NDTV – IPL Cricket should be cleansed, Cricket is a “Religion” – Rahul Easwar

Welcome back to Left, Right and Centre.. Our rather big focus tonight.. Well.. This last week has seen.. IPL franchise owners.. involved in brawls.. IPL players involved in molestation charges.. Now two players caught in a drug bust at a rave party.. Pune warriors’ players Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell.. er..now having to do a lot of explaining.. Let us get to that story.. IPL players.. TV celebrities.. and over hundred youngsters.. raided on Sunday night by the Mumbai police for suspected consumption of drugs at an alleged rave party.. in the suburb of Juhu.. Approximately, er.. hundred and ten gram of cocaine was found.. Also present two members of the Indian Premiere League’s Pune warriors’ Rahul Sharma and South African Wayne Parnell and the TV stars Shilpa and ApoorvAgnihotri.. We are asking tonight.. Is the IPL now.. merely about entertainment.. has the cricket gone out of it at all.. Why is it that every time we talk about the IPL its only about these controversies? Well.. joining me on this discussion tonight.. Cricket writer and Commentator Kishore Bhimani.. Sanjay Jha.. founder of cricketnext.com, author and cricket columnist as well.. Prahlad Kakkar, Ad film maker continues to be with us.. And we’re also joined by Rahul Easwar.. Ankita.. I think what you are witnessing is a very serious problem that is now assuming..er.. I think very dangerous proportions..er.. you know the hand of very nefarious elements like the mafia etc is fairly visible.. um..you know.. end of day, the reason why you are in a mess today, is..er..because.. number one.. as a very basic framework that the tournament needed from the very beginning, it went wrong.. Ankita just think what a player goes through.. A young player, he looks at the BCCI and he says, that the president of the institution is in a conflict of interest issue.. The former IPL commissioner, is absconding in London.. and the franchise owners of today, are seemingly dealing in black money.. The real problem and I think I’m glad Ajay Maken has taken it head on, To say that you investigate who owes these franchises, where do they.. where do these moneys come from.. Because the allegations of spot fixing, let me tell you is symptomatic of.. of perhaps something even worse.. in the form of match fixing going on.. so you know end of day.. I think, the public of India which took IPL as an entertainment forget cricket.. but even entertainment has a genre but this has become a tragic comedy.. Er..Kakkar.. come in on that one..is.. is the IPL brand story over a lot of naseas now clambering for the IPL to stop? Do they.. Do you think.. they have a point.. or are we.. too far down this road.. is this too much of a money making proposition.. No..thats not what the issue is.. The what the issue is here is, that there is so much negativity.. because it’s a highly successful model.. And in this country atleast I’ve seen that if you are really really successful about something, you start making small things into very big issues and try and pull it down in a crab like mentality. Infact the IPL survives because India is doing well officially in cricket.. And that you have a Tendulkar and a Sourav Ganguly and a Dravid still around.. they bring a certain character and dignity to the game.. I..I also would like to make a very explicit statement here.. that the day Tendulkar hands off his boots.. er..I think IPL itself will take an even bigger nose dive and it is not too far away.. er..You know the character of the sport, should never be played around with.. and that’s the biggest mistake the owners of this huge property have messed around with.. They have diluted and trivialised cricket.. they sold it like a reality television show.. and now it has boomeranged on them.. and it has boomeranged because of the fact that.. all the franchise owners have now become powered centres on their own.. Rahul Easwar.. what is.. what your view at this point? From being a gentleman’s game.. it has become a glamorous girls game.. Earlier for cricketers.. it was something like a thapasya.. now they have made it into a thamasa and always remember cricket was not only a game.. not mere entertainment.. it was something like a religion for us.. these people were looked like demi gods.. now they have become demos and show offs.. and it pains us every cricket.. you know am a cricket fan.. am a cricket devotee to say.. but the sad thing is.. you know to accuse those people who are genuinely concerned about cricket.. of being jealous.. is ridiculous, is rubbish.. those people who are concerned about the state of cricket.. the cricket being lost out in the entertainment show bizz.. are the real cricket fans of this nation.. other people… a huge majority of those people there are only for the thamasa only for the show bizz.. only maybe to see the stars.. but those people who really like cricket.. they would like to see Brett Lee’s bouncers rather than the cheer girls bouncing.. they would like to see genuine cricket.. and the.. the interest in genuine cricket is being lost to the over commercialized.. commercializing is not wrong.. but.are they not taking it too far is a doubt that is in everyones mind… Prahlad kakkar respond to that..er.. are we.. just over commercializing the game completely.. has the focus been lost? Every time you take an incident and you blow it out of propotion… you actually make very good media copy.. I think we have heard some interesting descriptions there.. thank you all of you for joining us on the show tonight..

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  1. Put a cap on these tournaments. Any transactions above this should be monitored by investigating agencies. This way the Nation will not be sold to these criminals!!

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