NICE BOUNCE JOE!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 8

Nice Bounce Pro Beach Volleyball I don’t know what’s this battle Joe nice
pass buddy here you go pound it hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re here playing volleyball unbound maybe my new favorite game I’m having a
blast playing through this game I hope you guys are enjoying playing it through
with me we had a couple of wins we’re in the mix playing pro I think we’re into
it let’s check where we are all right ok so we just played in a domestic
tournament in Parksville became no don’t frustrate it but now we’re in the
Continental masters first one of the year trying to get that ring out to get
in the nice tournament so let’s get to it that’s right Joe we’re back all right
nobody cares though all right Muniz and gumbo ah there dese they’re DC tough
call yikes the short guy looks pretty good a big
guy I don’t know shit what do you guys think yeah you’re totally right let’s do
that we’ll do that I don’t know just serve a
deep middle maybe I don’t know Oh God troubled no see yes sir the short
guys see get off Joe I got it boom set me up
down the line buddy oh yes what happened there I didn’t did it great angle
Oh did it hit the defender hit the defender oh he tried to play that was a
fast play I guess deep middle worked I don’t know stuff sir oh we’re going the
other guy Oh block him Joe go me oh shit I’m a shit shit I almost had that you’re
serving me deep bay ask me up get me up Joe sharp angle for sure
move yes oh it’s not even there this is gonna easy but alright Joe is just gonna
rip rip it middle buddy just rip a deep middle hard as you can
that’s pretty soft watch the roll shot great block jobs yes Joe nice Sully –
pretty weak alright beast out there but maybe let’s try a floater let’s try a
floater down the middle whoa that had some movement on it how I know Joe how
am i Joe now this doesn’t make any sense yeah well now I’m back to me what the
hell happened there I don’t want to play this Joe set me back
nice set Joe nice hit by me great Sully match ball down the middle I don’t know
Oh trouble get off Joe my yeah my bad totally my bad I just let
it drop completely my bad match ball I got it put me off Joe mmm
that’s not good enough get off just pull just Paul Joe you oh
shit Joe like get out of the way dude I’m
trying yeah thanks for that Joe now it’s for all shit put me up on the net Joe
nice set feet yes that’s a bounce up in the stands
come on all right Joe if there was ever a time to rip up far can a so it would
be now that’s good that’s some trouble there’s a chance you I’ll put you on put
it away buddy whoo I’m physically tired after that one all right as Alan Berkeley from the US
they’re pretty even as well like do you serve the shorter guy when they’re both
the same like Iselle only touches 3:18 that’s
pretty low they’re the guys up at 356 who uses the metric system anyway all
right I guess we’ll go deep to the short guy maybe get up there Joe they passed
it well oh but that guy’s shit set yeah joe
put that away did it what Joe man like why you just get pounded like bring the
block dude Oh God Oh that was straight down shit now we’re in tough that was a
good sir down the line Joe yeah I don’t know why I said Joe that was me hey I
never roll shot all right down the middle Joe crush it full speed add
beasts I got it Oh a nice dig by me set me Reza now I’m going for a bounce
yes nice let’s try a little float action here Joe whoa little movement on that
you Joe I’ll hit on two yes here’s the chance Oh Joe how do you cover me Joey
you’re my hero aah I got slammed but Joe covered
attaboy that float serve causing all sorts of trouble
whoa I got it Oh what so you got to hold the
button and then let go right before you touch it sometimes you go a bit over
nice pass Joe there you go buddy perfect set whoo what what happened there that
looked really weird oh it just happened that fast ah
all right match ball I’ll try the floater
did it work at all no watch the big hit oh the weak role shot you wimp come on
hit it next time all right we need this side out go Joe
Oh for the win buddy yes Joe come on attaboy
and look who it is Sartre and lemare from Canada
well one-on-one against these guys a bit of a rivalry form between these two I
think we should go to Lamarr he’s got a good job but he’s tired dama I don’t
know maybe we’ll go to Sartre yeah the shorter guy seems worse Sartre I think
its Sartre I don’t know what’s just battle Joe nice pass buddy here you go
found it what boom that out of the stance see ya holy shit I can’t get over that balance
Joe Joe’s fired out these are arriving – just find out though that balance was
still worth it these are our rivals here go Joe bounce
it again dude oh I set it over the net shit I got it
cut bump set me Joe nice freakin set yes
tried to block me but I’m over top bitch alright chill brush it down the line
buddy brush it down the line full speed that was a fast one is it over yes Joe
who are these guys are arrivals they pissed me off
we’re up 3-1 come on we’re improving pound it deep Gojo Oh off the antenna yes Joe keep
here let’s bloated at the guy now just mess with them certainly short a oh yeah well how about
this for the win yeah we got them back our fricken rivals come take that star
trim them there I don’t know we’ll call you our rivals after this a marketer
kicking your ass alright we’re in the final this is the moments we live for
we’ll play a node and Grandma from the US look at that guy setting that guy
Graham is the best Center in the world so we’re serving him but he’s not I
don’t know he’s big though too gosh I think we got to serve him that
setting is just too good for any sort of serve pressure all right Graham we’re
coming after you the best Center but can you side out we’ll see
oh great pass damn these guys have the hats that’s how you know they’re Pro
Knights that was a good attack we’re in trouble
sideout here Joe you got it I’ll trust you Joe pound it buddy nice sharp hit
Joe Joe swarming a bit of a highlight reel I like it
alright Graham’s side are the first one pretty easy let’s try the other guy I
don’t know maybe we need something happen there’s a bit of a tough sir but
a guy’s such a good center gosh I hate that backdoor action it’s always open go
Joe here you go buddy put it away
gosh Joe put in the ring to the frickin block go go you go buddy I’ll trust you again
I don’t know why there’s a big swing you can’t handle it that’s right Joey
all right maybe middle maybe down the middle well keep things in the middle
block the right side Joe watch the roll shot I got it
I’m freaking on it here’s our chance for a play down the line why no well battle
battle battle back go Joe there’s a second ball for me I had to make up for
Joe sorry you Joe sir good here how would I serve from the middle down the
middle deep how’s it a bit of trouble yes he
did up completely I’ll take that all right Joe that strategy seemed to work
down the down the middle from the middle deep lock the left side Danny’s a good
setter did it make it over the net no it did
yeah that’s this guy’s foaming up all right Joe now we’re going to grab he’s
folding up completely out it right at him
boom only pass it well pull Joe pull off the net I got it go buddy just feed it
over here we go it’s over the other guy go get him watch it is it lion roll yes
it is I’m all over it set me Joe that was a bad set cross yes
come on hi I’m getting physically tired after
this I needed Nick water like so better alright more on the same year Joe
keep Alan they’ll probably come to me now cuz your side of those so well there
you go put me on cross shit he’s there he’s got
good d-line roll oh it bounced it Todd we got a battle here Joe we’ve got a
battle on our hands buddy Dan that’s a shit pass by me made it down the line
maybe he was ready for it I got it I got lucky there bounce it alright we got
lucky there that’s ok all right Graham was holding up earlier let’s go back to
him for the deep serve great pass get it aligned oh I’m on it Joe hit it may is
it oh why do i hittin it out why does that happen too risky I guess put me on Joe on the freakin that nice
set automatic that was soft I’m getting tired but it’s scored all right Joe I
think we should mix it up grams pass them pretty well let’s pound it to odd
now there’s a bit of trouble but he’s such a good setter go gosh great shot by
him I gotta stop cheating that was a good serve put me on Joe
decent set what happened there I got it Oh where’s he gonna block yes come on all right the crowds getting wild it’s
three all I think we’re just gonna pop it down the middle and see what happens
he’s taking it he’s gonna put him on though wait bait bait debatin go Joe Joe all right for the tournament win Joe bait bait go I’m on it
why did I play that was out I followed it though for the win yeah yes totally
win baby okay all right guys that’s gonna do it for this episode I gotta
thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy these videos I’m having a
blast but into this game I hope you’re having a blast watching but thank you
again so much for watching we’ll see you next time on yes guy gaming Nice Bounce Pro Beach Volleyball

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