Moravian College Baseball 2018 Preseason Video

Preseason will go six days a week once
the season starts we’ll practice in between our games just depend on what
the guys need early season is different than late but right now we’ve spent
three weeks, six days a week practicing inside, getting outside best we can
prepare for our early games here in Virginia and Florida. I would say the
game or games that I’m looking forward to the most is our home opener against
Catholic. We’ve always had a big rivalry against them and it’s always a dog fight to the end
but last year we swept them first weekend so hopefully we’re gonna do that
again this year. I’d say i’m preparing for this upcoming
season no differently than I would any of my other years here but more
importantly as a senior and as a captain I feel that one of my main priorities
for this season and getting guys ready to go for the season is encouraging
everyone around me to do the best they can work as hard as they can during
practice to make sure that the product that we’re putting out in the field is
110% every single day. I think not only are my expectations a little bit
different but the teams are coming off of last year, the team knows what
mistakes we’ve made and have worked hard to become a better team, better teammates
there’s much more leadership. They’ve been working very hard, they’ve been some
very good practices the best we’ve had since I’ve been here. The kids mindsets
are in the right spot and I think it should translate to what we’re looking
for which is just being a little bit more competitive and competing through
every single game we play. I’d say 110%
different our energy levels, our hard work our determination every practice day in
and day out is completely different than it was last year. We have guys showing
up every day, balling out, doing what they know how to do best and the team’s
looking better than ever so it’s gonna be a good year. I think we’re looking
really really good I think our excitement levels and focus
is all right there. We have a little mantra for this season “One mindset. Own the moment. Win the day.” and I really feel that everyone’s doing their best to
make sure that those are the three things that they’re accomplishing every
day. I’d say it showed who’s helping lead
it’s obviously a chance to evaluate talent who’s ready to play these early
games you know I think the best thing that we’ve seen are some guys that we
had some expectations in the past have really started to kind of take to their
role, take their opportunities and this year seemed to really have a mindset of
winning, what it takes to win and they’re early season practices are really geared
to again in their bodies physically ready increasing their baseball skill
but also for us more so than other years re-establishing being a team, what it
takes from every single individual and that’s what this preseason has done. Time will tell if it translates over to our games and how we respond to some
tough losses on some adversity.

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