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today as the show’s coverage of the southern league is good matchup here for
you tonight between the Jackson generals and the Birmingham Barons it’s baseball
it’s the show and it comes your way next Louis Bevis a Pennsylvania born lefty
against the ball to start here Dan please AK what do you got hey this guy’s
a fun guy to watch it’s not necessarily an overpowering guy has an ER rate in
the low 3s but one thing he knows how to do he knows how to pitch and he knows
how to minimize stepping into the box Perry Allen his
first opportunity in this one dedicated hitter pitch of the at-bat oh I see ma
has a plan looks it into his glove and there’s one god lining up today and guys
one thing I want you to focus straddle right now eh Harry is all for one this
barn this game is rolling right along as we
move into the middle innings with no score
you’d think by now one of these teams will be able to get some base runners on
and get him in but that hasn’t been the case
boy dear looks about time they got something brewing here
first pitch single and now they can start to get some traffic
on the bases yeah absolutely stepping up to the plate Harry Allen
Eastern Time delivery to him on the way hold high in the pursuit he gets there
to make the play for the fling next starting things for his side as they
face trying to come back in this way yeah not a lot of hope for them at this
point these guys know these backs still count at least for their own stats you
can’t mill in your chances as a professional now a good pitch around the
knees but it doesn’t quite catch the bottom of the zone fouled off hey grip it and rip it here he comes on
a ball and two strikes and he founds this one off the one two is looked at
for ball number two hit on the ground down the first base line but a foul ball
as it holds it to and to another 2 2 offering 3 and 2 these are the kind of
babies regardless of the outcome you go back to the dugout as an offensive
player and your teammates are loving on you for making that’s adding here and
battling it out over the wall and he kicks off the
inning with a round rule double man this guy is a blur on the base pass Danny he
was really motoring around a bassist I think he had every pitch of the at-bat
and he gets a piece here as this ball is filed away there’s a fastball well off
the plate for a ball and that’s in their basic one runners
scored and the second run will score as well
boy talking about having ducks on the pond right there dear oh I know
everybody – you hit a home run and those are the ones you remember but without
question Dan – out – RBI nobs with runners in scoring position right there
you remember these knots that was a fun one to watch a great game for guys with
the sticks but for pitchers not so much slugfest and they walk the line in the
score minor league baseball – Hector Santiago is on the mound for Game two
then please act what’s the word on him here’s a guy that numbers can be a
little bit deceiving he has a weapon e 1.3 area and above range it’s a little
higher than league he’s been a little bit inconsistent one good
bad game but don’t let that look for you this guy’s old much better picture that
and if he brings his a game he could be awfully tough in this one fellas should
take a look at these guys as they get onto the field for the bottom of the
first here this afternoon four and two last six games including
the win last time out yeah Maddie this is a classic case of hitting it’s
contagious they scored a bunch of runs last game and this team is flying high
right now there’s a fight at the bat rack and it takes ball 2 and it’s 2 & 1
Vickers stands at first with one out not an easy pitch to lay off of but he did
somehow and he’s got it 2 3 and 1 we’re seeing a good ad here from the 3 hole
hitter if he can work a walk or pick up a hit here he’s gonna put that cleanup
guy in a really good position to do some damage in this first inning and that
misses ball four so it’s first and second now with only one away standing
in Harry el balon he drew his first time up
Perry first pitch at bat on its way hit hard drop Center
now gets down and he’s got himself a bass in even though that pitcher was
able to execute in off the plate batter was able to keep his hands inside that
baseball and drive it up the middle at the play Harry Allen he singled is
the last time this one doesn’t look no so far down by a boatload as we enter
the middle anyway it’s about time they get something going and the last thing
you want to do is fall behind will you have to score a bunch in the eighth and
ninth inning into the box now Harry Allen two away
here and something’s running out on him Danny yeah they don’t have a lot of outs
left to work with so it’s time for someone to make something happen so a 2-run Homer down the line in right
field sixth home run on the season for him and it’s a 5-3 game now just about
out of this inning then the ball leaves the bat and he’s thinking
please go foul but no such luck right off the foul ball or a two-timer
sometimes hey it’s horses win game says any point
but the wind games on the road especially in this ballpark or baseball
Carlos Crusoe the right-handed native of the Dominican Republic will be the
starter what do you have for us sound of Danny
hey man we’ll get a look at three starts has a width of over 1.50
lots of baserunners lots of hits and lots of walks and that doesn’t add up to
very good performances so he’s gonna look to turn things around in this one
oh here’s a swing and a Miss one and one first with one away and that’s into the
corner a foul ball in right the 1/2 is taken for ball 2 heroes this one embezzling drop bears in
their base hit and they’ll hold that runner at third as
everybody moves up a base and they’re loaded with one way he’s got a six game
hitting streak going he reached his first try first pitch of the at-bat not
quite reaching 90 with the fastball but it’s one in one now pretty adamant about
working him inside right now back-to-back fast balls and that one was
able to find his own this should end the inning is it sent out this second
they’ll whip this from the first in time and that ends the eighth so they go down
without a whimper here on now to the top of ending number four now in the Box Harry from second with
the basin into the outfield trying to hold the lead here’s the door can’t sweat the technique oh so a
three-run shot to right centerfield seven home runs for him on the year now
and it’s now 5 to 3 boy this guy’s hot right now hit a bomb yesterday and hit
another tape measure shot today when he gets hot he hits him in bunches this
could be the beginning of one of those expended huh now it’ll be Harry Allen it’ll be
interesting to see if they use that changeup in this at-bat that was a
changeup he hits at a home run I’m gonna see if this time they don’t go to more
fast balls and curve balls excitement in the end these guys came away with the
victory and look on to the next one 5 2 3 in this afternoon’s game Victoria the
Barons take the lead welcome to MLB the Carson Fulmer is the man on the mound
for the fourth game of the series what do you have for us sound of Danny hey
you can’t always judge a pitcher by the numbers I know the array is the force
coming into this startled but he’s actually really solid and every once in
a while he could throw some decent it’s not easy having an ER a
on baseball he slightly over that but this guy’s a better pitcher than a tra
indicates and with that here’s a look at the business in now Harry Allen to stay hot yesterday
he sat near it comes oh yeah the tape measure that one is long gone so a
sleeve last is straightaway left eighth home run on the season for him as this
leads swells to seven to nothing I think it’s time to start pitching
around this guy he’s hit three home runs already in this series I’m not sure what
more they need to see but this is not the guy I want trying to pick things up where he left
off hairy or imminent he went deep into her staff back we’ll see what he’s got
in store for us here ready to deliver here’s the first pitch
a base hit on the lawns and they’ll get it in quickly its first in third now
with nobody out stepping up now Harry now that he
singled his last time up Harry’s Alan first pitch coming here it
is didn’t quite catch the zone there ball one nobody high centerfield
Bob stirred moves over and that retires the side so two runs on one hit in the
one into the box now Jonathan how assured he looked at the back after
striking out his last time up here comes the oh one ball the third and they could
get two fielded cleanly to second for one no one to first and talk about doing
the job out of the bullpen one batter two outs and the inning is over just
what the doctor ordered he gets the double play to get him out
of the inning Lee don’t go anywhere more Tuesday night baseball after this ready
now he’s ready here’s the first offering lighter in therefore they say and
they’re gonna hold him to a single here as they do a nice job of getting it back
in quickly hey this guy’s novice so stepping in Tommy what brewer
he gotta the top of one and was a ground down victims time ready with the one and
one slap hard the opposite way hey this game is closed right here but
I’ll take you inside the mindset even if it was a blowout I know the team’s down
to their final out but you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find an offensive
player giveaway and a be nice infield single right there to keep the line
moving this game from the very first inning
absolutely banging the ball around Dylan Kovac has the ball for the fifth
game of the series what’s your take on him Dan
hey Matty P we’re getting a chance to look at a guy that white hot with under
1 0-0 three starts not a lot of baserunners and that usually adds up to
a lot of success let’s see if he can continue to do that in this one here
today first delivery to him on the way this is
line drop Mendez is there and he’ll make the catch to retire the side coming to
the plate now perry balan he’ll look to get something going here and the
scoreless ballgame Perry he’s ready here’s the first
offering fastball just misses that’s ball one high to straightaway center bow
shirt he’s like they’re one down now to the play Perry Allen no hits and after
they play it for him in the ball game and he turns on our last and that’ll get
down digging hard he’s headed for third the
relay well he is in there with a couple Dan that hit right there extends his hit
streak to eight games are you aware of stuff like that no doubt about it right
now he’s swinging it’s almost a shame somebody had to lose this one a single
run good enough to do it today one nothing the final score the Barons used
a nice fifth inning to take the lead and they never gave it to Aaron David
Escovedo it’s the excursion you’ve been watching
MLB a coach clues in a new team member on
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