New football rivals? Catawba Ridge and Legion Collegiate face off on Friday

>>Well, just being able to play here
locally is a little different feel for our kids, and they’re excited. We expect there’ll be more people that we know that will be up
in the stands watching us. So it’s just a good thing for our school,
two brand new programs, first year, and it ought to be a real exciting night.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>I mean, when you look at the coaching staff they put together with some of
the athletes they have, they have a ton of team speed, it’s just an opportunity for
us to get out there and play. We’ve been traveling and playing a lot of
North Carolina schools, so this is our first real shot at kind of a local team,
so it’s a pretty big night for us.>>They do a really good job, and
obviously, the Fort Mill School District and what they do, the facilities and
that kind of stuff, is awesome. So it’s what we aspire to be and it would be fun if we
had a rivalry close by.>>Let’s get it! [SOUND]
>>It was both of us coming in and having to find teams kinda in
the middle year of their contract. They’re in the same boat. We’re kinda scrambling to find teams,
they were doing the same. We actually had a team scheduled for
this week that they canceled on us back in the summer and we were lucky enough to get
up with Legion and get one on the books. We wanna make sure we had
a homecoming game for our first one. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] Yeah, they’ve been really,
really focused. It’s probably been our best
week of practice so far. I think some of that rivalry
kinda talk has kind of spiked their interest a little bit more.>>What I expect to see Friday is a bunch
of guys competing hard, playing hard, doing the right thing, and
trying to make plays to help the team win. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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