MLB The Show 19 PS4 Road to the Show Ep.8 (EVERYONE’S A JERK)

welcome to another episode of MLB The Show 19 PS4 Road to the Show they will be playing against evening make sure to
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thanks alright so let’s talk to a nose Samson Samson Mason feeling good about
his recent performance plate let’s go watch some film and see if we can find
the problem in your swing who knows Samson appreciates your concern and
willingness to knock them out alright so we’ll play the Seawolves I’m batting
second in the lineup and our batting is I think far superior to theirs we’ll see if they can drive them in now
then oh nice one in two oh man the game isn’t into technicality you can
technically I’ve been really important now technically the runners bit of
dinner a chance doc knowledge every game definitely look to toss out that
whatever is wrong my sporadic if not sure what it is let’s make it a little
bit hard for Minsky how much time sly baby gonna be on
account and points that go bang average strokes a double and the next guy comes
up and swap I have a stayin chasing his partner home could be a big inning Jonah me come on I’m counting Tom what
did I even do you’re gonna go they don’t stands at second you know that make you
mad like you know what I do anything at the background of that and on the plane
cleanup hitter you count this one so it’s gonna be here Turner’s at first and
second did you make me say the f-word on the back motherfuck now the old chicken you pissed me off I’ll let you off easy bees where you get
completely fooled don’t act early in the setback go there
by myself in the flash to third base looking for miss Deniz behind oh one two
hey he’s got excellent stuff working right now somebody has to make me who
you’re seeing a lot of late swings no one’s getting a foot down Mary franco dollars of charge that stick with
it here is against the first down of the watching another screen and what my
favorite has a nice character give its beam and dancing musical glasses right
and make you shoot at the fan next time no they leave two men we played eight
full trenton leads this one eight two three seriously but even more so when it’s in
front of the home seems to energize everybody the rest of
us here at the word two heads in five innings minor league baseball is live
and on the air in the show tonight Game two of this three-game weekend series
between the Erie Seawolves come on sting endure gets the ball to
start this one boy Allah keeps his hips down and if he can do water in there you
should have some pretty good fortune this one nope to that human who no count
gonna be three two one it’s a strike phone on the swing just like that I get
a walk he’s on base the good old get the bad out of his hands any way that you
can my mistake
spelling bites up the middle disorder to drive in a run and break this scoreless
ballgame Georgia say you can score first early in
the game all in one camp in the pitch fastball
just misses Jets ball one you pissed me off I’m not sure but damn it and they’ll
take it to the bag himself through the app I know what I should hit the picture
the back don’t think about it that’s in the dirt it’s ball one and Wow a very high strike but a strike
nonetheless and it’s one in one one in won’t count pound two balls in and they give right
back outside and a changeup swung on and missed for the first down coming to the
plate again Jose de Beauvoir as Hilda after the
second time in the inning come set vo 1-0 much much worse as they wind up
leaving the bases loaded top of the order due up in the home half of the 6th
the seawall ready for another shot now I’m saying
Philip to bounce back after striking out his last time up
yeah but it was a good change of Maddy could armed action on that pitch look
for him to try and stand a little undefended let the ball get a little
teeth over she bought up this pitcher tries to rush a heater right here one
ball no strikes the count the one oh it’s in there for Stuart one or more two balls and a strike
sixth inning four to one is our score bow game pictures are too fast for me – – nice games counting on us but it’s dead
now it’s getting come on I’m counting on Ron my ears the first pitch to my god I
mean either they’re gonna have to look at the replay of that not every catcher
I’m really gonna have to look at the replay of that because I honestly think
I feel safe it’s a safe word zealots let’s judge it looking at the angle of this he had
already goddamnit damnit almost damnit openness send him packing
pitch on its way it’s no runs on a hit no errors in a man left not too many
more shots left home half of the eighth coming up stepping in and ready for
another shot Jose Del Greco and are down to the final four outs here did ya
that’s not looking too good for them right now Matt they’ve got a significant
hill to climb that they’ve got to take it one pad at a time
a couple of guys get on and then who knows what happened alright continue what really don’t you just allow me a
couple seconds but he’s back in there not barely didn’t even let me react
almost it let me what’s going on wanted to control through this what the
hell why but probably not how I want those to
control do that sometimes so they are very happy with this win finish in this
evenings game victorious evil the game’s future stars are on display as minor
league baseball club Norway on the show today the finale of this three-game
weekend series stepping into the box Lorenza arm thank you I’ll bet this time
on today now in the sunday finale is the game’s first pitch standing in Jose for
seven in the series coming in all right let’s get down to first pitch
of the at-bat on its way mom that misses for ball one fellas you’re the first
hear the song they’ve been playing better than 500
baseball too late five and three in their last eight games
hey thanks hey you know what Jay trying to get on to kind of a little mini
winning streak here losing the first game of this series winning Game two and
hopefully winning this now by pulling one out here today
yeah dad they were able to shower that first loss off in the first game of this
series and had a nice bounce today let’s see if they could steal a series right
here lost it in the air moving for it Fagan and that’s the second out of the
inning and with that here’s a glance at the starting lineup for the home squad
tell us about this at the plate Jose Delgado he blew out
his last over from the stretch mark pitch looks like it’s nothing in one
either way dear oh dear the 11 games not rolling
streak 10 gave me a chance next thing you know you wake up you’ve been
sleeping easy for almost a week 8 days now we’re on 11 this guy’s chopped to third tough to get to second
base this could be two to second okay this would be the right place in the
right something again the old one on its way
chopped it 3rd tough to get to why it pisses me off
let me run mine sometimes you don’t email the spigots
laughing if you see me running if you’re gonna swing at least a miss you ever
don’t walk out let me run behind on the fastball there as he pokes it foul at
strike one here comes the swing and a Miss and he’s quickly in the world
Owen – pretty good gauge on that first right
he was super aggressive thought he was getting another one slowed him down with
the curveball that’s the cat’s mouse count is 1 & 2 now 1 & 2 here it comes
here’s a little chopper right growing slowly that it’s gonna be sleep by
Philip a spear I hope the pictures not dirty he just answered mothers back safely he
just answered Mary didn’t even give me a second tweet to reflect with just leg up
like that automatic stolen base and another autumn all right as long
it’s run out come up with a big RBI base hit right here to give your team believe
remembers that ground ball with eyes in the top of the second inning you want with the word and maybe these guys came
away with the victory then look on for the next election I’m a good mom got my
bad all right so make sure to subscribe and
hit that Bell icon and I will see you soon

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