My 4 Favorite Baseball Throwing Drills to Throw Harder!

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer
of and today I’ve got my 4 favorite drills to throw harder in baseball. Now these 4 baseball throwing drills are great
drills if you’re trying to throw harder from shortstop, or second base, or anywhere in
the infield, even if you’re a catcher, pitcher even, or outfielder. These are just general throwing drills, baseball
throwing drills, to throw harder and if you incorporate these 4 baseball throwing drills,
you’re going to see increases in your arm strength, in your arm speed, in your velocity
across the diamond or wherever you’re throwing from. So, let’s get right into it. The first baseball throwing drill is going
to be Sit Drives. That’s where you sit on a bucket and you really
try to drive out of there, drive off of that bucket and use your legs to drive off and
throw that baseball. Using your legs is very important when you’re
throwing and trying to throw harder because that’s where you generate all your energy. The second of the baseball throwing drills
is going to be medicine balls. We know in the first one we were working on
our legs, but once we transfer that energy up our body now we get into our core, our
midsection, and we have to have good rotational energy. By using the medicine balls we can work on
that. We can become stronger and more explosive
through our core. If we do medicine ball throws from our back
hip and from our back shoulder, as well as hip to shoulder separation medicine ball throws,
we’re going to have a lot of an increase in our throwing speed. The third of the baseball throwing drills
is going to be Connection Ball Rockers. Now, we’re continuing up the kinetic chain. The first drill we worked on our legs, the
second drill we worked on our core, now we’re going to get into our arm and our arm action. What I see a lot of guys do when they are
throwing is they’ll get real separated back here. They’ll kind of let this arm drag behind and
we don’t want to do that. So how we work on that is by doing Connection
Ball Rockers. The Rocker, we’re going to get into this position
where we get nice and wide, heel to heel, we’re going to get a connection ball in between
our forearm and our bicep, we’re going to go through our Rocker Drill and throw this
baseball and stay connected, here, inside of our 90 degree angle as we throw that baseball. That’s going to help us stay connected, stay
loaded, and be able to unload which is going to make us throw harder across the diamond. And last but not least, number 4 of the baseball
throwing drills we’re going to work on our deceleration. Again, we’re continuing up the kinetic chain,
we’ve talked about the legs generating the energy, transferring it into our core, and
then we worked on our arm here, now we have to work on the brakes of the delivery. The brakes of our throw. If we’re throwing and we have bad brakes,
we can’t go that fast. If you’re in a car that has bad brakes, you
don’t want to go that fast, do you? Heck no I don’t want to go that fast! Same thing with throwing. If you’ve got bad brakes on your arm, you’re
not going to want to throw that fast, if you do, you’ve got more of a chance of hurting
yourself. So we’ve got to work on our brakes, we’ve
got to work on the back of our arm, the deceleration. Alright, how we do that is Reverse Throws. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
get a weighted ball, you’re going to get on one knee, you’re going to put that ball down
by your throwing foot, your lead leg foot, and then you’re going to turn, follow the
ball with your head and throw backwards. This is a great way to work on the back of
the shoulder and the deceleration muscles. So those are my 4 favorite drills to throw
harder in baseball. If you like those drills please give me a
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31 thoughts on “My 4 Favorite Baseball Throwing Drills to Throw Harder!

  1. simply love your videos as they have helped me help my 12 yr old son become a better pitcher.
    Is throwing a weighted ball for a12 yr old good or bad for the arm? The throwing is a controlled 10-20 ft toss and not a long hard throwing.

  2. Have you ever done a video on how to properly warm up the throwing arm prior to picking up the baseball. I grew up with the coach telling us to warm up our arms so we went and threw the baseball. My son's arm is doing much better now since he started using simple movements and bands to get the blood flowing in the shoulder and arm. I have looked for a video of yours but I cannot find one. If you don't have one then would you consider doing one?
    And by the way…Looking very fit these days on the videos. Congratulations!

  3. Love watching your videos there really helpful for any baseball player that needs help with anything

  4. I'm throwing 25mph right now. I want to get to 40 by next season and I will achieve that goal by watching your videos and doing the drills.

  5. instead of the weighted ball, I use a bungy ball. my boys have all seen increased velocities.. good or bad

  6. Hi Madden thank you so much for all the videos you have made out there. It has help my son a lot as I work with him to his game. My question is, all these drills you have. What kind of frequency do you recommend? So how many times , the repetitions, how many per day/week/month etc? Some of these drills, do you do it only when you have problems or do you do it no matter what?

  7. I'm having trouble getting in the zone when I'm on the mound, do u have any tips that could help me with that. Thank you

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