Moravian College Baseball 2019 Season Preview

Well we have a lot of guys returning
with some very good experience good numbers both on the mound in the field
it’s probably the deepest we’ve been with returning guys I’d say in a couple few
years not just seniors but we have a couple sophomore, juniors that have had
significant time. You know their expectations are quite high I can’t see
anything really stopping them from doing what they want to do outside the
injuries and some bad luck but talent wise and the way they’re practicing and
their mindset hasn’t felt this way in a couple years.
I think the outlook from top to bottom, senior to freshman is pretty good and I
think it’s at a point again where once the seniors leave returning guys are
going to be very strong. It is just an overall different feeling than the last
couple years and the good thing is it’s not just the attitude, the talent is there,
individually many of them have proven it they just need to put together play
as a team and if practice in the fall was any indication it should be a great year. The game I’m looking forward to this year is the Catholic series. My first three years it’s always been an energetic series they’re pretty much our
rival so that’s something we look forward to every year trying to sweep
them. Our preseason practices have been really
good we’re doing a lot of hitting and fielding which is great gets us ready
for the season just got to make those routine plays
that were practicing a lot down here Personally just a lot of work in the gym.
We have lifts all fall, three days a week in the morning so taking full advantage
of that. Getting our extra work in we only get
two hours down here a day so you got to find time to get down here do your work
on your own so hitting, pitching, and stuff like that just to make sure
everything’s locked in and ready for the season. I’m really excited about how our team’s
looking for this season we got a lot of guys coming back and we got some younger
guys who are ready to step up and do whatever it takes and I’m really excited
for it. Our goals for this year’s season are to win our championship, make it to the
NCAA tournament and do quite well there.

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