball cards, lemonade,
washing cars, shoveling. I was very unique for all the immigrants that came from Russia, because
education was the way out. And for me, my DNA just
didn’t pull me that direction. So, I was a D and F student growing up. But when I was 12, 13 years old, I was making two, three
thousand dollars a weekend because I was flinging baseball and football and basketball cards. So, that’s just who I was and now, in this day and age, the
entrepreneur is cool. Like, that’s what people wanna be. People wanna make that money. But when I was growing
up, when I was your age, or at least half your age, the only route out was school. And so frankly, I was shit
on my whole life, right? My friends’ parents
didn’t want me hanging out because I was dragging their kids into bad school, different things. There was just, it made no sense to me, the thought that I was being so successful off the school field, and yet, that wasn’t being viewed in any good way. And so, that was my life. I went to a tiny school called Mount Ida College in Newton, Mass. I was in my freshman dorm room in September of ’94, playing Madden ’95. My friend rolls in, I
was dominating in Madden, using the old school team, using Joe Namath and the ’69
Jets, that’s my squad. My man walks in, he goes,
“You gotta come see this.” I walk in and it was the
first time I saw the internet. You know, you guys are youngsters, you’re not gonna remember this, but some of the coaches,
some of us old timers, we remember the… (imitating dial up sounds) That shit. And I sat there, watched it, and within the first
five to seven minutes, I could feel that I was looking at something completely different. And I waited for an hour. This is how old school this was. I had to wait an hour before it was my turn to go on the internet. I went on and within another 30 minutes, I was on a bulletin board selling cards. And I realized my dream of opening up 10 thousand liquor stores, wine shops, across the country cause my goal and still as I sit here
today as a 42 year old man, my goal is to buy the New YorK Jets. And the way I’ve thought about that was I was gonna open up
10 thousand wine stores, flip it, sell it, buy the Jets. In that moment, in September of ’94, I was like wait a minute. I don’t need to do that. I’m gonna use this thing. And from that day on to here, the internet has been the foundation of a lot of things I’ve thought about. Now it’s mature now,
but in the early days, when I launched the first E-commerce wine business in America, called,
people clowned on me, told my dad he was an idiot
for letting his kid do this. People thought the internet was a fad. Forget about social media, or SnapChat, the whole thing was a fad. And so, that’s how I came up. In five years, I built
my dad’s liquor store from a three to a sixty
million dollar business, I made it, everybody
thought I was a whiz kid, I was in papers, TV, it was amazing, and then YouTube came out. YouTube came out, I thought
it was gonna be big. I started a wine show on YouTube, cause I wanted to educate
people about wine, and within the first six
months, it got real big. And then YouTube sold to
Google for two billion dollars. And when I saw that flip,
I kinda looked at it, and in an article, it said
Angel Investor, Ron Conway, made all this money on a 25
thousand dollar investment. And I said, I’ve been so
right about email and Google, and the internet, the next time
I feel it, I’m gonna invest. And so, in 2006, the first three companies I invested in were Facebook,
Twitter, and Tumblr. Yeah, I’m super fucking rich. (audience laughter) So, that worked. And then my brother was
graduating school in 2009, and even though I’m rich and I made it, I did a good thing, I like the process. I like the game. I like being an entrepreneur. Like, some of you guys in
here love, love playing. Others are just cool with
it, it’s your way out, there’s a million different variables. Just some people can’t breath with it. I can’t breath without the game. I can’t breath without being busy. I can’t breath without
working 15 hours a day. I can’t breath without every
minute being scheduled. I woke up at 4:30 this morning, went to Chicago, met with Kraft, got on a plane here, now with you guys, gonna drive to Atlanta
tonight cause I got a meeting. Like just, in it, just in it. I’m gonna be in studio with Sonny Digital till three a.m. tonight and then seven a.m., be in a meeting, so just in it, cause I love
my process, I love my game. And that is what I’ve
been spending more time on in the last three, four, five years. That’s the thing I think
I can bring value here. Because you’re all gonna
have different paths. The thing that I’ve become fascinated with is where’s your mind at, right? To me, for example, I’m
gonna throw you something I’ve been thinking about
on the flight down here. To me, the craziest thing is that for most of you, your talent
is your vulnerability. And that like, plays with my head. The fact that your talent is
actually your vulnerability. Because it’s been so given to you, you don’t even know any different. I know you’re talented. Cause I can context how fast you can run, what you can do, what you
can live, how you can play. But your talent is the vulnerability and to me, how you get over
there and understand that. For me, what’s super interesting is on some straight facts,
for 80 percent of you, this is the APEX of your life. You’re a Bama ball player. Like, most of you are not
gonna be in the league. Most of you are definitely not gonna be in the league for more than three years. Just math. And so, what do you do with all the leverage you have right now? To me, I think a lot about, when I talk to some of the kids on DM and shit like that, I think about, are they really
leveraging their moment? Do they understand, while they’re the big dog on campus right now, that the kid sitting next
to them in chemistry class, in six years, is gonna have all the leverage and they’re not? And they’re too cool to
say hello to somebody, and that leverage can change
the course of their life? And so for me, you know, when I walk here, I got a few minutes with
the coach, he’s like, what are you gonna talk about? The only thing that kept running
through my mouth was like, who in here, which fringe,
special teams player, which third string line backer, who’s gonna hear what I have to say? Which is, this is the greatest
year to ever be alive. Coach, I, others, we didn’t grow up with this internet thing. The access and ability you have to do whatever you want is extraordinary. It’s almost uncomfortable. But, and it was amazing, a
couple guys on my team are here, we walked by and the big sign
in the hall said, no excuses. I just got so happy. Like to me, it’s just 100
percent accountability. Like to me, this is all about happiness. Like life, happiness. To me, this is just, the easiest
way I know how to be happy is to blame myself for
everything, all of it. And there’s tactics, I
was talking to coach, about E.T., E.T.’s my guy. Coming through here like, he’s like E.T. challenged them to be off
social media for 30 days. I was like, why the fuck would he do that? (audience laughter) Cause that’s a tactic. Like, that’s short term. Right? Like that’s cool, you checked that box, but the reality is it’s more about controlling what’s happening. To me, technology is
the great ammo for you. I hate when people talk about
millennials and this and that. Like for me, this is it. You guys are the best at this, you understand it the
best, are the best version. It’s always the evolution. But do you know how to
make it work for you? That’s a mindset game. And so I think about this all the time. I’m getting 10 thousand DM’s
a day right now from kids. They’re coming from so many angles. They don’t have enough,
so they resonate with me. Like what I grew up with. They have too much and their parents are taking care of everything. To me, they’re trying
to find their balance because there’s weakness
in too little or too much. And so for me, every day
I’m walking through this and I’m seeing it and I’m wondering, what is going through their mind? What are they thinking about? Because to me, the greatest leverage… What’s crazy about this program, in comparison to all the other places, is the leverage you sit with right now, actually carries through. Once you have that A on your patch, like you can play that forever, but I’m just watching kid after kid, in programs that have similarities or other things, not leveraging. As a matter of fact, this is actually, I’m glad I get to tell this story, cause this really hits home. Dean Miller was incredible player here. Obviously, I was super excited when he went top ten to the Jets. Unfortunately, he got hurt. And he was out of the league
within two, three years, right? Basically, never really
played in the NFL for real. Obviously got very fortunate because he was a top ten pick to get some money, but he was in New York. And I tell all these guys
when they come through, cause all these guys know
once they become a Jet, they can DM me and I’m gonna see them. I tell him, I’m like, you’re in New York. Leverage it. While you’re a Jet, I’ll see you 15 times, I’ll introduce you to
every CEO in the world, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m like, the second you get
traded and go to the Packers, I’m out, I won’t return your phone call. And that is leverage you have and so for me, life is very simple. I worked 15 hours a day in a
liquor store from 22 to 34. In a liquor store. And I lived in a studio
apartment and bought nothing, no Supremes, no off-whites, no fucking flat screens,
nothing interesting. I saved and saved and saved. And then I had my moment. I saw the world was changing, the internet was evolving, and everything I had, I didn’t
have that much in comparison, I put it all in on Facebook,
Tumblr, and Twitter. For me, this is my
moment when I saw clarity of where the internet was
going and I went all in. I’ll be very frank with you guys. You’ve got that right now. Like, the level of taking for granted what you’re sitting on is extraordinary. The amount of businessmen and women, thought leaders, people that
this place is religion to, are willing to have a
conversation with you. Look at you totally different today then they will in three or four years. As you’re managing your time, you’ve got so much to do
between the classroom and this. There’s so little time. Like look, I’m all about
you playing Fortnite. Look, I’m all about you
talking to those girls on DM. I’m all about that, I mean it, but allocating, allocating
time to leverage your moment, to understand what you’re
actually sitting on, with the leverage of the brand
that this has been created, that’s something you can learn here, that you can use for
the rest of your life. To me, the leverage of
being a ball player here, like you are now, and every
classmate wants to talk to you, wants to have some sort of relationship, and I know that 90 percent of them are gonna have more leverage than you in five or seven years, I
just want you to strike. Like, what, you’re too cool for somebody, you gotta listen to your headphones and put your hoodie on,
you can’t say hello? Like, I’m desperate for the
guy that’s thinking that to just say yo, you need
to go the other way. To me, the are why, of things
like college, are the people. People are the game in life. That’s how life actually plays out. And so for me, you are in a
remarkable spot right now. You’ve gotta do plenty of film study, and plenty of school, and
plenty of taking care of whatever else you gotta take care of, but squeezing it is just
phenomenally interesting to me. Let me bounce on a couple other places and open it up to Q and A. I think the biggest
thing that I’ve noticed for the people that are winning. Whatever that may be, money, success in business, life, what have you. I think patience is a
massive foundation for them. I think patience has been extraordinarily interesting for me to watch. Everybody just wants it so fast. You know and especially
when you’re younger, it just feels like you want it so fast. It’s tough to like, you know to me, when I got out of school, when I wanted to do all these big things, my cousin was 30 years old in
the liquor store and I was 22, and I thought he was old as shit. Right? Just eight years older. To me, if I realized at
that time, how young he was. If I could make you feel the
way I feel right now at 42, I feel exactly like
you, I’m twice your age, it feels the same inside. It feels the same inside. And the second you would
actually understand that, or believe it, everything
else starts changing. You start getting patient,
you get way more meticulous. You start thinking about
things completely different. And for me, that’s, if
like one person can start really realizing the patience game, that would make a ton of sense for me. Let me bounce around a little bit here. I think one of the interesting things, I tried to do a little homework, is I appreciate that coach
is not cramping too down on social and things of that nature, but obviously, he wants
you to be thoughtful, no different than anything else, right? Again, I kinda harped
on it a few minutes ago, about campus or people that
are fans of the program. The amount of people you can get to through DM on Instagram is remarkable. If you have interests,
if you want internships, if you’re thinking about things that you’re excited about in life, people are gonna return your DM. Being thoughtful about that,
about where you wanna go, there’s only these couple moments in time. I was there for early Twitter. Early Twitter, if you Tweeted
somebody, they replied. About a year or two later, game over. I’m real old, email,
back in ’96, ’97, ’98, you emailed somebody? They replied. You’ve got that moment
for about another year, another half year, maybe
two years, on Instagram DM. You need to use that for your ambitions and your future, or whatever works here, just be very, very thoughtful
of the power of people. Cause they’re gonna click on your profile, they’re gonna see what you’re about, and they’re gonna reply. So I would highly recommend
squeezing that huge opportunity. For me, when I think about all the things that have worked for me, it all comes down to perspective, right? So, after I made those three investments, later on, about a year or two later, I was an early investor in Uber as well. Right? And so, yeah, but I fucked up Uber. Because I could’ve been even earlier cause I was literally in the room when it was invented in
Paris by the two founders. But the first pitch of, wouldn’t it be cool if limousines could pick you up if you pressed
a button on your phone? Seemed a little too boujie
and for the one percent. I didn’t think it was
gonna be a big business, I didn’t realize how
it was gonna play out. But to me, what it represented is something that I think you
need to be thinking about. Which is, everything you’re
thinking about right now, literally in five to seven years, is gonna be completely changed. Between augmented reality, machine learning, crypto-currency. I’m sure some of you lost
some money on some Bitcoin. You know? Like all this stuff
that’s actually happening, like this internet thing, this technology thing, is just starting. It’s just starting. It’s gonna be completely encompassing. Like the robots are gonna
kill us in the end, right? So, I’m serious by the way. (audience laughter) Better enjoy it while we’re living. And so, just contextualizing
what’s going on, and your opportunities
within it, matter so much. Listen, I’ll be real frank with you. Like, I know people are sitting here like, you’ve got singular
focuses, I respect that. Honestly, I’ve deployed massive empathy where your mindset might be at, and to be very honest with you, ultimately, I really don’t
care what you do, right? You’re not my sister,
you’re not my mom, you know? I just really hope that
one or two people can really understand that you’re sitting on unbelievable amounts of leverage. And the thing that I’m most scared of, one of the biggest reasons I like spending time with really old
people, retirement home stuff, is if I could give you a crazy,
left-field, piece of advice, go one day to a retirement
home and just help out. If you see regret in a man’s
eyes, like real regret. When the game’s over, it
will change the way you navigate your life every day. And to me, to be very frank, watching all these 24, 25, 26, 27 year old football players DM me, who had a cup of coffee in the league, who got hurt, who, watching their regret of them not leveraging
their three years here, made me answer real quick
coach when you reached out. Real quick. Because I was like man, if
I could just get one kid. If I could just get the
fucking punter on this team to understand that he can
squeeze it, squeeze it. You know? Like to me, it’s just a
remarkable time in your life. And you will always,
always think about it. And so, I highly recommend
you take a step back and you start deploying massive gratitude on what actually is going on here. You gotta focus on the season, I’m sure plenty of you got
a chip on your shoulders, I’m sure a lot of you are
hearing the whispers of like, where people think you’re gonna play at, so I’m sure you’re super, duper focused. But to me, one step
back and start deploying perspective of what this
moment in your life is and how much leverage you have, and how much opportunity the world has. And let me say another thing. If you asked me the biggest
thing I’m worried about. I’m worried about the economy
being so good for so long. We’ve had a good economy
now for nine years. Like, all these people that
are your homies or friends, say they’re entrepreneurs on Instagram, but they’re not really winning. If you’re not winning as an entrepreneur right now, you suck. Cause it’s easy out there. The economy is super simple. And so to me, the biggest
concern looking at your age, it’s highly likely that
when you’re 23, 26, 27, that the whole thing’s gonna fall and it’s gonna get real tight. And I talk to all these
30 and under entrepreneurs and they think they’re big shots. And I always tell them, I’m like, the problem with you is you haven’t been punched in the mouth yet. Because the last seven, eight years that you’ve been navigating, the market’s been so remarkable. So for me, not only am
I thinking over the top about the mindset of where you’re at, to me, I’m thinking
about the playing field that you’re actually gonna
live in in your 20’s to 30’s, and that just compounds my
energy of like, be thoughtful. Like, network for real. Figure out what interests
you have for real. Of course, go for the league, do you. Do you, but you have enough
talent to do all of it. And so, I’m just thinking that this is thee time and I just hope that you don’t regret it and let it go by. Questions? My man. (low speaking voice) Because I don’t like the money. Coach has won five championships. What’s he doing? Like, I love the game. Like, I want the admiration. What am I doing here? I’ll be frank with you. You guys are cool and all. I’m looking for admiration. I looking for one of you to
email me nine years from now, saying “Yo, you came through
Bama when I was there. “You said something about
saying hello to people. “I just said hello to
somebody in class cause, “I don’t know, I remembered
that you were there, “and that person’s now my “business partner and we’re winning. “I just wanna say thank you.” That’s a high, I’m sure
you get it at scale, guys coming back, I
can’t get off that high. I was at Breakfast Club about
a year ago, two years ago, and it was going good and Envy was mad cause Charlemagne was
being too soft on me, so he was like, “Yo, you’re talking “all this motivational bullshit, “why don’t you give us
a piece of good advice.” And I was like, oh damn,
it was live on radio, so I was like, the only thing I went to is what I grew up on, my flip game. I was like look, he’s like, “Well, what if I only
have a hundred bucks?” I was like, well then you
need to go to Goodwill, or the dollar store, or Craigslist and buy some stuff and flip it. And I created this whole flip challenge. And the amount of people that made an extra five hundred
bucks, a thousand bucks, that really meant something
to, and getting those emails. I’m in it for a lot of reasons. One, I wanna buy the Jets. So, I’m rich, but I need a lot more. Right, that’s number one. Number two, I’d die if I didn’t work. Like to me, my game, my passion. Like, I love my family more than life, but if my wife walked
into my bedroom tonight, and was like, “I need you to
stop working and be home.” She knows that I’d be like, look, we need to figure this out, or we’re just not gonna be together. It’s not because I don’t love her. I’m being serious, I know it sounds weird, but I’m just telling you. I would suffocate. I would suffocate. And so, I’m in it for the game. And honestly, I’ll be honest with you. I think the quickest way to get paper, is to love the process. Cause you’re not gonna be
able to work 15 hours a day, if you’re doing it for some new Supremes. It’s too hard if you don’t love it. (low speaking voice) Inner conscious, where the mindset? How do I think about
going straight for, to me, the big thing was, I’ll tell you, I think the biggest
vulnerability you’ve got is you actually value somebody’s opinion more than you value your own. Like, the reason I’ve been
able to always do my thing, is when I was 24, and people were like, “Oh, you work at your dad’s liquor store?” Like, I heard that as like
a chip on my shoulder. You know? I loved it. I was like cool, keep
sleeping on me, dick. You know? (audience laughter) Like, I’m glad you’re on Wall Street making a hundred thousand, buying BMW’s and dumb jewelry, I’ll
see you in 30 years. You understand? Like to me, the way you win is you realize you can’t hear nobody. Not your parents, I mean listen. You gotta listen to coach
and all that shit, I get it, but at the end of the day, my guy, yourself, you gotta get
real, real quiet up here. I can’t hear anything. You go look at my Instagram right now, my first post, I’ll post something, first hundred replies in
one second, “You’re Jesus.” “You walk on water, you’re the
best, you’re the all time.” Can’t hear em. The next hundred, “You’re a piece of shit, “you’re full of shit, you’re
a snake oil salesman.” Can’t hear em. I’m in my own mind, doing my own thing. And that comes with self-esteem. Everybody’s trying to
keep up with the Jones’. I’m not worried about you being in the Hamptons, on a blow up swan. (audience laughter) I’m not worried about you renting out cash from the bank and putting it to your ear. I’m not worried you jump the fence and took a photo in
front of a private plane. What you think these people are doing? They’re posing. Patience, long game. You know what’s amazing
about being an entrepreneur? We get to play forever. Right? Curtis Martin, great football
player, Jet, I met him. He was like 34. And he’s gotta like
rekindle his whole thing and I’m like, he’s such a young man. It’s crazy being an
athlete, having to reset. The great thing for me,
is I get to play forever. I’m gonna be working when I’m 96. Trying to find my next hustle. My guy. – [Audience Member] If you’re gonna start a business, try to grow a business. How much should you focus on technology, social media, compared to connections with people you know or
people you kinda meet? Both. Connections are amazing for foundational, but if you’re trying to build awareness. Let’s say you opened a bar, a barber shop, you wanna sell T-shirts. Like, the one big
advantage you guys have… Look, I have a huge company. My company’s gonna do 200
million dollars in revenue. I just flew from Kraft, we have Budweiser, we have the biggest brands
in the world, Chase. They still don’t get it. I’m sitting in the meetings everyday and they’re not pouring enough
money into social media. That’s your advantage. They’re still pouring
into commercials and print and things of that nature. So, you know where the attention is. And so, social matters. But humans in relationships
are just honestly my man, I said it, I can’t explain to you enough, how much I want you to meet every person. Look, some of you are introverts. If you’re an extrovert and you’re social, you need to go all in on the fact that you got
blessed with that DNA that you love people and
you love saying hello, and you’ve got the leverage of
doing what you’re doing now. Some of you are introverts, right? And that’s hard, but like, I’m gonna keep pushing too
because the leverage is absurd. (speaking in low voice) My email? Gary at, actually, you know what? This will be way, way better. DM me on Instagram, Gary, V-E-E. – [Audience Member] Wait,
wait, say that again please? – Yep. Gary. (audience laughter) Gary, V-E-E. Just DM there and this
way I won’t lose it. Go ahead. (low speaking voice) (audience shushing) Yeah, the question was,
“When I was younger, “when I didn’t have as much, “how did I take the first step?” Honestly, this is where
I actually with you guys, this is the one thing I connect with. Like, somewhere around third
grade was when I realized I’d be more likely owning a
team, than playing for one. But for you, it was what
your natural skill was. If you think I have any
idea why at five years old, I went outside and
thought it was a good idea to rip people’s flowers,
ring their doorbell and sell it back to them, right? Or like, why when it snowed and everybody wanted to
make snowmen and sled, I’m like, let’s get to work
and convincing my friends to ring doorbells and shovel. That was just in me. You know? And honestly, that’s another thing, right? Like you have so much
talent at what you’re doing. For a lot of you, this is
what you should be doing. But for a lot of you,
there’s other talents that you don’t even know,
you’ve never tasted it. The other thing that I want
to give people is like, go cook, go play E-sport,
do things, just to taste, so that you get to know
what you might be about. I just found my thing early. You know my guy? Just super early. Worked out for me that way. And that’s why I tell people, try stuff. You know why the reason a lot of your teammates here don’t do things? They’re worried about somebody
else’s thoughts on it. They’re worried like somebody’s
gonna be like, you’re corny. Like I would give a fuck
about you calling me corny. That’s a stupid way to live life. That’s what people are doing out here. And in this room. And these are Bama football players. What do you think is
going on in the world? Insecurity is driving people’s actions. – [Audience Member] What
was your hardest no, and what was your response to it? – My hardest what? – Your hardest no. – My hardest no. (exhales) You know, I think my hardest, you know, once I started my career, I guess, I’m trying to
think of a couple things. First of all, you know why
I’m even like pausing on that? I’d be really lying to you, so
I’m just gonna keep it real. I love no. I was at the top of the
wine game and I left because I won and I didn’t
wanna do it anymore. I went into marketing
where the first article written about me was, I think the article in the big advertising magazine was Twitter Boy, is what they called me. Twitter Boy thinks he’s gonna
come and win Madison Avenue. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. They’re not laughing anymore. You know? And even this game now,
I can already feel it, I’m like oh man, three, four, five years from now, this thing’s a wrap. I’m gonna be the guy, so I’m gonna have to start selling oranges or something, I’m gonna have to figure something out. Because I’m about the climb. Back to sports, I grew up a die-hard Yankees, Jets, Rangers, Knicks fan. The Yankees and Rangers
won their championships, I literally stopped watching them. Knicks and Jets are
gonna take me a minute. But like, I’m just about the climb. I just love the climb. Even like, back to sports, cause I think it’s a great analogy. I’ll turn on a random game, I need to know who the underdog is, that’s my team. I’m just about the climb. You know? Like to me, when I see a kid
wearing a Steph Curry jersey, and that kid lives in New York? I think that kid’s soft. (audience laughter) I mean it. He’s using somebody else’s success to make himself feel good. I think the biggest
tell of a losing person is wearing a jersey
outside you’re own city. It’s a subtle thing. Obviously, there’s always
maybe some rational, but that’s the shit I look for. My guy. (low speaking voice) My biggest what? (low speaking voice) Oh my God, this one guy. So, the question is my biggest burn. I’ve lost millions. Yeah, of course. Because you can’t win
without playing right? You gotta risk. So, when you’re doing what
I did back in the day, it was so early, you were
investing in people’s ideas. So Tinder right? Before Tinder, like 10 years earlier, in the gay male community, there was an app called Grinder. And I was like, this shit
is really gonna happen for boys and girls, I know it. So I was chasing. One, Highlight, I was
chasing all these apps that I thought could be the Tinder right? There was one company that I swore was gonna be bigger than Facebook. It was called Yobongo. I should’ve known just
in the fucking name. (audience laughter) I mean I put a hundred thousand, listen, you have to understand, when
I was losing this money, it was tough for me because
my Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr stock hadn’t made me money yet. So that 50 thousand dollar
check that went to zero, that shit hurt. Cause I was bleeding
for that 50, you know? But I’ve lost a lot. Yeah. I mean, I’m just not scared. You know why I’m not scared? Cause I’m not scared to go backwards. Like, my favorite Rocky, is Rocky VI, when he loses everything and goes back to the hood in Philly. Like, I’m not scared
about, like you understand? I like the process, I’m not
worried about the judgment. Back to the first
question, about the money, it’s just not even in my mindset. My guy. (low speaking voice) What’s that? (distant speaking voice) (audience laughter) Go ahead my guy. (audience shushing) (low speaking voice) I’ve never borrowed money. I’ve never borrowed money because I think most people raise money, or with high interest rates, because they want shit faster. I want stuff slower. The bigger the ambition, the more patience you have to deploy. So, that worked out. A lot of this shit, I
didn’t realize at the time. The reason I talk about
a lot of this stuff now is like, it’s hindsight. I can look back and be like, oh. So much came to me natural, you know? But, I didn’t have to
deal with interest rates cause I never looked to borrow money. I was willing to eat… When I started Vayner
Medium, my company now, it’s gonna be a billion dollar company. It started in a conference room
in somebody else’s company. Cause I didn’t wanna pay rent. Because I wasn’t worried about people coming to see a fancy office. People are just fronting all the time. Yes sir. – [Audience Member] How’d
you keep yourself believing that it was gonna work out? – I never doubted when
I made the investment. I’m not writing some kid a 25, 50 thousand dollar check
cause I doubt it, you know? Unfortunately, in that
game, six months later, forget about doubt, you regret it. The biggest thing I learned was there was a lot of fake entrepreneurs. The biggest mistake I made was I was coaching, investing, and thinking, as if that person was me. And I learned, like you
know, I like the idea, I could see how they could do it, but they weren’t me. Because I’d look on their Instagram and they’re like at the
beach on Friday afternoon. And the first time I see that photo, I’m like, I’m dead. Because they weren’t even making money. They borrowed money. And the audacity’s enormous. People go out of business,
they write me an email, “Dear Gary, sorry to
inform you, looks like “we’ll be closing up
shop, our app has failed, “we have seven thousand dollars left “that’s entitled to you, you know? “We’re really sorry, but
good news, good news, “I learned a lot and in the future, “maybe we can do something.” And I would reply and be like, good news? You lost my hundred thousand
dollars motherfucker. (audience laughter) And there’s just so much of
that entitlement you know? In the last three, four
years, I’ve gotten out. I’ve been building my business because there’s so much fake
entrepreneurship in the game. My guy. (low speaking voice) It’s my life. Every day, it’s running through my desk. I’m seeing pictures, I
have a full time guy. Phil Toronto, on my team,
who’s looking at businesses. But I’m running a very
big business right now, where I have an office in London, I’m opening up one in Brazil
and Singapore next year, so I’m so busy on my own thing right now because I’m not investing as much, cause I think there’s a lot of fake stuff. (low speaking voice) Yeah, I have a parent company called VaynerX, I have VaynerMedia. I bought a women’s media
site called Pure Wow, started a dude site called 137 PM, so I’m putting in work. Yeah. (low speaking voice) I played Madden in college. You know and listen, that’s
not what you should be doing. If I was lucky enough to
come to a place like this, and I had those skills, to
get this kind of education, I would have. But that wasn’t who I was. I just was not a student, my guy. Like just, I didn’t have it in me. You know? Even now, Marcus is standing over there, my Chief of Staff, like he’s gotta keep me focused on like everything. Self awareness man. Right? Even on the field for a lot of you. Self awareness. Know what you can and can’t do. That really matters. So, and it was tough man. You know like, when I was coming up, entrepreneurship was nothing. Now, everybody wants
to be an entrepreneur, now I’m cool, you know? But like, it was tough. But I just couldn’t
hear anything, you know? Yes sir. – [Audience Member] Do you believe in taking breaks and vacations? I don’t necessarily love it or need it. I do it. Cause I wanna spend time with my kids now and things of that nature,
but it’s a great question. Like to me, it’s like you gotta really figure out who you are. Like, whatever I got, I
just have a ton of energy, cause I love what I’m doing and it just, you know, it’s momentum right? But if tomorrow, I felt burnt out, like I’m not scared to take off. And I love like Christmas or the last two weeks of August when everyone’s checked out, then I don’t feel any anxiousness that somebody’s getting
off on me, you know? To me, the problem is I feel like somebody’s doing something and that competitive juice is kicking in. You know, I’m sure you feel
that with what you do, you know? If I’m not in the weight
room, somebody else is. You know and I feel that. I don’t love it. I mean, the biggest
regret so far in my life is in my 20’s, I did nothing. I worked every minute. I did nothing. And I could’ve taken a couple vacations. It would’ve been nice to hang out with my boys once in a while, I just, so. (low speaking voice) Well, one the Jets is not selling. I don’t have two billion dollars yet. So, I’m not worried about
when he’s gonna sell, or when he’s not, I’m just
working on the process. I’ve had opportunities to invest. As a matter of fact, ironically, I had the opportunity to invest in the Dolphins with Steve Ross. Like, I’ve had some opportunities but I’m pretty focused on,
I wanna run it, you know? And I wanna be pit-less and I’m thrilled to buy the Jets at 74. Like if you said, that’s what
it is, I’m like, amazing. You know? That’s back to that patience. I need twenty, thirty more
years of wealth creation. Like a lot of people ask me why I’m running the business I run now, cause it’s a crappy business, but I’m building the foundation
based on all my success. I love the process. I know what I’m building. Right? Like if I had your athletic ability, like I’d be in film room and weight room, I’d just be putting in the work. It’s not complicated. You know what you have to do to get there. You know? You’ve got your talent, we all got it. The variable is the mindset of how much work you’re gonna put in. Right? And the other thing is taking L’s. I think most people don’t
know how to take L’s. And that’s a huge part
of how I think about it. – [Coach] Last question
man, last question. – My guy. – [Audience Member] Did you buy a house? – Do I have a big house? Nope. Nope. – [Audience Member] How’d you get the confidence that you have now? – I think my mom over-loved me for sure. Like, just, she told
me I had it like that. And then, honestly, just, the
confidence came from losing. Believe it or not, you know? I think the biggest problem
we have in America right now, and we’ve got plenty of problems, but like, eighth place
trophies are fucking us up. You know? I got confidence from
taking a ton of losses. Cause then I figured
out what I was good at. I’d rather win and I
kept honing into that. But I wasn’t scared to lose, you know? And that was it. Sneak one in? – [Audience Member] What do
you think is a good opportunity to invest our money into? – Amazon. – [Audience Member] Also,
with that being said, a lot of us, we’ve been trying
to think of ways as a team, you know with our scholarship
checks and things like that. A lot of us do realize that we won’t be playing in the NFL, so we won’t be making that
big money when we come out, so we’re just trying to
set the foundation now, in the next four to five
years, to grow our money. As in, Coach Cochrane was talking about put a hundred dollars away each month, so that’s 12 hundred dollars
at the end of the year. – I like that. – [Audience Member] Roll
it up and roll it up. What do you think is a smart opportunity for us to grow that money,
that we’re putting away? – Amazon. – [Audience Member] A lot of
us don’t have a lot of play. – Amazon. If you just put it into
Amazon, go to sleep, you’ll be really happy with me. That’s one, but I’m gonna
tell you something right now. I’m gonna wrap it up and put
a nice little bow tie on it. If they gave you a hundred
thousand dollars here and you put it away, that’s nothing compared
to you leveraging the fact that you play for Bama football and you say hello to
everybody on this campus. Telling you right now man. That’s the fucking game. Thank you so much for having me. (audience applause) Thank you Coach. (slow hip hop music)

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