Nike Football | Behind the Design: Tiempo Legend 8

One of the most challenging things about design is to make things simple. My name is Joel Bagby, I’m a product line manager for Nike Global Football Footwear, and I worked on Tiempo 8. Tiempo today has really become our modern heritage. It’s everything that was amazing about football boots of the past, but taken into the future and as forward-thinking as we can possibly make it. When you look at what we did with Tiempo 7, we had set the bar again with that model. So our challenge was: How do we make it even better? When Tiempo players picked up Tiempo 8, they knew immediately that it was softer, that it was more comfortable and it still had a very clean, fresh and classy look about it that makes Tiempo, Tiempo. There’s really two things that make this thing so much better fitting. The first is the Flyknit fit tunnel. No matter whether you have a small-volume or a large-volume foot that Flyknit will wrap to the shape of your midfoot. And the second piece is the Quadfit. This is kind of the major unlock, the major enabler. This material really moves until it can’t stretch any more, and then it locks. Quilted leather is something that is super-soft, and it was one of the key enablers to making this Tiempo feel so futuristic. What makes this Hyperstability plate so amazing is that it is incredibly lightweight. You get this really high-performance snappiness out of the forefoot, and it basically wants to propel you forward. It wants to snap back into place. Tiempo is really made for the leaders on the pitch, the players you look for in the last minutes of the game to really make a difference.

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