MY PARTNER IS AN IDIOT!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 5

Volleyball Video Game Oh free ball and we’ll screw that up
sharp angle hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming I’m back here playing
volleyball unbound but a while since I played this game but I recently jumped
back into it to record some of these episodes having a blast but just between
you and I I forgot to hit the record button so I’m a little bit further than
I was last time but here we are again hopefully this should work I don’t maybe
I should double check is everything are we good okay I think we’re good
we’ve improved a little bit we want a couple international tournaments so
let’s get back into it hey shut up no one’s in the crowd nobody
cares boys all right round one Kalon tez and Alonzo they’re both not very good I
think maybe Alonso’s worse no I don’t know galactus Alex just served tough
boys let’s just serve tough go Joe nice pass start us off with a side over here
crush that buddy oh yeah that’s a good start we’re on a roll we want a couple
tournaments in a row we’re feeling good watch this
I’m a sort of a short mid hook you both watch it Joe it’s tight watch out I got
it yeah set me up what is that crush it deep
oh and then I’m in the face yes back but not really dug it what an idiot
watch it decent dig but things like oh no yeah what happened on the replay
there whatever I’m gonna serve a short again I like those short serves just
causing havoc not really I got it free ball
he’ll be on Joe nice hit it sharp man working on that just get it in
just get the servant that’s all you need so yeah it served a different guy let’s
see what he’s got free ball chance I got it she were on
the back plane Joe okay you score it I’m okay with that but I was gonna be pissed
you always been playing like dog ass recently Mays been carrying the team but
I don’t know he’s doing okay this game will play it well come on I got it go I
shanked it they save Joe what the hell was that I got to pick my shit up let’s
go deserve me go Joe I’ll set you found it
oh he got it great dig by that guy but he can’t get it over the net it yes for
the win baby yes Bhutan cool alright we’re playing the Americans
delivering an asshole asshole playing clipper net asshole asshole that’s
asshole clip earn an asshole I mean yeah asshole they’re both pretty even almost
the exact same actually assholes just got less arm power I think maybe we’ll
go to him I don’t know that the same dude I think we’ll just go to oh I’m
spinning that was a weak spin watch the two ball that guy was the guy with the
worst arm power he just crushed it alright we’re in a battle Joe I can tell
it’s gonna be a fight now side out what happened what the hell happened what
happened wrath Joe just got slammed and double
contacted it shit Joe and then that guy started in the bottom of the tape you
guys are freaking stupid all you go Joe get it over to asshole over there nice
rip cause in trouble Oh what was that guy doing he got there then backed out
to die for it what a nut we’ll take it though okay let’s try this back door
middle back door middle there Oh free ball oh oh we got it over come
on Joe play back stay back stay back go as if I got that over free ball i
shanked it Joe with the class play hey I mean it ain’t pretty but it works yes
guy alright that serve worked well we got the free ball let’s try it again that’s a nice serve job with the ACE
yeah alright match ball let’s see if you can get another good serve Joe that
backdoor seam you like it alright stay back stay back stay back Joe go I’ll put
you on for the win buddy there’s a good set for you yes come on
that’s I’m talking about oh look who it is
Sartre and ylim am from Canada you dick tall bitches pizza JIT da da this is
semi-final baby no screwing around we get this far man time to take this shit
seriously let’s go what we got come on show us through the team sorry
lmao alright our fellow compatriots from Canada that low stamina but the high
shot on lemare Sartre they’re both pretty much the same like what the heck
maybe lemare cuz we can tire about I guess he touches way higher than the
other guy though I may be we’re gonna start with you sure yeah I think so
serve the short guy short that’s always a good plan right there you been in the
block maybe I don’t know he starts off with a good shot jacked sorry we’re in a
battle Joe this is the semi these guys are from Canada they want this put me on
the net nice set don’t leave me that backdoor I’ll come
in every time the volleyball terminology is a bit dirty all right Joe
brush it just sounds good the short guy let’s see what he’s got good pass good
get Joe do something with it nice body what are they doing mm cross
well a couple of idiots I think we kind of break their that’s hey I’ll take it
crush it again Joe Oh free ball I’m gonna screw that up sharp
angle that was bad you all ready come on
down the middle oh that was decent but you’ve got good dick Joe man you’re
gonna make like a half-decent peel effort your lazy ass and worried about
come on get a good pass me what the hell is that
oh man at least cause some issues all over there this isn’t good there’s a decent pass now you saw the
net you’re a nice come on we’re in it all right just serve a short middle
whoever takes it takes it store middle to the big guys look out how am I
supposed to dig that gosh you lost to these other Canadians
god just piss me ah I gotta calm down as we’re playing for bronze alright bronze
medal we wanted the gold where we gotta fight for bronze the plan Pastrana and
Batista I think we played this guy before we went up Batista cuz we least
low stamina in one last time so we gotta win again
alright Batista short to Batista tire them out make them work
I got it Joe oh man come on let’s go nice i shanked it up close to the net
come on I’m automatically I’m on the net Joe alright Batista let’s see if you can
handle this backdoor or middle action right up the gut he can damn it like you own with the right hand bring
it back with the left man gosh this is gonna be a battle I know it not if he
does that all the time yes all right servant servant short hasn’t been
working let’s serve him deep make a move I’m pressing the button press the button
make the date no at least try not even anywhere near that gosh man how
frustrating down the middle and he’s right there Joe what are you doing dude
oh man get off you got it put it away Joe Joe come on man
okay we gotta fight back now gotta fight back put me on the frickin net Joe you
know I’m automatic when I’m on the net come on I told you all right is it Joe
it’s Joe let’s go buddy rip one need it Joe what are you doing Joe go buddy
you idiot Joe I make a dig instead of sitting me he does that pinkie shit on
two and then of course I can’t make the frickin dig Josh what a shit result or
ending with two fricking losses gosh anyway guys that’s going to do it for
this episode I gotta thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy watching
these episodes as much as I enjoy making them if you like them if that like
button or maybe it subscribed as well I would really really appreciate that but
thanks again so much for watching I hope to see you next time on Yes guy gaming Volleyball Video Game

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