“My backhand is my weapon!” Tomokazu Harimoto speaks about Table Tennis | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Tomokazu Harimoto. I started playing table tennis when I was two. There really is a lot to table tennis. The ball obviously moves very fast, so the best way to train is to focus on being able to match that speed. You need to position yourself properly or you won’t be able to return your opponent’s shot. That’s why being able to move quickly and get into the correct position is so important. I feel that at this stage, I am reacting to the ball at an instinctive, unconscious level. My most powerful weapon is my backhand. For me, the idea is to always be ready to attack the ball and play aggressively. Fundamentally, I want to stick to my own game plan and play my way. But when that’s not working, I need to be able to adjust to my opponent’s style, and adjust my tactics accordingly. Like the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games takes place once every four years, which adds to the excitement. My goal is to win gold in both the individual and team categories, and while there may be pressure to a degree, I think that if I give my best, it shouldn’t be a problem. I think that just being able to take part is an achievement in itself.

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