100 thoughts on “Missouri high school football coach, team under for fire for ‘illegal’ prayer

  1. Prayer isn’t illegal. If a coach and players choose to pray, that’s their god given right. Atheists have no more right to prevent prayer than Christians would have a right to force atheists to pray. The inalienable right to free expression is universal. You don’t get to block it just because you don’t agree with it.

    Inalienable means cannot be taken or given away. The republic has but one purpose which is to secure our inalienable rights. If it fails to do this then it is negligent we deserve immediate resolution to the malfeasance. If the school board is denying this inalienable right then charges need to be brought against the board.

  2. I stand behind Coach Webb and hope he understands that he has nothing to apologize for or feel like he has done anything wrong. These groups file hundreds of lawsuits a year and have yet to win a case. They are bullies who are trying to undermine the moral fabric of this country and infringing on our first amendment rights for freedom of speech. This country was founded and became the world's greatest power under the constitution and love for God. A good source for information on this subject is The American Center For Law and Justice. Educate yourself on what groups like these are trying to do to this country, …I say stand strong and don't back down…ignore their threats and stay standing for what you know to be right.

  3. The Coach and team voluntarily participated in the Prayer. If a player wished to include a alternate prayer, or not participate, Fine. Only if the accommodations were not made is there any issue at all. "National Anthem plays, Then " O Canada " plays for Hockey and Roller Derby. ………. Simplest thing in the world!

  4. Thanks for your subtle abuse but you bring no debate to the table, just ad hominem. Let Christians pray and the world will be a better place. As an atheist I follow the meditations of Marcus Aurelius and so can see that respect and tolerance has its place in all societies; its called 'plurality' – as such, I stand with them.

  5. Tyrants need to read the 1st Amendment, “nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.” These God-haters want to stamp out all liberty. People must stand up in mass defiance of their tyranny – tell them to pound sand. They have no power over people unless you let them. Defy them!

  6. I just don’t understand how it’s ok for them to throw scream and yell in public meetings .. even to the extent of violence and that is their first amendment right but kneeling in prayer is offensive?

    God help them when His wrath is finally here 🙌🏻

  7. Pray when kneel or sleep?
    What's a position used in prayer by the sport's player's and gamer's association?
    Civil prayer's or mathematician's?

  8. Socialist don't believe in free speech, freedom of religion, or any other freedoms. They think everyone has to be of one though, follow only their rules, do what they say. Basically you have no right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They want the "state", the government to control every aspect of your life. From your religious choice, what your children are taught, how many children you can have, your medical care, everything, every freedom we hold dear, everything that has made the USA the great country it is. Wake up and fight the socialists attempt to rule over you. VOTE THEM OUT.

  9. 1° You have the right to practice your religion in general
    2° However you dont have the right to display your religion in a NEUTRAL place such schools and universities…. (for obvious reasons) thats the law.
    3° Im christian , but Im also a lawyer…. soooo yeah…

  10. A real atheist doesn’t care whether you pray or not, those who are against prayer are not real atheists, they are devil worshippers whose god is satan.

  11. I hope you all realize why people are complaining about prayer in schools because it all started with those Goldbergs type of "people"

  12. There is no right of freedom from religion. If that were the case then it would be right there in the first amendment, which it's not!

  13. The man is running for office?? Do not vote for him. Religion is your own and government or another citizen cannot stop you from it or force it on you.The Bill of Rights for mister-running-for-office is the protections promised by government for us to keep our Rights- PERIOD. Our courts should not even allow a suit to be filed in this case…
    And why do atheists go on so much about something they do not even believe in? Idiots

  14. The separation of church and state means that the state cannot make laws determining what is religious or anti-religious. And certainly no one side of the can petition to the authority of the state because of it. That's why the freedom from religion stance has no constitutional relevance. The constitution clearly states that the freedom OF religion cannot be infringed though. And that is constitutional law!

  15. Your right to exercise your religion cannot be infringed by the authority of the state. That's what's clear in the first Amendment.

  16. The freedom from religion is itself a stance on religion and is therefore an exercise of religion. The state therefore cannot effect a motion which protects a freedom from religion.

  17. The freedom from religion would imply that government cannot move to establish law freeing people from religion since freedom from religion is a stance on religion.

  18. The resources of the state cannot be used to prohibit the citizens from exercising religion. Therefore the state is not a factor whenever people exercise their religion. The First Amendment implies that all expenditures of the state can never be used to prohibit people from exercising their religion. Otherwise it would logically follow that the resources of the state or the authority of the state could prohibit the exercise of religion in its entirety or in any particular instances. The only limit on the state is that no particular example of religion should be promoted by the state as an oath of office to the state's authority and how the state operates in a negative sense.

  19. To take that it is "illegal" to say prayers to it's ultimate conclusion would imply that since the state has the power to collect taxes on what you earn that the state also has the power to determine what faith you have in any form of religion. If the state can take away your money to operate itself then all of your tax money should be beholden to the state and what kind of religion you believe in or practice. If the state has the authority to confiscate all your money then they ultimately have power to take away your religiosity.

  20. To say that people cannot exercise religion to a body which they are taxed is fallacious. And it is certainly fallacious to a code of governance which promises them absolute freedom of religion as the first amendment to the entire original agreement between the individual and governance.

  21. AMEN brother…… Very EXCELLENT point…. Are they so afraid of the GOD of the universe….. Their god gets prayed to every day…. eathlings…..

  22. Atheists Want to Create Hell Here on Earth By Trying to Limit Freedom of Speech from Good Christian People .
    STOP THOSE BULLY MARXIST TRAITORS From Destroying Our Good Country Now !!!

  23. Last I checked, we have the right to pray when and where we want to. So tired of anti God people dictating their agendas on us. We need to stand up America and stop this nonsense OR martyring people for their faith, religion and prayers will be the norm before you know it.

  24. So, absolutely NO school prayers even if it results in rampant: pregnancy, drugs, sexuality, bullying, abortion, lgbt, and shootings in our schools…okay, just wanted to make sure…smh.  [read Romans 1 v18-32]

  25. If there are no complaints from the individuals involved there should be no problem with the prayers. I'm Atheist and feel the intrusion into this community by an outside group is appalling.

  26. Send all the bullies all the haters and all the atheists on their way goodbye goodbye goodbye you don't like America leave it God bless America

  27. These individuals that literally created a foundation to target religious practice have to be bad people. All the evil stuff being done today, children being abused at home, in schools, on the internet, and these individuals target something that has good intentions. This is what they fight, religion?! Come on, pick your battles!
    How about target the folks indoctrinating children into the LGBTQXYZS farm? You all must be some very bad people.

  28. It seems that when 399 million people want to say a prayer they can't if so many as 1 other person objects? This is an extreme example but could it happen? If so there is something wrong.

  29. I'm no religious zealot, but come on people. You just looking for something to complain about? You extremists, always trying to hide history, be it statues, books, religion, facts about your political party's insanity(you know) Somehow your ways are always the ONLY way?

  30. The United States was founded as a secular Nation I am all for the separation of church and state sorry. I'm not knocking anyone's religion but to call all atheist bullies really really makes me mad.

  31. 0:16 "…apparently nobody from the community or the school districts has complained." That would be news if true, because in order to have legal standing, the FFRF needs a local complainant. I'm pretty sure they've never taken action without somebody complaining first.

    Courts pretty well everywhere have agreed that when it comes to public schools, teacher-led or supervised prayer violates the constitution. That's not the case with prayers led by private school teachers, and there are no restrictions on public school students.

  32. Dear FFRF, Just out of curiosity, what about the players' 1st Amendment rights to express themselves? Of course, as usual, you only seek to enforce your interpretation of the parts of the Constitution with which you happen to agree.

  33. A woman asked Ben Franklin this as he exited the building the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written in; "Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?" He answered back, "A Republic, if you can keep it." Too me it looks more and more every day like the only option we may have to avoid the Democrat/Socialist/Communist attack on us is to water a certain tree…

  34. But I have to attend the Evolutionism Church at school, either I believe in such religion or not, so you be present during prayer times, either you believe it or not!

  35. Can't pray, but your kids can cross dress and be taught they are 700 different genders. Read the bible folks ita real. Are we going to take this laying down? Or are we Christian's going to fight. And by fight I dont mean physical, but spiritual. We need to pray for these wicked people. Not harm them. I pray for the wicked all the time and when they see me the squirm in their own flesh!!! It works folks.

  36. I can only imagine how the already very biased opinions on this "news report" would be different if the coach wanted the players to kneel, face Mecca, and join him in a prayer to Allah. Obviously, some people will never understand the importance of our constitutional freedom of religion.

  37. There is a good reason why religion is not taught in school…….there is no evidence for it. There is evidence against what is in the bible though. We now know the world is not 5000 years old…we know the ark story is pure fiction..and on and on. We must keep religious delusion out of education…..believing in religion does not make it real! Countries with far less religion like Sweden, Denmark have far less problems in society than the US. Americans are so gullible! Some nutjob with the gift of the gab goes on TV and "jesus loves you…now send in your money", and the gullible fools do!

  38. Isn’t it still freedom of speech? It’s a sad day when drag queens are allowed to read to little kids and homosexuality is taught in school but no one is allowed to pray. What right does anyone have to stop another person from praying?


  40. The freedom from religion cult needs to be kicked out of my country. These people will answer one day, not to me, but someone a lot higher.

  41. This is a cherrypicked story Iv played football all my life and still do(junior in high school)and just about every coach I had prayed faux news stop it😂😂🤦

  42. We had prayer in school ,said the pledge of allegiance stood for the flag no one had to, it was always a choice and we didn't have school shootings

  43. If the coach and team want to pray the school or government can not stop them from praying. Just because one person watching doesn’t believe in god doesn’t give him or her the right to stop others from praying it’s they’re right to express their faith. The separation of church and state only states that the government may not force religious beliefs on the people in that respect they can’t forbid the people from expressing their faith.

  44. If as atheists claim, there is no God, how can a bunch of words spoken out loud to a non-existent entity be hurtful, intimidating or damaging to them? Are they that easily butt hurt??

  45. The "Freedom from Religion" group is nothing but an atheistic communist organization that is bent on making this an atheistic godless nation. Check out: "The "45 Communist Goals for America" that were read into the Congressional record in 1963 and how it shows clearly the agenda of these groups that have slowly infiltrated our country with these goals in mind.

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