MLB 9 Innings 19. Diamond Packs! Good Shuffles & Solid Diamond!

hello everyone thank you guys for coming
back this is halo I hope everyone is doing well in this video I’m going to be
opening up some packs I do have two Diamond packs today I got from League
and I’m gonna show a quick clip of Yelich 18th home run I’ll talk about
some some of the standings as it currently sits because we’re quarter in
the to the season I think a little over a quarter into the season so let’s go
ahead and get to this video here’s yellich 18th homerun and also I believe
springer has 16 Bellinger was off the Dodgers were off on Thursday so
little home run race kind of fun here we go some standings so right now this is
where the standings are in baseball so we have Tampa Bay in the top of the East
we have the Yankees still with all those injuries only half game out at this
moment we have the Red Sox getting hot here they come here comes those champs
so they’re only four games out and let’s see Minnesota the twins hands down they
are just I think they’re impressing everyone I picked them personally for
like a wild card they might just take that division
cleveland’s hanging in there obviously some pitching injuries and we have the
West we have Houston of course on top everyone else is just too far behind
Dave and talk about Seattle’s still there I guess and real quick with the
National League so in the National League we got the Phillies on top and
the Atlanta Braves I do have Atlanta I think Atlanta will
end up winning that division I believe that I do so anyways the Phillies are
hanging in there they’re on top the Braves are still hanging around the Mets
got off to a heart start a really hot start but they kind of slump her down
there and real quick with the central we have the Cubs in Milwaukee and the whole
division is battling now except actually the Red’s been playing pretty good
lately I got to give them some respect let’s see and in the West we have the
Dodgers Arizona everyone else is kind of out right now at this moment of course
you standings are going to change that’s why I wanted to put it in this video
because I want to see where it ends up by the all-star break speaking of the
all-star break all-star break is less than
two months away it is July 9th so if you do plant this is my suggestion in my
opinion if you do you plan on buying the team select signature packs start saving
your skill change tickets soon as you can
I’m already kind of in that mode but yes if you plan on buying the team select
signature packs that will that will go on sale I highly advise you save some of
your signature I’m excuse me some of your skill change tickets so let’s go
ahead with all that said hopefully I didn’t bore you too much let’s go ahead
and get to the packs and what am I want to start with so I’m going to start with
Silver’s as usual and Silver’s we have nothing oh man alright let’s go ahead
and get to the Gold’s actually just do these two Gold’s got a helper shuffles
click down all right here we go to live season golds and so it looks like I’ll
do a four gold live gold card signature packs are on cell sit having seventy
threes Oh because the stats are always behind
the players next week will be the live update but it should be when I go ahead
and do this nice alright I’m gonna show you guys a card I pulled
the other day on one moment after I missed this oh I got him alright nice
checkout skills face killer ain’t ate it ain’t over yet I pulled this great –
Lewinsky – Lou – low right here 71 with a 70 GI and it came with these skills so
I’m actually just gonna put them in my leek lineup and uh I’m I’ll probably end
up using them I won’t use them on Sunday but I might use them maybe you like on
Wednesday or Thursday possibly once he gets level up
all right Oh with the diamond chance come on Ross Rosenthal Rosenthal
Rosenthal so I was asked oh man all right
someone asked if or suggested that if I would do a starting from scratch I don’t
know how you guys would be interested in that I do have another account but I
don’t have the seasons unlocked or anything like that so if you guys would
be interested in that let me know maybe I could do that like once a week once I
get the all my seasons unlocked it would have to be a free-to-play you know team
so I’m not sure if you guys are burned out on that I know hero did like what
two or three of those so you guys are interested I might have a different
perspective and what he does I mean but I don’t know it’s up to you guys you
guys let me know let’s go to yes if you guys did get any of the signatures
signature packs you guys got anything good let me know oh my gosh that’s a
great shuffle they’re all on top what’s the chance they stay all on top I don’t
like the way that looks it’s gonna be all mixed up I’m going
bottom middle Oh why’d I go by the middle I never have to good luck on
bottom middle are you read at people on your bottom middle I do not have ever
good luck on bottom middle so oh I got another diamond off a premium pack weird
I didn’t get any ultimate packs but I did get to Diamond packs I got a diamond
here so this I’m still in the game for a shuffle or two Oh Brad me that’s a
really great card he’s just like too low dang that is good and anyone building
the Indian team that has a prime Weaver they want to trade all right let’s go
ahead then go to the taxi I can’t do it without
ataxia I’ll get to those right now get rid of some Silver’s one two three
that’s all I need and they dropped it down
this game alright let’s go ahead and do the diamond impacts um so I do one out
of time oh poor you guys I’ll do two all right
let’s just open them up hopefully something good underneath this fire here
electricity whatever that is um Davis great GI not good skills oh that’s not
too great oh wow the shuffle shuffle material I also finished my Andrew
Heaney where is he of course I always finished
a player and they go on down condition so he’s gonna be be my I got picture
machine and clean up your mess so I leveled hood him leveled him up
he’s gonna be my backup Angel pitcher he’d probably be a backup to Weaver so
they’re pretty much the same almost he’s one OVR less is Heaney and he has
winning streak so I don’t think I help you great but I think he’ll do good
enough alright so back to the combos real quick and we’ll finish this off so
who am I getting rid of I’m gonna try to get another gold here three silvers nope
alright let’s go ahead and do one diamond four golds oh man Oh Kershaw 13
he has a low GI I think that’s a really good card 67 oh he’s just 76 is 13 card
well that Miller is great holy smokes that it’s really good okay where am I
going what am I to get a diamond back uh uh
here oh my gosh I suck oh my god that you know they were all around me in the
middle right she’s away alright this would be my last combo of
the day let’s hope for a good one yeah I got good good diamonds in my shuffle I
just really am bad at picking the the cards that’s where if I get it all right
great I was gonna say if I get it gold all right guys I’m gonna wrap this video
up I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video thank you for watching if we knew hit
subscribe it is appreciated and I’ll talk to you guys soon take care bye

23 thoughts on “MLB 9 Innings 19. Diamond Packs! Good Shuffles & Solid Diamond!

  1. Hey, I'm on a 10-pick streak now, but today's games are tough to choose. Should I pick deGrom against the Marlins? Looks like it's the one.

  2. That Brantley would be great for my Indians team (I have another year for Brantley on that one, a worse one) nice video

  3. starting from scratch would be cool but with no money spent at all and just grinding with shuffles and packs

  4. my suggestion is you should do starting from scratch after you finish your current team. great video

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