Mole Cricket Experiment!

(cricket chirping) – You guys hear that? Yeah? Okay, so right now we
are on location in Texas filming episodes
of Breaking Trail. And last night, my wildlife
biologist Mario and I were walking up
and down this pond looking for reptiles
and amphibians. And we kept hearing this sound, and I kept thinking
it’s gotta be a toad or it’s gotta be a frog. So we’re using our flashlights
and we’re searching, we’re searching, but could
find absolutely nothing. It was driving us crazy. So today we went in, we
did a little research. As it turns out, that
sound is a mole cricket. Have you guys ever seen
a mole cricket before? Have you even heard
of a mole cricket? Well, check this out, come
down here a little closer. Got one. Oh my gosh, it’s strong,
it’s pinching me. It’s gonna come up
right through my hand, look at this, look at this. (tribal music) I’m sure most of you have never
seen a mole cricket before and honestly, I haven’t
seen one either. And down in that
burrow is the male. That noise is bringing
in the females. What we want to do right now is walk up and down
this embankment and see if we can find
some of those females. I could dig that guy up, I
don’t want to disturb him, so hopefully we’ll find
one of those females and what I want to do is
get up close for the cameras to show you something really,
really cool that they can do. They’re called mole
crickets for a reason. You guys ready to find a female? Cool, let’s see
if we can get one. Cool, look at that,
there’s a normal cricket. Now follow my finger if
you will just like this. You see this raised
area in the sand? That is a mole cricket burrow, so we are definitely
on the right trail. Watch, I can do this. Yeah, you see how that’s
dug down right there? That is how powerful
these little animals are. Just like a mole that you
would see in your backyard. – [Mario] They’re constantly
making these tunnels, right? – [Coyote] Oh yeah. Now this is something
moving through here, I’m not disturbing anything
by playing in that burrow but this is a really good sign. All we need to do
now is find a female. Alright, let’s keep moving
around the side of the pond and hopefully catch one. Got one. – [Mario] Did you? No way. – Yep, 100%. Oh my gosh, it’s strong,
it’s pinching me. – [Mario] That was too easy. – No, hold on, they
bury really quick. She’s gonna come up
right through my hand, look at this, look at this. Oh those little
hands are powerful. – [Mario] Look at that thing. – [Coyote] Doesn’t
that look like a mole? – [Mario] It looks exactly
like a little mole. That is amazing. – [Coyote] How
cool is that thing? – [Mario] That’s what’s
making all that noise? – [Coyote] That’s
what’s making the noise. Well, the males are
making the noise, this is most likely a female because, yep, she
does have wings. Alright, I’m gonna cup
the back of my hand and get the little
capsule out of my pocket so we can get it
under control, ready? Got it. – [Mario] Perfect.
– Excellent. There you have it. That is a mole cricket. And look at how much the front
half of that little creature looks like a mole
and the back half looks just like a cricket. How bizarre. Now this is a
subterranean animal and the only time they
come out from underground is when you have a
big rain move through. Now they do not bite,
I did read that, so I knew as soon
as I grabbed it that I wasn’t
actually being bitten, but those front
limbs are very spiky. Definitely gave me a startle when I grabbed onto it, it
tried to burrow out of my hand. All it takes is one, and
what I want to do now is actually get this into
a controlled situation so I can show you
guys exactly why they call them mole crickets. – [Mario] Awesome, nice job. – Awesome, high fives. – [Mario] Boom. – Okay, let’s get up here. Okay, and we are back
with a mole cricket. Look at how cool that
little creature is. Now I did a little
research on these insects and as it turns out, mole
crickets can be found on every single continent
except for Antarctica. I bet you didn’t know this. There are over a hundred species
of these insects worlwide. I’ve never seen one before,
I’ve never caught one before, and what we’re gonna do tonight is show you how mole crickets
burrow down into the sand. You guys ready for this? – [Mario] Let’s see it. – [Coyote] Oh, they
are fiesty and strong. Come here come here, I got you. Okay, there we go. Wow, look at how much this
thing looks like a mole. I’m just gonna
hold it like that, can you see it okay there? – [Mario] Oh wow.
– Look at that. – So this little plastic
container here, it’s a vanity, and it was right there
up in my bathroom. I had my toothbrush,
my toothpaste and some other
toiletries in there, I said let’s empty that
out, fill it with sand, and show everybody at home how
the mole cricket burrows down into loose substrate. So I filled it up with sand,
and if you guys are ready, we’re gonna place
down this mole cricket and watch how quickly
it disappears. Are you ready? – [Mario] Alright, this is
gonna happen pretty quick? – [Coyote] Yep, it is
gonna happen super quick. Mario, you try to
get this shot too, cause I might have to
dig it back up with, see I got a spoon right here
so I gotta dig her back up. Ready? – [Mario] And go. – [Coyote] Nope. – [Mario] Didn’t work. – [Coyote] Okay,
put her back in. Burrow, burrow! Here we go. One, two, three. Oh, hands are already going. Ready, and go. Dig dig dig dig. Wow, look at that. – [Mario] Just like that. – [Coyote] And she stopped. Let’s see if I just, go go go. Look at that,
totally disappeared. And just like that, the mole
cricket has disappeared. That’s pretty impressive. (sighing)
(laughing) Why? Oh, wow. This is a lot tougher
than you guys would think. Getting mole crickets
to bury into the sand. Well, now you know if
you’re out there at night and you hear a
high pitched sound and you can’t find
where it’s coming from, it’s probably cause it’s
coming form underground. It’s most likely a mole cricket. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. If you thought the mole
cricket was entertaining, you’re going to love
watching me get pinched by a giant beetle. And don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on the next location.

100 thoughts on “Mole Cricket Experiment!

  1. Yes, I had in fact heard of mole crickets thanks to Animal Crossing. It was one of the most frustrating things to try and find and catch in the game, at least in my opinion.

  2. 1:05 chill dude, they're really not that uncommon, they're pretty cool i see them crawling around at night after in rains in the summer and fall

  3. I found a mole Cricket in my filed and I figured out that with Google lense it was really amazing to know my favorite voice of rainy season!!!

  4. I was lucky enough to actually find one of these little guys in daylight. Although I knew they didn't bite it still gave me a bit of a funny startle when it tried to dig outa ma hand. I must say for how small these guys are they have some extremely powerful front legs. Lol

  5. KINDE have not seen the season yet and it’s okay ? was a good night ??? is a like why don’t you wanna come to my house ? 361

  6. Just found one running by on John's Island in South Carolina.
    I was not expecting you to have a video on it when I googled to find out about it.
    That's cool, happy to be a subscriber 🙂

  7. I’m from Texas an I saw one of those and it was freaky I didn’t know what it was for years until just now thanks coyote ? be brave ? stay wild and see ya someday maybe ??

  8. I seen this thing before,so i was gonna like go to the kitchen when i realize there is a somekind of a cricket,And then i catched it with my jar and i was like what the hell is this and why is it on my kitchen?

  9. yes, one came charging at me in my house late at night while it was pitch black. I have lino flooring and it sounded like it was attacking. Screw you whoever bought the invasive species to Australia

  10. I have seen a adult mole cricket running around in the outside Area and I thought it was a mutated bug or a cross breed so we didn’t kill it then the next day I researched about it and it is pretty interesting

  11. I used to catch one of these in our home and handle them. I find them cute. These were very common in our area back in like 2005 to 2010, I have never seen one ever since. I'd like to see one in person again.

  12. He did not find that cricket. At 2:15 you can see both his hands in front of him and the capsule falls out of his arms as he falls to the ground. He says “let me get the capsule out my pocket” yet it is already on the ground at 2:51??? The cricket was already in that container.

  13. How weird… I just got my first look at your mole cricket and it looks very little like the ones in Missouri. We caught one and took it to the nature center. The people there said what we had was a mole cricket though… very odd that they'd look so different.

  14. I see those all the time in Louisiana do t surprise it by jumping on it slowly approach it and grab it by the mid back like a crawfish they WILL BITE

  15. Its tickling when you hold them. They dont bite. Here in philippines we eat them and its tasty and expensive if not in its season

  16. The first & last time I saw this video was at least a year ago. I encountered a mole cricket for the first time & immediately knew what it was upon seeing its mole-like forelimbs. Happy to take from Coyote and carry on in identifying animals as I go on with my life.

  17. this was so wholesome. I've seen them once before but mum just screamed at this weird creature- she thought it was 2 bugs together! its huge 🙂

  18. go search kylietiner on tiktok and watch my recent… i just did my research and ive cone to the conclusion that it is a mole cricket. now go watch it its hilarious. and terrifying.

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