My New Instagram!!!

Hey YouTube! Welcome back. I have a quick announcement video for you guys today. I made my Instagram finally, so go give me a follow @baseballplayer612. No underscores, no capital letters, no periods. It’s just straight up baseballplayer612.
Search it up in the bar on Instagram. The search bar. I most likely will have a link
somewhere on this page. So yeah, definitely go give me a
follow. I’m gonna be making deals on gloves on
that account. and I’ll be posting pictures gloves and baseball-related stuff. this glove This Louisville Slugger Omaha Flare
Series, 11.75″, H-Web model baseball glove is for sale. I do have an offer on it
but, the offer is still pending. I’m not sure if I’m actually going to accept the offer. So if that doesn’t work out for
whatever reason this is for sale like I said. I’m looking for cash only, and you have to send the cash first. I know that kinda sucks. But I really don’t want to get scammed.
I promose I will not scam you. But if you’re not comfortable with doing that I guess don’t offer but if you are
comfortable with it go ahead offer on Instagram or you can
offer down below in the comments section. So yeah i’m looking for nothing under fifty dollars for this. It’s in perfect condition. I actually
haven’t layed catch with it yet to be honest. There is small ball, but nothing really much . I’ve just been throwing a ball into, trying to break it in. It comes practically broken in. So yeah. Very nice glove and nothing under 50 dollars. Yeah, follow me on Instagram, and offer up on my glove if you’re
interested. Thank you guys for watching I will see you guys next time. Until then
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