Mother’s Day 2019 | Thank You, Mom! | Cricket Wireless

– Mom I wanna thank you for everything. – Thank you for supporting me. – You always fold my socks. – I hope you have the
best Mother’s Day ever. – Mom?
– Yes. – Can we please take a selfie? – No, my hair’s a mess. – Cheese. – You not recording… – I got you. I got you. – So this is a video
for Mother’s Day and– – I just wanted to tell
you and all the internet – I can love my mom so much. – Thank you so much for signing me up for football, soccer, baseball and hockey. – Oh, bud! – Thank you for the good food that you made me, mac ‘n’ cheese. I love it. – I’ve never thanked you for
giving me the goofy personality and not taking everything so seriously. – If I were only 10% of who you are… Ah, Mom! (laughing) – Thank you for dealing with
my attitude every single day. – I know. – I’m gonna Wear that behind
out sometime. (laughing) – You can have real conversations with me when no one else can. – And you’re my closest
friend that I have. I can talk to you about anything. – I think of something
and then you are thinking of the same thing. It’s like we’re twins. – Hi mom. I know we’re miles and miles
away from each other right now- – Thank you for coming to this country, not knowing the language,
working three jobs, in order to provide a better life for us. – Nana, thank you for
taking me in as a baby. – I’m glad I got you. – I love that even though
you’re a single mother, you still do everything
a regular family does. Plus even more. – I’m really thankful
to have a military mom. I’m really grateful for your time and your services to
protect our country, mom. – Thank you for making the hardest job in the world look easy, with
that being a military parent. – You sacrificed a lot to
help me pursue my dreams. – I really appreciate that
I have someone in my corner no matter what happens, or what I do. – And thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. – You’ve taught me to always keep my head held high no matter what. – You’re the strongest girl I know. – You’re the definition of a superwoman. – You are my hero. You
are an angel on earth. – Hey mom, even thought you’re
no longer here physically, I want to let you know that
you will always be in my heart, and I wish you a happy Mother’s Day knowing that you are
watching us every day. – This Mother’s Day, I want to be a very memorable one for you. It’s the first year I get to tell you you’re gonna be a grandma. – Oh ya? This is what I prayed for. – I hope you have a really
wonderful Mother’s day. – Mom, I love you.
– I love you, too. Let me give you some lipstick. (laughing)
– Oh, no. (laughing)
– I love you. – Love you, mom
– love you, baby. – Happy Mother’s Day, and I love you. – Thank you. – Thank you so much. (laughing)
– you’re making me cry. – I love my mama. (upbeat music) – Hey, mom, you wanna
take a selfie with me? – Not really.

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