North Albion Collegiate Institute Volleyball – Game on Toronto! (Host City Showcase Program)

My name is Jamal Senior. I am a graduate
of North Albion Collegiate Institute, also known as Naci. The two things I love to do
the most is play volleyball And I also like to give back to my community. Now I have had the opportunity to give back through Naci volleyball. Naci volleyball is a grassroots
program that is aimed to create positive impact within the Rexdale community, through the
sport of volleyball. I have been through so many things in my life, negative, gangs, financial
issues with my mom, she is a single parent, which has been very tough. A lot of things.
But now through the sport of volleyball and the positive mentors in my life, I am a positive
leader, I am a role model, I am a mentor. I am a product of what Naci volleyball needs.
I am an example. Naci volleyball has achieved the following: established a free community program that partners with two schools in Rexdale. Recruited 20 youths and we have
already seen changes towards positive behaviours. Some youths are more aware of temperament
where others are becoming motivators and leaders. The grant will help us expand the
program by hiring a dedicated coach to reach additional schools, purchase new equipment and healthy foods and cover transportation and administrative incorporation costs. With your financial
support we can make a bigger impact on the lives of the Rexdale youths.

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