NDIS visits the National Cricket Inclusion Championships

The National Cricket Inclusion Championships
(NCIC) came about because we had three groups of cricketers
with disabilities. Blind and low vision had national
championships every two years, the Deaf and hard of hearing
cricketers every four years, and cricketers with an intellectual
disability didn’t have an opportunity. So, we brought it all under the one umbrella
as a great celebration of cricket. It’s happened for the last three years
now and it’s amazing. I come down and see guys performing each
year, getting better each year. NDIS has helped me get here
to represent Queensland. It’s an absolute honour. I never thought
it would happen. This is my third time that I’ve competed in the
NCIC. I played last year and the year before. We won the shield last year, which was very,
very exciting and I really enjoyed my time. This is about celebrating ability and talent
in cricket. Lots of people walk past the games and ask, “what’s this game?”, so it’s
really fantastic to be part of that and seeing the impact that has in a broader
sense around the community. It’s probably more about the mates you make.
You’ve still got that competitive streak in you but it’s more about the friendships
you make. I’ve been on the NDIS for probably just under a year now and the support it’s
given me has been unbelievable. I wouldn’t be where I am today without numerous people
behind me back at home through the NDIS. I think it’s really important to have
sports at a national level to be inclusive. The impact this has had on the
players has been really huge. In a lot of cases it’s changed their lives. Well I come from a small town in
Gympie, so it’s a big, big thing for me. I feel really proud. You wouldn’t find many guys that have
come out of regional Victoria that play not just for their state but
also for their country. With my twin brother here by my side,
I feel like anything’s possible. Anyone who is keen to get involved in
cricket, no matter what your ability is, you should contact your local cricket club
or go on playcricket.com.au And if you’re interested in being involved
in the National Cricket Inclusion Championships, jump on NCIC.cricket.com.au

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