Monty Panesar | England Cricketer

So here have Monty Panesar, the
cricketer the legend, the living legend. Monty
welcome to Sangat Television Thank you, thank you for having me on
your TV. What do you think of today’s event and the atmosphere? yeah it’s a in is brilliant to go and
you to come here and look at obviously you know different kids doing MMA stuff
and I cannot do Karate but it’s good to see young kids are interested in martial arts. The turban wearing Sikh kids look up to you. because there aren’t many turban wearing sport personalties. so what you think more Sikhs with unshorn hair should come in sports? since both oil I think you know I am thankful to God for all the opportunities and blessings I have in life. You’re right, there are many young kids that look up to me. It is quite a nice feeling an also very humbling
for me so enough for me it’s just you know going out there helping the young
community and inspiring the next generation you know in in whatever sense, you know
if it’s education, sports etc. Unfortunately, a lot of Asian parents discourage their kids in sports. They want them to do well in academics instead. so I am on going out there just trying to change that mentality It’s time to change our mindset. One can do well in academic education for instance I’m doing MBA right now and trying to play cricket England so is hard, but you know I don’t want Asian children to just aim to become a doctor, accountant, lawyer etc They can be also be successful in sports. I also want to encourge the elderly in British Asian community to do exercise and sports so they can maintain a healthy life style. I often ask my mum to go for a brisk walk in public parks everyday as it is good for her health and well-being. they don’t do that because were not encouraged to do fitness when they were children. now I want to change that sort of perception, you know that stereotype view that we have on fitness. The way we measure success is the money wise. That’s the thing I think we’ve been brought up like this but now with the sports like yourself
showing you can be successful in different
fields not only just making money that right one can do a lot for things. one can pursue their dreams and career in sports or in education I like to help the community because am I knew how hard it was for me to get
opportunity. – I have read about you were in raised up Leicester? I was in Luton. – Luton yeah I used to just play on lawn or park it’s nice for me to sort of come here you know help the youngsters also you know and
change that perception on sports and also the mindset. You can do sports and you can use for an education and you can you both things and the mines that can be changed if you
listen to Monty Panesar who have a brilliant message that not only we should look for our kids to
make them become doctors, engineers and them chose profession they like there is more to life an d sports is one of them. Yeah, sports is one of them other hobbies as well you know. I am sort of like I have started doing MBA of
the other areas as well which I try you it is nice to self-development I obviously say my prayers in morning I’m involved with my faith It’s fantastic to hear but also I am trying improve myself in terms of you know you outside you know in sports and
other things in and I think that’s possible and I think the biggest, the hardest I find
is getting my elderly Asian women to motivate into doing excercise this took it up our goal is to be some
fitness tonight all mushy over the years her bf had a bad game won’t be because
little south of it is it was good I get updates
whatever decal on a girl on a go kart gonna under the protocol to
comment on the verdict on honey and amor you know we get we get everyone
you know more more involved and you now are like to see that a.m. a
changeover to a large stars of and lay the German
that was Monty Panesar the cricketer the legend dornan’s I’m
going to be that a but in the future I’m pretty sure won’t even give us a
full pledge interview any combat awesome to come to a studio and talk about his life and maybe you
can make it some kind a brilliant documentary about his life and achievements. Monty, many
thanks for your time. anything at the end you want to say to our viewers?
Yeah.. I am thankful to all my fans who support and cheer me up. It is because of your encouragement that I am playing for England. Thank you for your continued support and belief in me. I am thankful for this life that Almighty God has given me. Keep the God’s spirit alive. Stay positive! Yes, always stay positive. last time you had four thousand nine
kicks. How many kicks we have now? we have at 11 o’clock we have 24,700 (kicks) we are only 200 away from our targets.
I’m sure that gonna be achived in next two minutes in the next two minutes got more lining
up here at the moment so I think we probably hit targets so
the kids are done very well will come back to check to talk you
haven’t for about how yeah but I’ll be lovin that would surely more than that
only don’t another 100 someone he’s not going to do it pic for
the back its yes you’re ready to go say thank you very much higher higher higher finance housing the same so hard when
you come here I come here I would say about four times
a week use that’s quite a lot more time yes I
space because Sam macey 82-72 disseminating SAT so set out I came first so to come
here about five years ago to do the kickboxing and oversee every space have been able
to go I am the whole family and friends are here
and see how their event event the first one sucky mall ask you me to
the counting in the morning when I start thinking he was four
thousand nine hundred Keith and have used grand total of 53 thousands 53,000 kick-start just
brilliant has more than doubled example they done so well party thing
with the how the event went I think it’s fantastic i think is good
we had such a good turnouts and the kids coming down and it’s really could have the kids
coming to support it the charity’s well and I think that a and the parents as
well because it has a keen everything because I’m sick they need to bring need to motivate kids
and I think that the fact monty was here as well really pushing kids on really help said
was that today’s events from their graves and fantastic at was sick kids elders want to preserve the old him and the the got now hollick we got over 51,000 take cacld which is brilliant because
they’re that’s more than the double the expected 25,000 and we got the the want the fair
50,000 over 50,000 kicks so the last 2i would also try and see if
I can to the cake and with that the and this program thank
you very much for us watching this program

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  1. besyar aali …khudawand komak tan konad hamesha …maan shakhsan kar hayee tan ra dost daram …..najiba

  2. So true. Asian parents tend to push towards stable careers like doctor, lawyer, accountant etc. But rarely encourage in sports, arts, music etc. Its good monty changing that.

  3. I was at Heathrow airport one day and noticed monty Panesar returning with captain Cook. So what happened to this turbo charged Sikh, so much talent but lacked consistency and confidence. Sometime later I reading an article where Monty was pissing on people below from a balcony after a night out. KJ Daru & Sikhism ask Boris.

  4. How being an Afgani Sikh, you are able to speak such good Punjabi? Was Punjabi was also spoken in Afghanistan before your elders migrated to UK? Do your elders speak Pastoon or Punjabi in Afghanistan? Is Gurugranth sahib in Punjabi in Afghanistan?

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