New Generation Table Tennis: Lin Gaoyuan

second stage of the Marvellous 12 has ended. The second tickets are known, which is for
Ding Ning and Lin Gaoyuan. After 2 days of fighting for the “Bloody Round-robin”. This is the review of the China Head Coach,
Liu Guoliang. He said the last day is the most exciting
match. I also thank all the fans for the amazing
ambient. The quality of the games today is very high,
I’m very pleased. Captain Ding Ning has finally proved his true
leader role. Everybody has to admire Ding Ning. After winning Rio Olympics 2016, Ding Ning
has finally reached her dream to become the Grand Slam Champion. I’m very touched because even as a Grand Slam
Champion, Ding Ning showed us a good fighting spirit. She worked very hard even getting the fever
the day earlier. So everybody should respect her spirits
and motivations. I’m also very pleased the shot of Feng Yalan. It’s so amazing. All of the team jumped out of their seat to
cheer. Again, we should realize her effort. Never give up. She catches to 4 points in a row (from 4-10
to 8-10). Feng YaLan, when you are old, you can sit
on your chair, and enjoy the replay of that shot. (everybody laughed). I bet that Ma Long and Zhang Jike can’t do
such a powerful crazy hand switch shot like you. For men team, we should mention Lin Gaoyuan. Lin Gaoyan’s hometown (Guan Dong Province
audience) are not disappointed to get the second ticket. This tournament is hosted in Shen Zhen, Guan
Dong. Lin Gaoyan is a great example of the young
generation, just fight to get the ticket from the previous generation. Do you remember when Zhang Jike, Xu Xin came
up and get the 2 tickets from Ma Lin and Wang Liqin? Xu Xin, you played much better today than
previous days. But you didn’t get the ticket. It’s is an alarm (maybe it is the time that
Xu Xin is dropped out of the top 4). As a penholder, you have some disadvantages,
but you should use well the advantage of your killer forehand. You become too passive in some shots. In the next 4 years, you need to think about
your career, take your suitcase, leave and never come back or you need to change before
the Tokyo 2020. I don’t want to see a zombie in my team. The younger player is now starting to fight
and kicked you out. You need to think seriously. (I’m very sad about this comment of Liu Guoliang). For Zhou Yu, it’s a pity that you can’t grab
your ticket today. You are a little behind Lin Gaoyuan, you can’t
trouble the playing style and the mental of Lin Gaoyuan. Prepare for yourself, with Lin Gaoyuan, you
will be the future member, get ready to shine. So after 2 days of the Boody Tournament of
Single Elimination, we finish the Marvellous 12 here. Thank you for the organization in Shenzen
to host such a great tournament. Our coaching staff has learned new things,
concerning the injury, sickness from the high intensity of competition. For example from Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Ding
Ning. We use this chance to build our medical team
using the most advanced techniques and scientific equipment. Liu Guoliang gave the ticket for Ding Ning
to go directly to the WTTC. And Lin Gaoyuan, the new generation of the
China Team. In the next few years, the name “Lin Gaoyuan”
with Fan Zhendong will be the name that will dominate the table tennis scene. The circle of the professional athlete is so rude. Your prime is just about for 5-8 years and
then the next generation will be ready to replace your position. But for me, I will never forget the name such
as Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Chen Qi, and then the golden age Xu Xin, Ma Long and
Zhang Jike. See you, coach EmRatThich.

41 thoughts on “New Generation Table Tennis: Lin Gaoyuan

  1. "The Golden Age", I agree coach, I guess I am very fortunate to have witnessed it 🙂 long live table tennis!!

  2. I wrote it 2 or 3 years ago about Xu Xin – he's style is physically too hard, he works so hard by his legs, run from one corner to another try to do his strong forehand shot. But it's become more and more difficult with ages. The only chance for him it's totally changing style, but sad to realize it I think it impossible now.

  3. I thought it was unnecessary to pick on Xu Xin like that. Its not easy carrying the penhold torch, and its not like the CNT is in danger of losing a major tournament. In fact, it might be better if they did lose. Every sport needs a rivalry.

  4. i think in wttc they need to have malong even zhang jike because they have experience facing top european and japanese player.

  5. Someone has to carry on the Pen Hold Torch! Keep Xu Xin as long as time allows. Without him, we are all staring at a group of Hand Shake Holders and Pen Hold will lose attraction to the new generation of table tennis players.

  6. in the past LGL said the players should overcome injuries and not rely on the past, and now he also said he doesn't want a zombie there. So why the fuck he keeps sucking ZJK's dick and blaming XX in front of the crowd like that?

  7. Coach did you notice that previous generation of ma lin, wang hao& wang liqin , especially wang liqin dominated the game totally for over 10 years and when wang liqin retirement annoucement came, he wasnt ready as he only had to win the next tournament to become grand slam champion and zhang jike won that tournament but in final selections wang liqin beat both ma long and zhang jike pretty easily to prove he still is wang liqin, the man who literally domiated table tennis for a decade and yet liu guoliang didnt pick him which i think even to this date was a wrong decision.lou said to him they are better and faster and in selections he handed their asses to them but nobody knows why even when he was ahead in trials,, why liu guoliang dropped him, especially whenhe had already proved that despiote being over 30 he could still beat the cream of next gen players such easily.

  8. Lio Gulioang's job is pressure filled. He has the best athletes, training techniques, coaches
    , facilities, etc. His players are expected to win ALL THE TIME. I am hoping his harsh treatment of Xu Xin is his method of motivating Xu. Remember Coach Gulioang was also a penhold player and I feel he has a soft spot for what may be the last championship penhold player. Time will tell.

  9. I think that you are a Vietnamese. I have followed up your videos for a long time. Your translation ability is very good. I am a Taiwanese who have worked in Vietnam over 20 years. If you live in HCM city, I'd like to meet you for talking about TT topics.

  10. To be honest, I feel bad for Xu Xin. He is a tad too soft but he has a playing style that is unique. I do not want the whole TT world to become shakehanders.

  11. Xu Xin ist for me still the best Penholder i have ever seen. He is the one and only "Cloud Walker" and i think i am not the only one who can agree this. He has a special footwork. i think that he wont end before 2020 in Tokyo.. what do you think?

  12. Man, xu xin was already in trouble after being criticized from liu for also doing bad against mizutani in rio. Now he lost to koki niwa. He is in big trouble and will be out of the top 4 within a year

  13. hi coach ! I was wondering , my opponent often plays a fast, deep chop to my backhand , which I can't loop. what should I do to counter it ?

  14. That's a messed up way to talk to someone who was one of the leading members of the team. I also come from a communist country from which I gladly escaped. That's the stupid way of thinking in these countries. They believe that it will help the person to improve if they will point out their mistakes in front of everyone. It's so disrespectful and these words cut like a knife by someone whom you fought and worked so hard for. I just lost all the respect to this coach……..Xu Xin is one of the greatest of all time!!! He should go and play for another country where they respect people not only when they win… Like Timo Ball is revered and respected by his people and his coach even after he lost his edge. Winning is not everything in life. Xu Xin brought so much to this sport. It's a shame to see such a nice person humiliated by an idiot coach

  15. Hello EmRatThich I am a penholder from Greece and I used a stiga calibra sound for my RPB but I want to change it because throught 2 years of practice I think I can use smth faster but I don't have much money for expensive rubbers(tenergy etc.).Do you know any good and cheap rubbers for my RPB I can use??

  16. Dear EmRatThich is there a serve which makes the opponents push go long as I want to loop the 3rd ball as this is one of my strenghts,Thanks!

  17. Hi could u make a vid on how to get the most backspin or sidespin on serve do u use risk and where do you contact on the rubber thanks

  18. This is totally messed up. Xu Xin lost by 11-9 in the 3rd game. To have this high-level games as best of 3 is inappropriate, to begin with. A lot of good players warm up after the 1st game. Someone needs to fire this coach. Yes, he has won medals for China but so can other coaches as well. Not sure this new kid Lin Gaoyuan will last long as others have. Without Ma Long and Xu Xin, I hope China loses in WC so that Lio Gulioang is kicked out too. Hopefully, there is a coach selection process that is as stringent and unfair….Ma Long would have won the ticket in the 1st round if it was best of 5 against Fan Zhedong….Oh well.

  19. All these 'upcoming talented youngsters', and then there's Fan Zhendong who's younger than most of them and is pretty much the best in the world

  20. Well, WTTC 2017 results say it all. Lin Gaoyuan lost to Xu Xin 3-4 at the Round of 16. ZJK lost to Lee Sangsu (Korea) in the round of 32. Results doing true justice to the players. LGL was deadly wrong.

  21. How many sports have such different techniques as pengrip and shakehand? At the moment technology and rules favour shakehand but that might change in the future. They should keep Xu Xin playing

  22. Daaamn… Really harsh comments on Xu Xin in front of everybody… Those seem more of a internal staff meeting kind of speech here… Not national television…
    And btw, after this was published, Xu Xin has been kicking Gaoyouan's ass repeatedly… XD

  23. Lin guayuan it's noob he have any mental and fighting spirit xu xin play more good than lin guayuan and mizutani i'ts World class player

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