MLB The Show 19 PS4 Road to the Show Ep.9 (LEGEND DIFFICULTY)

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like this video it really helps me out a lot so let’s go ahead and play against
in haven’t sure but before that you got to take some time to get to those
batting cages you know it is worked on that complete vision crappy today keep
be honest with you but a we gotta move on and keep on making these videos you
know don’t on that grind a teammate offered to challenge he wants you to not
swing it more than three balls outside the strike zone over the next game possible me I couldn’t do that I mean it
will definitely be it will definitely be a challenge that I wanna be brace yeah
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today’s continuing coverage of East oh by the way I fix being the video ratio
for MOV Deshawn I mean now the whole screen appears and there is no black
borders to bother the screen they get fun let the guys can help you to play
the way they’ve been playing everything is going nice right now thank you the knees for the first strap that’s a
nasty pitch right there we got a tip your hat as the hitter you
can once the slider like that there’s nothing you want this one and look like
a reasonable this is land that’s gonna be at the corner and I’m taking risk going
for triple die fridge no one nothing now I embrace it nothing’s going on if he’s gonna get sweet just let me know
and folks a bit too high but honestly was a place we could not either way so – I’m getting anxious clean efficient
swing I never the two and two now another two to hit
down the third points to that vision and said all you know what to do be really
really really really stopping now stop it stop it get some help
damn it the two into the picture yep Lance for a base hit he’s being that
there are you brother it’s me Warren swinging a bat well I know it’s
only one out entire field Stan line and he’s having a real strong beginning this
season yeah and you’ll get dirty buddies back
in safely my in blogs he just lifted each leg up like
that automatic stolen babies in there easily use the bouncers on the way down tie this to the side is retired I’m now
batting for Wow he’s saying with victims in here and
then massive fire right there hey we’re moving into the later innings right here
this guy’s continuing to bitch well with this first pitch strike percentage Eric
well over 60% yards dirty garbage so far so dirt Lee stands at first with one out you know one I’m so desperate right now
I’m swimming in a change of speeds right there oh all right forget about after to
see where he goes now working for the punch-out and they all know too much
bite on the breaking ball that time as it’s well off the outside the one is a wave and a missing boy
that’s really disappointing is the edge of the zone called the strike Mota just
21 years of age is Arsenal inclusive cutter a slider the curved bow splitter your is under it and he makes the catch
for the second half and with that here’s a look at the visitors starting lineup
how do they go no bitch Eric comes and that misses ball
one dandy row as we take a look at our
visiting club as they take the field in this scoreless ball game
no six and three out of the last nine ball games including a victory last time
out a not an easy thing to do d row to get a sweep a three-game sweep on the
road like one that first – looking to put a bow on this one here what that’s
all that should have been easy no you try and take care of business at home
this would be a huge for this yeah when they pitted in a big barking curveball
that starts at the batter’s box a lot of hitters have a tendency to open up way
too early and they can’t make good contact
grounder down the line they’ll do it again today dammit slider there and he’s in command
nothing into normally not a good pitching plan to throw the same hitter
to say you load me back down the hall of fame lesson difficult it does not say
one this one this game with no score you’d think by now one of
these can be able to get some base runners on and get him in 94 32 stepping
into the box try and get an idea it’s all in one hey when you’re in a tough
spot right there Oh excellent job by the pitcher okay I
didn’t expect that like bruh he’s ready here’s the O to pitch the second for one
return through is in time then they do turn to getting back down
the holiday is gold it please thank you then your entire career the pressures
off now maybe begin ready one single man is mine that but you just have to let
that get out of the way as best you kiss this really tells you for why you’re
just getting your long swing timing too early
nope you miss tilly no penis its second get see there on time or another they
are all right no 1 & 2 1 & 2 is bound swing on a tough
pitch and he’ll stick around to see another one well mr. one-run game the pitch I’m over that’s part of what makes them
successful looper they said this is gonna finally this is now a six nothing
ballgame boy not much it with that one from a pitching stem man makes a pretty
good pitch and somehow someway this guys they said yeah and you know what good
job by the hitter the community gets to get a base pitch I know we got jam
sandwich right yo um we’re definitely play green grass and give himself
account and he misses on a four-wheeler boulders
so the bases will be loaded now with two away
come on digging in once again come on man he’s got ducks on the pond as they
say looking to add to his team’s already sizable lead Volusia there to put it away and finally
put an end to the inning thank goodness oh boy so yeah I got a few closest here I move
up to 4 9 overall this thing so yeah remember to subscribe and hit
that Bell icon for more MOV the show 19 PS over the show like this video as well
really helps not the question of the day who will win the 2019 all-star game

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