My first World Chess Championship | World Junior Chess Championship 2017 – Tarvisio (ITA) | Vlog #1

We’re waiting our transfer for lunch and here in Tarvisio there’s snow. I don’t know if you can see all the snow there is here. Incredible! I’m in my hotel, in one of the halls, but I think I’ll go outside because there’s some background noise outside. I want to show you some snow and to talk about the tournament. Here I am. Nice, uh? I’d like to introduce to you some players. I’m not bothering you with details because you can read them online, but there’s Awonder Liang, one of the youngest Grand Masters in the world and he’s 14, then there’s the young Indian Praggnanandhaa, over 2500 We’ve had some nice weather for the moment. I hope it all goes well and that there won’t be much snow. Maybe I should show you the landscape I can see from here. Back to the hotel! First things first. We have our mornings off and OBVIOUSLY we’re currently in Austria, obviously. Obviously. Obviously. The main sightseeing in Austria is the mall we are in right now. I could sing some Christmas songs like “Jingle Bells”. In the middle of November… There’s a reason behind this, there are Christmas decorations everywhere, I don’t know if you can see the tree behind me Do you think we can sit there? Ask the lady. Let’s go buy a suit for Romualdo. Playing hall. These are the electronic boards. The round has just finished and games between arbiters have just started. I’ve just finished interviewing Vladimir Potkin, I’m really happy. Of course you’re in the future, so you can watch this interview by clicking on the card right above me. We are at dinner and you can see this total crazyness and these people – Erfan! Say “hi” to the camera! Shall I do like this? I absolutely must record this moment, since I have my Chess Society t-shirt and there’s also reggae music in the playing hall. I’m working, as usual – Hi everyone! Let’s record Nadia, since she has just done her hair, before it’s too late C’mon, he won’t show anything! Nadia is dancing on lounge music. Where is he? Tell me. You can’t take a selfie without me. Oh ok, sure! I was worried, I thought you were saying I couldn’t take selfies at all! Are you recording? Yes. I mean can I talk freely? Yes. Holy cr- Censored! Fu- program! Hi, patatone! Hi! Are you recording? Patatone! Wait, how can I see myself? Stretch your arm and look there. But you have to see what happens! We talk and then “ha capito”, third person. “Ho capito” “Abbiamo capito” Now you’re in big trouble because FIDE can see this video I apologize Chiedo scusa. Try to look super professional and serious Would you like to say something in Japanese? *I have no idea what she’s saying* Jamie, Takis is not here. Can you do the flight attendant? At the front, on the sides and at the back. In case of emergency, please exit here, to the side very quickly. Now it’s surely recording, we can’t mess up. What whas that song that the three girls were singing in the car? What a beautiful landscape! Welcome to Austria! There it is! No, 200 meters left. From here on, they speak German, very well. Look at those mountains! The worst thing is I have to watch all these clips. You’ll spend hours watching all this BS It’s incredible that these guys have a bycicle lane and nobody rides it with a motorcycle! It’s unbelievable! Guys, watch out because Leo is really weak while driving There’s an expression that drives him nuts and I’m not joking – NO! Not now! Let’s recap the best quotes of Ezio. Come closer! – No, no! C’mon Ezio! You should hold the camera then. We’re back in Austria, but we’ve brought more people this time. This Christmas market wasn’t here last time. I want Mozart balls! I’ve bought cigarettes for Olexander, they were 9€ and he gave me 20. Awesome! I should buy him cigarettes too! Even if I have to go by walk freezing! Does “Müller” mean “carpenter”? *Italian Joke* No, I said “carpenter”! You have to know that Leo is super bossy, so we’re actually here to buy… When I go shopping I usually go in, buy, out and back home. I’m not going around… Here we are! How is the tournament going so far? Tell us about it. Ezio, apart from sudden changes in tension… You see in the mountains there are dykes, so… What’s the typical fruit? The fruit we’ve mentioned the most. Closing ceremony, lots of people here. Without tripods, vlogging at random. Look how many people! I was a happy person, look at my circles around my eyes! It’s going to end soon, it’s going to end soon. Some authorities here. We’re going to start the closing ceremony soon and, of course, who are we waiting for? Arbiters, say “hi”! I was editing the interview I did to Zhansaya Abdumalik, of course since you’re in the future you can watch it by clicking here, and they told me we had to go to the playing hall to sort the last things, so I got up and from the window behind me I saw this. I don’t know if you can recognize this thing behind me, it’s the playing hall. It’s a little bit different because we cleared everything out and we’re ready to leave so this is the last time I’ll ever see this hall until … I’ll miss this place. A special thanks to Fideacademy for this wonderful experience.

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  1. Video bellissimo! Ottima qualità e buona musica (non quel rap del c…o che ho sentito su qualche video twitch)… a novembre vai a Londra e ci fai un reportage sul mondiale?

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