NOOOOOO!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 30

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Video Game Yes Guy Gaming Gameplay PC PS4 Xbox One I’m on it again my defense is so good
come on Joe cross no hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming we’re back
playing volleyball unbound and if you watch the last episode we welcomed
ourselves back into this game after winning the world championships and I
went in royally screwed things up so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into
the groove get back to their winning ways with a world defending world
champions all right we’re in Melbourne Open in Australia
so let’s get to hey boys yes it’s the world champion – yeah well check out the
last episode you’ll see all right boys nobody nobody really
cares right now all right we’re playing shits house chef Kowski and go to ski
they both look pretty even the smaller guy goes ski all right go on a ski we’re
coming after you why I don’t know let’s do it all right Joe let’s figure our
shit out dripping spinners now a snoo here you go Joe pound it buddy I should
root Wow with the lefty straight down pound right me right down the middle
right down the middle with the spin I know I said gone up ski but I missed
take it off Joe me put me on the net that’s a hit he dug me what
what was that he dug the shit out of me though
and then this guy just dinked it over what all right Joe we’re in tough buddy
it’s the world this man we’re on very hard difficulty I better pick my shit up
dammit lock the right side Joe okay watch watch
Joe I got you Joe you gotta block that it went right through you
yes no touch no touch like I hit it into the net what is happening pool all right
Joe time for a pound / – Gaurav ski deep corner found it is
that tough I don’t know there at the net I’m on it Joe in the middle what are you
doing Joe I made a sweet day I’m on it again my defense is so good come on Joe
cross No all right this is a battle of of something like none I’ve ever seen
before Joe let’s guys spin serving this is new
new difficulty man guys making digs Joe though watch I’m gonna get focused spin
it down the line they what too early are you serious what’s happening it’s hard
to serve it well Joe with the bounce come on Joe yes match ball we need this
I’m gonna serve it well yes Joe lock the left side watch watch I’m on it Joe put
me up sneak it sneak it he what I got it hope you on the net Joe it’s a sneak
open yes my first we got a dummy oh my goodness
ah with the wind boys boys like we barely made it out of that one barely
made out of the first round we’re out though we’ll play an Eriksen and
Gundersen wall can these guys pound look at the spike
I think we gotta go Gundersen cuz he gets tired that low stamina they’re the
guys chrome-dome no no I think we got to go to understand we’re gonna tire him
out Gundersen see we service or short no we’ll just serve them deep like this
geez watch him watch it Joe oh yes that’s huge
Oh watch that again oh let’s watch that again boom yes guy alright maybe short
to Gundersen Jordi he’s having trouble free ball ace from a
yes take a sip take a sip size matters alright mate well done obviously going
there again watch the tube Joe Joe no I didn’t I didn’t mean to but I told
Joe to defend the left side there it’s kind of dumb I pounded it this is way
harder than it was before Joe I got your buddy here yo I should really cover a
nice shot by Joe Joseph Bob all right Gunderson you tired yet but serving is
tougher get up there Joe watch watch how am I supposed to defend
that Joe like I told you to block the left side and look for your blocking Joe
are you down all right we’re up 3-2 though you Joe I pound on to yes I
should absolutely should found on – are you kidding me
yes I’m liking this new difficulty all right i’ma rip one Gundy chute that was
really I didn’t I forgot the buttons I guess I guess I totally asked my bad
side out for the wind Joe for the wind buddy you I got you
I’ll set you but I’m gonna cover nice job Joe for the win last gita’ nice Joe
now we get some crab some fans in the crowd let’s go get some fans in the
stands and wake up here we go okay we’re playing cornea and
birthdays we’ve never played them before and Coria can feast and burn our des is
a good center so we’re obviously going to burn our base obviously let’s go
where is he but now this I’m serving short maybe it
seemed to work last time lock the left side Jo like actually do
it though I’m there though I like I’m there you guys won’t tuflow geez
nice set you touched it Joe watch I’m on it I’ll be on the net where is he
where’s a deep cross yes I was paying attention to what was happening
I already weighed better now he actually dug me what Bernard s here comes dojo
block the left side let’s maybe fake Joe Joe what is happening he’s blocking now
all of a sudden and I love it boom just reset boom
yep reset yes all right and we’ll cut one short Joe didn’t work
they block watch ah cut cut bait yeah Joseph that short one didn’t really
do much watch watch I’ve got to be way better Joe is playing well and I’ve got
to actually play my frickin spot pass up tough float I’m on it put me on Joe
what’s open lines open jazz the sneak is still kind of there snakey snake a
singer alright match ball or not it is bring
you into the block Joe get the fuck Joe Joe Joe Joe ah match ball side Oh for the win it’s
probably coming to me pressures on I’m on it put me on the net Joe great set
cross we blocked it watch watch great play by them jeez you touched on the
block in a pickle spinning now Joe here I’ll set you Joe how much are you mmm
with that bad setting out that class watch too this is not good not good punch it out
mate what Joe come on buddy what was that you idiot I’m on that
somehow gosh she’s there Oh free ball yes my god
what is going on this is hard you guys gosh she dug me on that beast am I gonna
have to develop a roll shot I might I hit an ace from Joe Byrne are
Dez backdoor action not really happening block the left side Joe I got you put it
away that was a great hit Joe free chance I’m on it from the back play Joe
on to ya Joe Joe is carrying me this is a battle we go Joe deep cross ace for
the win maybe get off Joe Cole hey Joe I was expecting
that to be so much better than it was shoot for tied up here we go what are
they serving spinning you mean I’m on it out watch watch monkeys cross yes I
snuck it it’s not gonna angle cuz if I pound it down a lot of this guy might
dig me geez matchball I’m her rip one let’s go
mate you got a good serve get up there Joe block the left side big and come
back I’m on that cutting put me on Joe for the win ouch he was all over me yeah definitely I did gosh do I need a
roll shot I’ll be on the net Joe get me right up there off the block jeez
no wow they are so good this is a fight this is a scrap let’s go fight off this
match point with the sneaky sneaky sneaky
yes sneak his open man come on go Joe you child Cory no Bernard n we’re
working on great serve Joe get up there do I have to tell you every time I’m on
it Joe come on great get down the middle good effort to you on the net Joe I’ll
catch on do something not great Joe Joe Joe what the actual was that Joe Joe
look at Joe and OH fight it off again fight it off again
matchball you guys are bringing the heat geez that was a great serve sneak yes
take that in your grill bitch sorry that yeah that was a bit intense
oh dude sorry sorry alright here we go bernard is shorty get
up there watch it Joe you can’t let him do that he’s doing the speak right back
at us I’ll get Shawn Joe I trust you somehow no watch No watch I got to play way better
while we ended up fifth which is better than last game I’m rusty maybe it’s me
well actually it’s definitely me but we’re rusty that’s okay
although Hackett and Pomeroy our fellow Canadians came for anyway guys that’ll
do it for this episode I gotta thank you so much for watching if you haven’t
already hit that subscribe button I know a lot of you have which is so so awesome
thank you so much for supporting this channel in this series it means so much
to me I’m having a blast I hope you guys enjoy watching these as much as I love
make them thank you again so much for watching we’ll see you next time on yes
guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Video Game Yes Guy Gaming Gameplay PC PS4 Xbox One

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