Nagin Dance: RJ Balaji Trolls Bangladesh Cricket Team | Salutes Dinesh Karthik

In the recent Cricket match that happened, Dinesh Karthik won million hearts by playing really well So he called for a press meet and there were questions raised about Naagin dance Did you watch the match ? How do you think Dinesh Karthik is? I am very happy when people question me about Cricket even on Radio Basically I am a Cricket Commentator and it feels like an expert doing that I am happy about it. When I got the opportunity to got star sports he had chance to talk to lot of cricketers And everyone has high records about Dinesh But when we have been watching on TV for like 10, 12 years A thought had always raised that he could have played well But his career had been on and off for 12 years 4 to 5 keepers were to be lost when there was a legend like Dhoni A lot of them would have thought it would be the same for Dinesh But somewhere around the last 3 years he had been playing really well I have read an article about him that said he thought he did not play well In IPL where the costs got lower from 14,15 crores to 9 crores and then reduced to 2 crores. And thinking that after this no one will auction him He had a fear on what will happen to his career During that time Abishek Nair, a cricketer from Mumbai When asking him for a help in a friendly manner on how Abishek Nair reinvented his career was the article all about I though somewhere he was learning all throughout Secondly there was no one apart from him in the middle order who could play like this in the Indian team I am talking about Kedar Jadhav, Karun Nair, Manish Pandey They had a lot of grace opportunity I used to scold a lot of time that instead of Manish Pandey, Rangaraj Pandey himself could have played In that case when Dinesh Karthik is in a form of his life Minimum till 2019 world cup then two years later he needs to be a permanent middle order batsman I cannot be Dhoni or Dinesh Karthik. It needs to be both of them If say Dhoni is not too fast in batting but Kohli makes his decision out of the options that Dhoni suggests It is thing for winning If I get an opportunity keep my coach in my team, How is that possible? So it is both Dhoni and Dinesh karthik Dinesh Karthik should be in the team for the next 4, 5 years And I think this is what the players meant That classy . He would not be tensed for those 8 balls and was happy He will always be composed and I wish really well for Dinesh Karthik Dinesh Karthik Congratulations!! Did you watch the Naagin Dance? Yes. If Zimbawe wins India or say if kenya wins say the cricket team spirit. Chennai audience is knowledgeable is what I fell I have been telling that for years We used to clap hands when there was Alistair Campbell We used to talk like that But a small team like Bangladesh gets to win we get an anger if they win. why because it starts annoying us It is good for their country because Bangladesh has more corruption and is also in a poor condition than India In a place like that if there is development in sports and lot of new youngsters step forward We can say that the team is really good But instead what they do is to not let us happy The entire Srilankan crowd wanted India to win and they were showing India flags to Cheer They had the choice to suipport anyone Politically speaking they could have supported Bangladesh They have annoyed them to a point where they supported us So Naagin dance was a part of it But it was a good content for meme creators to use it in Twitter

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  1. இலங்கை முகநால் தமிழ் தொலைக்காட்சி ஒன்று சிறப்பாக நல்ல தமிழில் வர்ணனை செய்தார்கள்
    பார்த்து அது போல் நீங்களும் நல்ல தமிழில் வர்ணனை செய்ய முயற்சி செய்யுங்கள்.

  2. Rj balaji ya paathave kadupa irruku avan ellam pron stars um avan movie la thaapave peasuran avanga edathula irruthu patha tha therium avanga kastam yarum virupa pattu antha bussiness kulla porathu illa so avangala konjam porinjikanum,ippadi peasura nalla nanum onnum nallavan illa nanum pron videos pathu irrukan so movie la audience srika vaikanum nu avangal pathi peasaratha stop pannuga mr.Rj balaji

  3. Bro Manish Pandey plays well he is also good middle order player
    How many chances did he get simply don't comment something.
    Being a commentator have to learn a lot.

  4. Rj.balaji enya pantra oru padamum panna matra. Cross talk panna matra…..maruladiyum form ku vaaya ….ennnachu marana waiting vaa

  5. आयच्या गावात काई बोला कळलं नाही. पण जे काही बोला भारी बोला.

  6. Rangaraj Pandey : Indian team found new secret code name for manish 🤣 now all people name Manish now Rangraj..

  7. Paambu dance Sri Lanka Bangladesh pogumbodhu verupu ethuradhukku pannadhu. Inga Bangladesh adha thiruppi kuduthanga.india aadadha series Patti Onnume theriyadha pesa vendiyadhu. Indian supporters ah veruppu ethrangala. Neenga yowlo meme pottu veruppu ethringa.

  8. Manish pandey is fantastic batsman he proved very soon guys. Rj balaji is loose talk please shut your ugly mouth

  9. All cricketer are doing good but… In this team.. DK அண்ணா is only senior player show something like a experienced player…. Kedhar also q good player he is keeper and he changed into a good all-rounder like off spinner… Manish Pandey is also a good player he also finished a match in Australia… So every Indian players are good… But giving opportunities are different for them….

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  12. He has poor knowladge about Srilankan fans.Srilankan Tamils always support Indian team even its a match aginst Srilanka. In jaffna they celebrate with crackers if india wins. During this match there were violence between Sinhalese and Muslims in Kandy, entire srilankans were agaiinst Bangladseshis. Attitude of Bangladesh players was also another reason to support India.

  13. Daiiii 10 mudivu la 8 mudivu Dhoni tha yadukarana……Aprm yana hair ku da capitan ah na irukamatan nu solitu pona. ….I agree Dhoni idea tharan….. But avan idea vaichi tha team win panuthu apidy nu othuka mudiyathu…..

  14. Bangladesh is not a small country, either by area or by population. But,they are myeerakudees of cricket. It is a national character of BD. Zimbabawe or Afghanistan are small countries.
    Any case our Dinesh Karthik gave them some treatment for a lifetime.

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