MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show PS4 Ep.11 (PITCHERS ARE JERKS)

welcome to another episode of MLB The Show PS4 Road to the Show subscriber hit that Bell icon for more and will be the
show 19 content and also make sure to LIKE this video slow today were feet in
Richmond and let’s talk to one of our teammates we’re gonna talk with Eric
Stubbs I would make a parody to talk to those who are closest to the position of
we are discuss the team’s reaching portfolios and stuff good now I know
that we’re betting just okay ball players let’s move it out on local
diamond stuff so student cuz he’s is long but you have to stay hungry and
play hard yep so we have to always make sure that we are topping on the top of
our game so yeah question of the day for those of you who are watching right now
is what and which team do you have winning the World Series this year the
games based on what you have seen so far let me know in the comment section down
below we’re about to face the Richland blinds world
so we’re batting 400 now last video we were not doing so hot the risk of having
some difficulty lower big zero oh that’s not gonna call right yeah we started to
hear a spattering of Blues yesterday Wow they said let’s go to find a way to
right the ship that’s why the night is right there by
your pills here comes Joe Emery who started just
enough control somehow found found a way to to get himself going on offense now
buying into 61 I believe that earlier in the series and
in this youtube series like all him the worst here in that way is but he’s
bounced back to hit 261 not a bad batting average honestly he let his legs
automatic stolen base automatic borrow line basically here I wish you were even
more so you know how all right and we draw first blood there’s it nice piece
of running by me I’m batting 407 quitting your 101 in this game all right that’s the most accurate throw but I the
capture that son and that there’s a stolen base catchers not known for
having a canon of it are no one Oh struggling strength come on Ash come on and the pitch wow I
think that ball was zigzagging level when I played with Beast matting swings
right all right so let’s get back to this one brief intermission
Alicia intermission from what are you because I get a babies to two hundred
eighties where you start figuring out what type of season you’re gonna have where’s show later when you need it they
took it out of this game back please and it just makes me one base a little soon I’m batting 409 for strike one we always like this to the step in take second and the right only righty
digs into the plate there’s ever a chance to increase my speed should be a
training I will do so oh no come on throw it madding 411
digging in for like do not get caught now within the first was pitch of this
at-bat oh nice watch did I do that one here and he didn’t show it there but
I wouldn’t be surprised why why do I do this myself
and he can definitely run why do I do this to myself and he gets ahead here with the fastball
strike one I think he’s a pitch better than anyone
really expected in this one he’s done a real nice job but someone’s gonna make a
if he puts too many more pitches in that ball misses with a fastball I know you
have to protect the strike zone when they get the count of two strikes but on
an ode to pitch that misses by that much it’s pretty easy for one to swing at
that one and don’t gonna be high to in too high for my life and curveball
stayed off of this zone you’ll see that often early in the game where pictures
trying to find that release weight particularly with this full speed bolts
we’ll have to keep an item see if these able have settled down as this game
moves on the smell Gillian – nope take they
tasted a swing and they take your base no swing so that’s ball four though
every day for shield pulling here and standing in Emory a single Gertie
buddies back in safely no one is high and outside for a ball
get it back feeling warmer quick because he’s got two guys on already he started
to lose location of that strike zone he’s got to throw a strike and he just manages to get it do you do
that what do you do this it’s a runner on picking these off you know that
you’re pacing the fuck out of it two balls and a strike here it comes to high
that time and it’s three and one he knows this team strongly normatively
don’t mess around and try and nibble it’s beyond the attack and let them beat
you all Bors ate the base ready once again no one’s sneaking into beer dirt
any waste to fastball high their one into this ordinance two struck out
situation right here great in this situation but I know he’s
gone for the K you get a one-two count on the guy he’s gonna throw his good
stuff if Bonnie strike him out a big strikeout there with the bases loaded
and that’s the into the box chew on his line so far in the game in
the pitch popped up Ramirez on the move he’s got it a nice play there two away digging in he singled his last time up and he takes this one high one in one
two walks in this inning already so he can’t expect to stay out there much
longer if he put somebody else on let’s see if he can find it when the pressure
starts to intensify it often feels like the strike zone gets harder and harder
to hit this is a big spot here the pitch this could be trouble now it’s three and
one he’s just are you really gonna walk the
bases loaded strike two and now it’s full three into hey that’s a lot yeah
it’s right here it would be demoralizing to watch this inning slip away payoff
pitch on its way strands three runners in the side is retired mad at 4:07 waiting for them as we begin they’re
starting to run out of time they haven’t been able to score any runs as we’re
moving all right
that ain’t the Poros come on man why can you do this like do you like being
called the dirt is that it that dandy row we take a look at our home nine as
they take the field here today they did one just twice in their last six trials
yeah Matty boy it’s time right here dear Oh to start getting green in the first
two this week yeah you gotta take care of business
front of your home fans without question that’s exactly what this team is doing
that’s back-to-back breaking balls away but now he’s got himself into a lot of
that why wasn’t he can drill nothing but balls is that bad they said that’s gonna
be a piece of bubble riding the gap that’s the myth triple for me one man
loved fly there and he’s in for threat posed for me in yet have come at a
better time the team has really struggled the last few games I’d say that qualifies they are digging
in now the inning is over nothing across here this I’m adding one for one
he scored after tripling in those first plate appearance what store for us nope
ball one side that time is the breaking ball can’t catch the zone more just inside morley the fastball in here to get the
count back to two and one through one Danny jumpy there as he
swings through the fastball looking to fireball here now the two two
two two file he fouls this one off two to one old man why do I keep Jack swinging for no
reason don’t bounce it here is he gets this one down right to the picture for
VI pitcher covering for the ball first pitch go right there high fastball but
we should leave those ones travel the farthest with oh I’m a Leo to pitch nope ball one
as he lays off below the zone no one into really really really really
really put on bass for free he’s probably feeling a little salty after
getting drilled in he’s got speed that everything research would make something
happen out there I’ve got to be kidding me man the funny thing is going first
just went wrong does this to me Plus and pictures of fucking asshole Lina why
does he keep on doing this to me why the pictures do this and plus
sometimes the controller just wants to jams and doesn’t really wanna make what
let me move so I’m stuck for long announcing so that happens there was
continued the inning is over so pissed off when but pictures deep
into you I stop it right now yeah Maddie you’re not lying last time up squared
right in the back hopefully it doesn’t step it up I want to see if we can get
through something right here come on a station full of pitch why they
doing the timing on that one a swinging strike they need you right here let’s go kid
come on the third shot turned into a cloture play than I
thought it would at first sight we get the words I’m sorry I got that pissed
off man but it’s just not funny when it happens pitchers think it’s funny but
honest I just got so pissed off it’s not even funny I don’t know what’s
safe I really don’t know what’s safe get a plus-one in reaction well yeah I
remembered you sitting on look at you on the third baseman for a short time enough
gaining a few reps and your position can hurt it could take a few games through
your cell and of course just give it a try for a couple weeks but have fun with
it I’ll get better I’ll give it my all coach I like Gaea –
not everyone would take this me so well thanks coach I’m trying to help this
team when in any way I can oh yeah so like I was saying remember to
subscribe and hit that Bell icon for more mo beads this show 19 and like this
videos flowing a question of the day who will win the World Series or who do you
predict for win the World Series this

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