Mukbang Table Tennis Rackets?먹는 탁구채 먹방|탁구라켓 만드는 방법!| EDIBLE RACKET EATING SHOW [SIO ASMR 시오]

Press ‘Subscribe’ and ‘like’! Hello, I’m SIO. What is something to eat today? Table tennis rackets and ping-pong balls! Let’s go! This is a real ping-pong racket, and this is a ping-pong racket that I made. I made the shape of a real ping-pong racket, then poured chocolate into it. This is too sweet. This is a failed ping-pong ball chocolate. It’s really good. Actually, it’s so sweet that I did this to eat slowly. table tennis racket again sweet It’s too sweet. It was fun when I made it. But it’s too hard to eat. Today’s table tennis racket eating show is over here! See you again!

100 thoughts on “Mukbang Table Tennis Rackets?먹는 탁구채 먹방|탁구라켓 만드는 방법!| EDIBLE RACKET EATING SHOW [SIO ASMR 시오]

  1. #EDIBLE #탁구채 #MUKBANG
    오늘은 먹는 탁구채를 만들어 보았습니다.ㅎㅎ
    제가 학창시절 석고 뜨던게 생각나서, 추억삼아 만들어 보았구요!
    재료는 먹을 수 있어야하기 때문에, 석고대신 실리콘틀로 만들었습니다.
    초콜릿으로는 처음만들어 봐서, 디테일이 부족했어요.
    다음번엔 더 새로운 소재로 디테일하게 제작 해보겠습니다^^.

    재료: 실리콘 1KG(약 4~5만원), 탁구채(다이소표 5천원)
    디피용탁구공 (1천원), 화이트 초콜릿 (6만원.. 많이 구매한듯;;)

    엽기적이지만 재밌게 봐주세요!!

    그럼 오늘 하루도 좋은 하루 되시고, 좋아요 한번씩 부탁드릴게요!!ㅎㅎ
    오늘도 편안한 밤 되시구
    좋아요 한번씩 부탁드리고 좋은밤되시오!

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  2. 뭔가 탁구채를 뜯어드시니까 엽기적이긴 한데 만드는과정보면 감탄나오네용~~ ???
    실물이랑 싱크로율 대박~ ?
    근데 맛있나요?? 궁금…ㅎㅎ
    잘보고 가유우~~~~♡♡♡

  3. 아 오빠 넘 잘생긴 거 아니냐며~~ 먹방에 눈이 가야되는데 얼굴에 눈ㄴ이가용~~꺄르르~~❤️❤️

  4. うわぉー!!食べられる卓球?

  5. かっこよくて可愛くて本当に美味しそうに食べるし全部の動画みようと思います…!♡

  6. When he said it was too sweet. I felt that ? its a whole lotta white chocolate. And also he is super adorable omg ?

  7. クッキーで作って上からチョコ塗れば良かったかもですね笑

  8. 시호 당신.. 첫영상때 부터 1.5천명때부터 보다가 잠깐 못보고 온사이 구독자 모야.. 역시 믿고보는 시오..

  9. ㅎㅎ신박신박! 그나저나 재료값이 만만치 않게 들어가셨네요!
    구독자분들 생각해서 저리도 고생하셨다니ㅠㅜ 너무 고생하셨어요!!

  10. SIOさんの発想がほんとにすごすぎる。。。一体何で作ってるのかと思いました?(笑)美味しそうだけどすごく甘そうだしすごく硬そうですね??サトウキビの時もでしたけど無理しすぎて歯が悪くなりませんように!!(笑)

  11. Maybe you can crush the original cookies into a powder and add it to the chocolate.

    It won’t be so sweet when you eat it.

  12. アイディアも料理の腕も素晴らしいですね!

  13. Im a table tennis player but now when i watch this i will stop playing im going to eat my racket and pingpong hhahaha just kidding

  14. Hello brother, I 'm from Indonesia. May I correct your last sentence when you close your video? It must be "…… sampai di sini" not "….ada di sini", the two sentences have different meaning. Thank you

  15. this is the most creative mukbang content i have ever watched. I think this guy is in the art industry.. lol just a thought

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