NL East Take: Philly, but watch ATL. Meet the NY Mess.

okayy pieces of his top of our
competitors of seo counterpart which doesn’t make it on interest problem this is not the also rans from
last year approved enough to protect washington season likelihood last august
stephen strasburg for seldom i’ve done was allowed to walk freeze strasbourg isn’t coming back until
september the earliest which leaves washington with an opening day rotation
lights of jason marquis amoeba hernandez to deal with or real sub par for the
defense and also announced at the creation but
in case work they did make a good effort to improve what spreading out for you it’s a first step is to make holes
honesty pictures don’t slow also shortstop can’t be rest
decorate outfield prospect that might stand a few good starting pitchers but too many holes in the field they
lost and other they have legitimate health problems
administration i had minor league system really suggests tomorrow in zagreb
struggle for a long time so let’s look at the maps clue their
long-suffering fans not sullivan referred to as the mass and the reason
they hold ministers for the last decade message sent us the tracking down the
stretch and signing pastime for agents
rediculously bad long-term contracts in fact that’s the
chance that collapsed last september because most of these pastimes
anesthesia dot the injured or plan bradley long before september roll
program they’re expected to return for us both
francis bacon offense which which which should improve their contract but without your consent hands come back
from shoulder surgery he’s not expected to return until mid july although interpretation questions the will conquer welcome brothers the
owners of the mets they’re financially strapped that taking batting nato
scandal they’re already receiving bailout fans from and hope of mishap and manager excitable boy
farrakhan’s he’s going to make things interesting for but for those slashing
overhear but maybe not so much fun from instance in short going to be a warm
season which brings the financing were ordered
by a lot of observers the animal these final already after they signed cliff
lee out from under the noses of the rangers and the yankees this is the third rules with of historically that rotation
a bunch of silent types we haven’t seen the likes of long-time effect the problem with the phillies is there
once upon a offense isn’t what it used to be and in fact beginning to show signs
above agent health related to climb right how would you be around specific
steps back last year dynasty baskets chase utley is dealing with the
seriously problem right now even before the season begins jason workers on and
his replacement bram broke his hip which is going to put him out passion
for lis six weeks eight weeks maybe even a couple months after that while he goes
to the minor suggestions much experience in short phillies key components
including the pitching they’re all a bunch of over thirty
somethings and long season doesn’t work exactly which brings us the braves who have
their own age problems chipper jones third base and maybe even derek loans clinton
hudson parliament but that’s where the comparisons because
of race or about the bail a whole bunch of good young talent starting with carried over just in case
or outfield prospect from last year and continuing freddy freeman who takes over
first steps they got the both worlds and that includes is looking like a
compact candidate after september of last year first page we’ll see you spot the brace also have to ridicule pitching
brendan v_ chip might minor fight poverty she spots and credit control
johnnie planners expected to bolster the bolt and saved the best for last julio terry
best pitching prospects of minor she could be ready and begin this coming august or september so in short while please pretty please
send the edge in this race don’t discount the prints because these two teams plan for all
marbles in september it’s going to be universes experience at that point after the brunt long
season use casks i would want to vote yes

3 thoughts on “NL East Take: Philly, but watch ATL. Meet the NY Mess.

  1. Love this guy. Phillie rotation scares me… it's almost as good as the Braves' from the '90s. Here's hoping my Bravos can use their youth and raw talent to take the East!

  2. Im a Phillies fan, and i think we have this division in the bag without much competition, except for the marlins who scare me year after year, and with young players like Sanchez Ramirez Stanton they cant be taken lightly this year either. The Braves are decent but lack the pitching, they'll have a mediocre season at best. The Mets will be competing with the pirates or mariners for the worst record in baseball, and the Nats although giving Werth morethanhedeservedhaveagood enoughteamtofinish3rd

  3. this fool says the Marlins have a bad farm system NO WAY Look around the league and there are Marlins from the World Series 03 or 04 everywhere. They beat the Yankees and they have a poor farm system? Dummy

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