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Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Ujjvar had a situation where he was playing
an opponent who smashed the ball at him, he missed the ball and he noticed that his opponent
moved the table but it happened after the ball had hit the floor. Who wins the point? We are going to dramatically recreate the
point. For this dramatic demonstration I’m going
to be Ujjval’s opponent and Alois is going to be Ujjval. Now as Ujjval’s opponent I serves really good
tricky topspin serve with lots of spin, it bounced and it kicked and Ujjval who is holding
the camera now hit the ball up high and I said “Yes this is great” and I saw it and
I smashed it for a winner and I got excited and then I fell over and I bumped the table
and it moved. It was very dramatic. Uh, Jeff that was the worst dramatisation
I’ve ever seen, but anyway, let’s get back to the facts and the rules. What happens in
that situation is that because Ujjval’s opponent has moved the table after the ball has bounced
on the floor that is Ujjval’s opponent’s. “Jeff’s” Point. So as soon as the ball bounces
on the floor that is the end of the point and whatever happens after that doesn’t matter. Do you have a Table Tennis Question? Ask the Coach

36 thoughts on “Moving the Table | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. "That was the worst dramatisation I've ever seen" was Alois quote after watching Jeff recreate a point. Is he right?

  2. Yes what is not allowed is to touch the table with the hand that u don't hold the racket, in my case i play wth the right hand so i can't touch the table with my left hand 🙂

  3. how can we get a hard and perfect smash which goes all the time cos i can smash hard but i lack the technique so the smash doesnot always go perfectly

  4. what will happen if i lay on the table after hitting a powerful and successful smash……but the table didnt move…….. who gets the point….!!!

  5. focus on the finish position, so the bat in front of your face. it may take some time to get used to it but once you can do that you will have more accuracy

  6. I faced a similar situation today, where I hit the ball and missed the table but at the same time the opponent made a contact of the bat to the table. Who wins the point?

  7. Well, I thought it would be pretty obvious anyway that once the ball touches the ground after a player's shot/serve, that player wins the ball even if he decides to lift the table up on his head afterward 

  8. if a person can the ball outside the table and his or her opponent suddenly hit the ball and it goes away the table then what's happen?

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