MultiGP News – Ep. 1 – “Clone Wars”, Regional Series Update, What is Drone Racing?

Everywhere. Every point. Every picture. Every championship. Every issue. Every place. Every minute.Every angle. Every person from the moment you start your day. We’re there for you as news breaks throughout the day. We’ll make sure you get the full story. “Pilots goggles down thumbs up! Pilots arm your quads. As we go live on the tone in less than five.” Every celebration. Every time. Every reaction. Every city. Every country. Every story. Everywhere. MultiGP News. Hello and Welcome. I am The Wizard of the five eight channels. The manipulator of cycles and heats. Devoted to America. Champion of the principles of freedom. The pilots know me as the fastest in go-karts. The organizers know me as the one on the mega-phone. And I’m known in the North East as the guy on the bike! It’s an upcoming sport that’s getting tons of recognition. I’ve been flying rc for about two years now. I’ve been all over the world Dubai. Drone racing is quickly becoming a thing in the sporting industry. Pilots fly these aircraft using just a controller and a pair of first-person view goggles. Most pilots are a part of the MultiGP drone racing league.Which sets up races for them to compete. It has over 15,000 registered pilots worldwide including Australia, Asia, Europe, and South Africa. Joining MultiGP is given me a really good opportunity to meet a group of people that are into this sport it was really hard to find a group of people flying multirotors let alone know what they are and even give you any kind of assistance in the beginning and you know starting out just four months ago I went from not knowing anything to now I’m out here flying with some of the top guys. The competitive nature of drone racing brings out the adrenaline and pilots and sometimes it’s between families. So yeah, I race with my son Davis D. It kinda makes a good combination and I think I build better than he does but he flies better than I do so we kind of bounce off each other that way. This trending sport has already been picked up by the younger generation and the high demand for it may one day put it front and center at the Olympic Games. This isn’t online. There’s no glitching there’s no I guess there’s no cheating you have to race with all of your skill and all of your talent and put it all on the line in order to get good and to win Live, from the MultiGP headquarters this is MultiGP News with your host Chris Thomas. Every week we start off with the four biggest headlines in the multi-rotor industry called the morning quad. Let’s get straight to our first big headline Viva Las Vegas. The road to Las Vegas has begun. We’re excited to have this year’s MultiGP Champion to be crowned in sin city in October and that process begins with more than 70 regional qualifiers leading up to our 14 regional finals. You can find more information about this at Moving on to our second topic let’s talk about some technology. Emax has recently announced its baby hawk. It is an 85 millimeter brushless quad it runs on 2s batteries comes with a built-in camera and just needs a receiver to fly. Check it out on Tiny drones are making big news in Fort Collins Colorado at the tiny whoop proving ground. For this intergalactic championship pilots came from around the world as far as Canada and some of the biggest names in fpv were at this race. The Final Four consisted of Christian Petersen known as “fpv provo” taking first. Jordan Temkin also known as “Jet” on DRL taking second. Chris Garza known as “garz” taking third and mr. whoop himself Jesse Perkins taking fourth. Congratulations to Christian and his recent win and we look forward to seeing you defend your championship next year. And finally for our top 4 news stories of the week the mini mayhem race being held just outside of Lafayette Louisiana by the Acadiana fpv chapter run by Shannon Broussard will be hosting a team built race what that means is pilots will be competing to complete 200 laps. They’ll be seven teams made up between four and five pilots and this course designed specifically for teams will require these teams to run constantly changing batteries and retrieving quads when they crash it should be a very exciting race so we look forward to the live stream and if you’re in the area make sure you stop in and watch and now for your regional series update as we move into the 2017 regional series we are going to provide you with weekly updates on chapter standings and regional qualifiers right here on multi GP news the very first qualifier in the country took place in naples florida on sunday held by south florida multi-rotor and even though it’s a new chapter twenty of the state’s fastest pilots turned out for their first shot at the regional finals. Drone pilots gathering from all around the state to kick off the first florida regional qualifiers in Naples. Alot of people have gone a lot faster this year so I got my work cut out for me. I’m in a heat one, race one group one. Got to be ready to go. Game face is on. The event organized by the South Florida multi-rotor chapter getting pilots a chance to compete with some top pilots in the state. It’s major intimidating it’s also awesome to see because you can’t progress unless you got people better than you so it’s uh it’s amazing it’s intense. The track giving pilots a platform to test their skills and speed Jeremih one of the chapter organizers designing this track. The sense that semi designed it around the finals bits. Saw some final elements and took our own and put it together in that sense and about three hours later Illustrated design and the pilots couldn’t be more happier once they saw it and really were just expecting something fun but it looks really fast and really tricky. The pilots were split into five heats. At the end of five rounds of racing there’s three highest run for rounded out to get the top score it’s down to this a tiebreaker for the fifth and final spot am drone and Code Red are going to have to battle it out head-to-head and the number three spot going to able Navajo almaguer with the second spot going to Sergio atomic Carrera and the number one spot going to Frank realize man a junior I’d like to thank all my sponsors keeping me in the air today occupy of my battery needs race class or keeping my top so fresh so clean and of course through that’s my EFV utx and frames and of course that LaForge gravity grueling baby and I’ll see you guys at the regional final let’s get so remember every week we’ll update you on the standings and highlight the top pilot losing up in the rankings we’re going to take a one-minute break and when we come back we’re going to hit when is the hottest topics in the industry clones every week we’re going to dive into one of the most controversial or talked about stories in the drone community this week we’re looking into the cloning industry and the impact it’s having on business and prices it’s not a new problem but it blew up recently with several posts from social media multi GP news reporter Jesse Friedman spoke with some of the innovators to get their opinion so whether you’re here at a quad store or you’re buying parts online the consumers may not realize that they’re faced with a choice whether to buy clone parts or real parts but I’ll tell you who it does have an impact on the guys making it call it the attack of the clones only this is no Hollywood movie this is an issue hitting some of SPVs leading innovators right in the pocket so I felt like I’ve been robbed I mean you stole what I’m creating this market and is designed in these innovations why why would you do that I mean I’m giving you a product of the Prophet what are you doing I spoke with three of those innovators online Alex grieve of video aerial systems Scott fan of racecraft and Tommy bartek of diet own USA all three have seen their own ideas stolen from Chinese factories in this company fit me the image of the frame not even knowing that I was associated with the Hong Kong company as people would buy it was a harder kissena call I people signal bangla it’s going to float in a week I said well then bang Goods going to get their heads bang good with a Louisville Slugger and it’s become a hot topic on social media Scott fan of race graph recently posted on Facebook that he was going out of business because of companies cloning his propellers just that you know crazy race crap all day every day and it’s just is this joke however he has a different take on phone nobody wants to happen and I guess if it does happen you sign up you know you’re doing something right because if nobody’s calling you you guys doing something right man you know like you’re not relevant must got here and more recently this Facebook posts from Alex screams breaking down the cost of his latest project notice the most expensive thing on their patenting i decided to patent it partially because i believe what they’re saying is right even though i don’t understand any other part is it’s bragging rights hey Odie US patent so if not patents what else when you go in and you look at things every other industry like NFL football baseball everything else they turn around and have license agreements listed in place I don’t care if somebody close nothing this much as a they just start built a brand and though when you have that brand out there do you want to use their may make it out there readily available what people know that you can with spit me another big item on the budget research and development something cloning companies don’t have to worry about in a way it does add competition for the marketplace but maybe not in a good way and so long as the market is small in community-based you can survive but now this industry has grown very very large and exploding has become absolutely rampant and therefore it’s very frequent that companies like bangs woods will get a clone out before the authentic ever hits horses and what that does is that keep that instead of innovators continuing to innovate that pushes them out of the market completely whichever way you look at it cloning is having a real effect both of the ability for companies to create new ideas and the ability for those companies to sustain their business I welcome honest competition but on the other hand you know the clones that keeps I probably would have employees on twice men people had I never been close so it’s a double-edged sword and for Scott is emotional for him the sport is always about putting the pilot system i live i live in all of you guys you know like Johnny doing this acro thing like you see on it Shawn’s always winning races open those guys before their dreams and make us think nothing for them so whatever these guys jeez those moments man I mean like I’m getting choked up right now because their families you know so cool when they make it it’s like we all make it as we’ve seen clones can definitely have an impact on the drone community however only a small percentage of retailers are actually doing that most stores like this 305 drones in South Florida and most of your online retailers actually pride themselves in only selling legitimate products so if you’re going out to buy stuff just be careful reporting for multi GP TV I’m Jesse Friedman and coming up after the break we’ll open up the calendar and take a look at everything you’ll want to know for the next week as a reminder Sunday March 26 will be the mini mayhem race just outside of Lafayette Louisiana also on the calendar is the collegiate drone Nationals being hosted at Purdue University on april fifteenth where 40 pilots from different colleges will come together to compete for the first-ever college drone championships and that’s wrap thanks for tuning in to multi GP news we hope to see you here again we’re going to do our best to put on an awesome show if it’s terrible that’s ok you can make fun of us great we got this is chris thomas and you’re watching multi TV news and now the crash of the day sponsored by thanks for watching if you’re interested in being showcased in the next episode of multi GP news please contact us at news at multi GP calm you

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  1. Sell a service not a product, Open up a workshop in your local community and buy all the cheap Chinese parts you want. Post everywhere that you are holding a event to teach and take home a drone built by them. Charge a fee/membership to have the student or child come through and sit in a class or building you rent out (workshop) kinda like a gym membership where they get to learn the soldering skills, identify components needed, how to run betaflight, setup up a short course etc. You can't clone a bond of happiness and friendship through the hobby, that is priceless.

  2. at least lipos cant be easily cloned. hope we can at least see a little innovation in them soon. but lipos will get to a point where they are the best they can get but at least we are getting close.

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