My First Royal Experience | Royals Baseball Storytime

(Music playing in the background) Hey guys! It’s Alicia! And Welcome back to my YouTube channel! So I recently went to a Royals game with one of my best friends and I thought it would be cool to make a
vloggy-storytime video about it So let’s get onto the video! So it was a Monday night game, and we decided to leave Monday morining so we would have little bit of time in Kansas City to do some shopping before the game started. Once we got to Kansas City, we ate at Panera Bread. I got their macaroni and cheese because Panera’s macaroni and cheese is amazing! and then we did some shopping at Legends, and Legends has these really cool statues all over the place and so we took some
pictures with some statues my favorite one is we’re by this Indian and we’re doing he MockingJay Katniss Everdeen
over there. I’ll show you that picture and we also have one of where i’m
standing by a turtle and my friend is looking petrified because she doesn’tlike turtles.She’s scared of turtles after stopping for like an hour or so, we realized that we should probably hit the road because we did not want ge stuck in rush hour traffic So we went to our hotel, which was conveniently located right accros the street from the stadium It was called the ( studdering over the word Drury) Inn I always have trouble saying the name. It’s Drury Inn,but It sound like I ‘m saying it wrong. I probably am. Isn’t it hard to say? It sounds like Dreary it sound like it should have a moat around it and be a spooky castle on a hill.
So after eating free popcorn for a while we decided to head over to the stadium. so we stood in line and waited for a while
until they opened the gates. and then we got our tickets checed, and the guy who taking our tickets, every time he would scan one and it would make a little sound, He’d go : Oh! That one works! Oh that one works too!! It was kinda funny, I could tell he really enjoyed his job Our seats were part of the Diamond Club, and it was kinda hard to find where all the rows and the sections and everything were. So we asked one of the guys who worked there. so the person who helped us find our seats was name Daryl, and Daryl was excited about his job he was just a cool person and he looked at our posters and was like oh are you guys trying to get on TV or the Jumbotron and we were like yeah that’d be
cool and he told us that if we got on the
jumbotron or got on TV we were supposed to find him and go
DARYL we got on TV So the game was oing along, like baseball normaly does. Somebody throws a ball, another person hits it with a bat and they run around the bases, but
at the bottom of the first inning we get a text for my friend’s little sister telling us
that she saw us on TV and I got really excited, but then I thought to
myself ” what if that’s not me? What if it’s somebody that looks exactly like me and
actually isn’t me, So my friend’s little sister to prove she was right took a little
video of us on TV and sent it to us and it actually us. We were on National Television for two seconds guys. We were on National Television! So there was this vendor who sold these chocolate drizzled
strawberries on a stick and he would always go in the isle right next to ours, but never
down our isle, and my friend wanted one and so after like the sixth time he went in somebody else’s isle right next to us,but didn’t go down ours She was like Ok. I’m going to track that guy down and I”m going to get a chocolate covered strawberry on a stick. so we tried to find him, but we couldnt so then we went back to the Diamond Club Area and tried to find Darrell to tell him l we were on
TV, but we couldn’t find him! So went back to our seats a little disapointed that we couldn’t find the chocolate covered strawberry guy or find Daryl to tell him we were on TV, but we decided to enjoy the rest of the game. We got to see Whit Merrifield’s first major league home run, which was cool, and we saw Hosmer accidentally chuck a baseball bat half-way accros the stdium. The people in the row behind us wererather interesting characters. There was a couple who thought they knew everything about
baseball and had a commentary going the entire game and most of it made sense, but they used a lot of baseball lingo, and one of the things I heard that really confused me was They said “They’re really squeezing the
plate, better give ’em a cookie” Does anybody know what that means? If you do,
please let me know in the comments below because I am still very confused. The two guys who sat directly behind my friend and I liked to have debates over food and
other random topics, like they were debating over whether they wanted Ice cream now and nachos later, or nachos now and Ice cream later. After debating for 15, 20 minutes they decided to just get both at once. The Royals ended up winning with a score of 2 to 1! So YAY! GO Royals! If you want to see more of my videos, click the information button in one of these two corners. And rember to give this video a huge thumbs up! And…. Hit that subscribe button! Hit that subscribe button! Hit that subscribe button! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Hit that subscribe button!And I’ll see ya next time! Bye!

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