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Welcome back to EmRatThich Table Tennis. Today, let’s learn the “New Trend in
Table Tennis” series. This will help you understand the tendency
of the developpment in table tennis. This is the part 1 of the series. I want to talk about 3 players which are affected
a lot by the “New Trend of Table Tennis”. Number 1: Miu Hirano Number 2: Harimoto Tomokazu And Number 3: Zhang Jike What is new
trend in table tennis? Well, this trend is not new. But since 2 years ago, in 2016, people were
talking about the new Plastic ball. With this new ball, players and coaches had
to adapt, and had to found a new way to win more! The new ball is:
– Thicker – Heavier – And a little bigger than the old ball So the new ball has less spin. To have the same amount of spin, players need
to hit harder, and faster. And because it has less spin, the ball will
bounce higher. So now, the player can hit the ball sooner! So what is the new trend? Before 2016, players win the rally by the
quality of the shots (power, spin and speed). But with the new ball, it’s much more harder
to win by spin. The trend has shifted more to “Win by Speed”. And the most important change is the timing. The first bounce is now higher, so it
gives player a fraction of second more time. So player can now hit the ball sooner. This
little fraction of second is crucial. It changes the table tennis nowadays. Less spin, bounce higher, and slower on the
first bounce make the player need to be agressive on the return. Top players will hit the ball sooner, to gain
speed. The shot
is also less affected by the spin, that’s why player can hit into the ball off the bounce. Top Chinese players must also adapt to the
new ball. Chinese coaching staff has
adjusted the techniques of the players. Xu Xin, Ma Long lost some games, but finally
adapted to the new trend. So how about Zhang Jike? He is the king of the old 40 celluloid ball. He is well-known
for his physical strength, “explosiveness power”, and optimal timing. His shots are
high quality (loaded of spin, and speed). That’s why Zhang Jike tends to hit the ball
at the same timing. He wants to gain the
quality (spin) of his shots. But with the new ball, Chinese coach asked
him to adjust his technique. Hit the ball sooner, and finish the point
faster! And he has changed his technique, mostly on
the forehand side. But he relied too much
on the “explosiveness”, so he is prones often to injury. Recently, he tries to come back
to play to the Hong Kong Open 2018. There are the lost points of Zhang Jike. You can see that, the rally now will last
longer with the new ball. And Zhang Jike can not finish the point sooner. He tends to hit the
ball too late, compared to the new trend. His timing is not optimal. Each time, he tried to finish the point, by
hitting harder he made the error (because the ball has less spin, so less consistent). With the bigger, and thicker ball, to have
the same quality, players need to have more physical power. Zhang Jike stopped at only the round 1/32. So why he lost? For me, it’s not surprise. Because there are 3 main reasons that he lost:
1) His playing style is out-dated (with the new ball). 2) He needs to share between: Love (with his
new girl friend), Media Performance ( his business), and Professional table tennis
player. So maintaining the world class
top level as an athlete is harder for him. 3) His physical is not at top shape any more. Age, injury has made his game less effective. His games relied on his physical strength
to win. This is the interview of Zhang Jike, about
his performance at the Hong Kong Open 2018. He lost to Yoshimura at Round 32. That’s it for today. Next serie, I will talk about Miu Hirano, and Tomokazu. And also what
to do to adapt to the new trend of table tennis. Have you prepared for this trend? Please comment below. See you πŸ™‚

39 thoughts on “New Trend In Table Tennis – Zhang Jike

  1. I really hope he makes a comeback, but I don't expect it. At the end of every match he always looks like he's either exhausted oor bored. I don't know if it's those old injuries or if, deep down, he just doesn't care anymore.

  2. Please don’t blame his girlfriend. MaLong got a new baby, but he still performs at the top level.

  3. People are geting more injure trying to hit harder the ball. we need to train more physical, hit the ball sonner and adapt a style to a counter attack like timo boll.

    thanks for the analysis, good work

  4. I also thought about this trend, but look at Timo Boll. When i look at his game it looks like he still use spin more then speed as in "good" old times, but his placement and stability are amazing so he doesnt care much about "explosive young hitters". I think Jike was just physically not ready for such level, so no excuses for new ball

  5. If this trend is effecting spin oriented players, then why is timo boll not effected? Plus, zhang jike's explosivness should be boosted by the new ball because new ball requires more speed and arm strength. This means that zhang jike just isn't as hungry as he was before. He knows he has achieved it all and has got nothing to prove.

  6. at 09:04, Zhang Jike also explained about the "new ball". While other players, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Timo Boll has adjusted the timing for the new ball, Zhang Jike still have the own perception of the old ball.

  7. Shows how good waldner was as he was using this "new" style or play way back in his day with the smaller ball. Staying up much closer cutting down his opponents reaction time. He invented today's style 20 years ago.

  8. I agree with reasons Number2 and 3 and the most importan I mentioned 2 years ago, Zhang Jike is not prepared mentally!, as he mentioned himself! he has lost himself!what has happened to him I do not know!But I think he should deal with himself!!weather to leave National team! or to make himself mentally and technically strong again!

  9. Coach, what do you mean "hit sooner"? So this means that your video about ball timing to hit according to incoming spin and the "in pai" is neglected?

  10. This series concept is great! I understand that the ball changed, but come on now, who are we kidding? It changed in 2016.. we are in 2018. Are two years not enough for a driven professional? I don't think Zhang Jike really wanted to extend his legacy like Ma Long. He was content with what he had. Although we can applaud his efforts to come back, I think it's too late. Also, if it were anybody else, CNT would have not allowed them to play. Maybe they have special place for Jike after all. Anyways all the best Jike!

  11. Think about what would happen if they switched back to celluloid. Tomokazu harimoto would drop down in ranking like crazy. Zhang jike would get up on top again and styles like the one of Kenya matsudaira would show up again.

  12. At my very low level, I struggled to adapt to this "new" ball. Really bad stuff – quality awful, bad durability, high price… Clearly not a progress for our game in no direction! I finally adapt so so, but frankly lost the pleasure I felt before while playing. I moved to a harder bat, and chinese rubber to regain some of the feel I had before and I agree with the adjustement coach mentioned regarding the higher heigth the ball bounces and the fact that to hit it earlier is better. Thanks for this very instructive video.
    NO PLASHIT BALL any longer!

  13. I noticed the backhand is becoming more important along with the backhand punch which is getting more popular. I came back to table tennis after playing many years with the old 30mm ball. When I came back the ball was 40mm and then a year later, it was 40+. One thing I really noticed the most was the weight of the ball. I have adapted and continue to try and improve my game. I tend to like the longer rallies but don't mind the shorter ones either πŸ™‚

  14. The change from celluloid to plastic balls happened in 2014. The 2016 change referred to in this video – is it from an older plastic ball to a newer one?

  15. My own frustration with the new ball is that the longer the point, the less spin the ball seems to have. That is why so many points tend to end with the ball going in the net, or the ball hitting the edge of someone's racquet because the bounce of the ball becomes lower as the less spinny ball fails to grip and 'kick' off the table. In my opinion, if you are an older player, it is unlikely you are going to beat a younger opponent by making more effective topspin shots. The younger player, by virtue of youth, is likely to be more capable of this. And, with a less spinny ball to hit back, it works to the advantage of someone who is younger to hit the ball faster.

    I chop more now. Not as a defensive player, but rather in an attempt to slow down the game. So, for me, whenever I see that my opponent and I are going back and forth on topspin shots I'll take a step back and then chop the ball and generate a tremendous amount of backspin at a high velocity to force my opponent to use more spin than speed to return the ball. At this point, I then block or counter at a faster pace.

  16. I was a champion when the game was to 21 points, used a 38mm celluloid ball (white), allowed other colors of rubber like green, gold, blue, etc. Who decided to make all these changes just so I wasn't at the top anymore? What!!!…speed glue isn't allowed anymore?? You guys must have really feared me. Time and these game changes have allowed others to get to the top. You guys should be glad I stopped playing 30 years ago. The changes to the game seem to be for changes sake only.

  17. Joo Sae-hyuk is the most effected by the new ball. He did an interview and seemed pretty depressed about it.

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