Yeah, so I just watched one of the most amazing golf Championships ever. I mean they hit like three or four hole in ones. They hit like five home runs They made 19 touchdowns a bunch of fights. They asked you how are you just say that you’re fine? You’re not really fine. You just can’t I think Mayweather even won So today we have a different challenge uh Hello Crainer Back here as you can see brozziest ….. Marjo & TS. Isn’t here yet, They made a game where we are literally going to be whacking each other with golf clubs It’s gonna be Team America versus Team Denmark one round I’ll be the ball and Madelyn will wack me with a golf club and Thea’s gonna wack Crainer with a golf club. i think the girls are gonna like this better than We are gonna like this Ian We are playing golf with your friends wacky style, this is not gonna be fun. Let’s do this um.. Madelyn? Yes? Hahaha, Why is Thea farting on our lucky toilet, she just really had to go what the freak is going on, Hahahaha is it still Gonna be our lucky spot, it looks kind of contaminated all right. Thea, take our lucky block Real quick we’re playing golf with your friends Team America versus Team Denmark if you think Team America can win hit the like button down below. Madelyn You gotta whack you gotta whack me with the golf club real good. I Didn’t even know that’s what I would be doing today Okay, let’s do this very lucky blocking a very lucky spot the farting tee a toilet Go goes quack quack Da ting goes ka ka ka ka ka kra! SkipI Dip Pap Pap What the Freak just happened well, there’s a bathtub and a rubber ducky up there and another toilet, there’s even another toilet, okay? Oh? You know at least we got some diamonds, emeralds everyone said that what is that called, beacons I’ll take it all right Madeline. It’s on here Don’t kill us. Just don’t kill whatever you do don’t kill us look at go ahead go ahead No, I didn’t die i dint die that was Thea Nicaea wasn’t me the dont don’t put that evil on me Madelyn Don’t! Uh press shift’ if you’re on the lava blocks press shift. Okay, what’s in here? Okay, there’s diamonds in here in this free real estate. I’ll take it well there goes negative 15 nether star Thanks, Madeline. Don’t hate me okay. Seven lucky blocks left. Let’s do this and in my very own my Lucky spot the bar, you ready? Okay, don’t judge me okay here we go beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef beef Meat pole made out of beef Corned beef here Madeline take some corned beef. No thank you All right, go ahead. It’s I do suture get don’t Kill us, please, okay. Let’s do it. Don’t kill us What do you need? It’s free real estate All right, I got it we got a diamond block. I’ll take it all right Madeleine six lucky blocks left. Let’s do it Okay, just stand back. Don’t get killed don’t get dead oh There’s a beacon on top of it oh and iron up Madeleine, Madeleine Don’t go get the iron and the beacon you go get the iron and the beacon go get the iron and the becon I got this I Madeline decide you six lucky blocks left you get another beef tower get another beef tower, please All of the beef this is this is good all right Madeline five lucky blocks left you ready for this I’m ready for another beef pole another meat pole There’s negative thirty nether stars, thanks for not saving me Madeline you jerk Is this supposed to be me What are you doing you’re interrupting our date, please go away are you going on a date with a princess me with long hair Beautiful, I don’t understand don’t be jealous okay. alright Madeline go on a date with the princess me go ahead Yeah I’ll take it they did with the diamond block was directly the diamond look wait I Didn’t even see that look at the top of my head. Oh, it. Just messed it up. I thought I was going bald Removed half of my face You want to go on a real date with me Madeline, okay? Sometimes more unexpected signs grab our attention Just like this desert rain frog squeaking viral sensation Find these things keean Eyes are literally crying. We got a block of emeralds and a bunch of raw frogs Madeline Do you want to eat some raw frogs there you go? All right, let’s keep going It’s on you. Please don’t kill us. Please don’t kill us. Go ahead. Just don’t tell water. Go ahead. Just don’t kill us. Okay ready We’re on a real date We’re watching Netflix or something. Alright Madeline oh come over to step right up your lady, I’m gonna cook here nice meal It’s going to be made of french toast and onion rings Okay There you go young lady, I cooked you some corned beef there you go young lady. Do you eat all that corn? That’s not what I was promised hey. Let’s grab a beacon an iron block at least I battle you need a tan go tanning You’re kind of pale. Why are you always insulting me go ahead go ahead I’m in the bathtub! Am I on the toilet, Yes Yeah, well let’s take our beacons at our emeralds and our time is at least you saw nothing all right Madeline You’re in the bathtub, right? Yes. I’m in the toilet. Let’s open this lucky block What you need It’s free real estate There goes negative sixty nether stars we died while pooping and taking a bath all right Madeline. I got the diamonds go ahead It’s on you. You got one more go ahead And then that face that is so sick, okay I’ll take we got another beacon and some more iron all right Madeline so we both have one lucky block left You know what we got to do yeah? It’s pretty off time whoever whoever gets luckier is the prettiest out of you and me in 3d I’m the prettiest – I’m the prettiest eighth one I’m pretty When we got the exact same lucky block Except I died and you did it you died I didn’t so you know what that means I’m The prettiest I’m the prettiest princess ever we lost 75 nether stars because we died that many times oh my god Go start our trading process what the heck is this nether star I? Haven’t seen it yet. What is it? It’s Tiger Woods All right man let’s see how many other stars we end up with okay, that’s not too bad We got we got almost seven stacks of nether says we have to throw out 75 over here cuz you died I only died like three times There we go so we just burned a bunch of Tiger Woods all right So what we’re gonna do tan crater did the same thing we can Duplicate this right we can duplicate this once you get the top row and I’ll get the bottom room sound good, okay Yes, yeah, there. You go. Yeah There you go, and then we’ll delete the rest of these okay So from what I understand of this round like I said in the intro Madeline We have four or five holes of golf that we’re gonna be playing one round you’re gonna Smack me with a club and hit me into the hole the next round. I smack you into the holes so Whatever, I’m the ball. I can use ball power-ups Whenever you hit me and then whenever I’m the golfer. There’s golfer power-ups over here somewhere Oh, yeah, we also have to buy clubs make sure you buy clubs over here, Madeline. Oh get a putter Definitely get a putter Definitely get a wedge and definitely get a long-range wood Club, okay Yes, that is 100% needed So there’s different ball power upstairs levitation use as the ball fly up for a short time There’s extra jump uses ball. Give one extra jump because whenever you’re the ball you get three jumps whenever you’re hit And then extra weight use this ball makes you very heavy well Let me look at the player power-ups so whenever I’m hitting you I can use this admin barrier uses golfer places a small obstacle oh That’s cool. So we can block to you and Craner There’s a rewind use this golfer lets you retry your last shot, so it’s a mulligan. Oh that is sick I don’t know mater Let’s buy a bunch of things let’s buy everything and then we’ll show the people what we bought All right, Madeline so what I got I got two extra jumps so when I’m the ball. I can jump one extra time I Got a levitation when I’m the ball And I also got two rewinds when I’m the golfer so if I suck I can fix it you can say, thank you good Yeah, pretty much except. I got the admin barrier. Also. Oh you got an admin there so we can block T. And crater nice, okay Good luck. Okay. You got a bunny alright. Let’s do this. Let’s get a call with them hopefully team team marker can win all right is everybody ready I Need you are you guys mr. Meeseeks? All right everybody say we have Mars. Oh we have Bros. Yes, we have TTS. How do you say same critics I? Look through this okay, so yeah look at this Mine golf who’s gonna be the ball cratered you want to be the ball first. I’ll let the girls beat the crap out of us All right, let’s do this are you guys ready? Let’s do this it’s on it’s on it’s on TS TS. Let’s do this Welcome to my golf Grand opening Let’s do this hole number one I’ve Adeline you’re the ball first. I got a knock you into that hole over there Are you ready you got your power-ups ready? Okay, so if I hope if I hold shift it charges up if you look at my experience bar once that hits four it’s fully Charged battlin, I’m gonna count down you jump on wine and then I’ll hit you ready three two one jump Okay now it’s on tear tears to Paul I Know that’s the roll effect dude that was a good hit metal and that was good Metal and she is so much better at jumping to you Okay, we got a hit her okay, Madeline. I’m gonna hit you and I’m gonna use the putter. I’m gonna use the putter Or should I use the wedge? I’m gonna use the wedge because I’m not on the green yet I’m not on the green head ready ready, okay three Two okay, don’t jump. Don’t jump don’t jump Madeline you are the best ball ever made. I like this Fail fail business I’m the ball now ok, it’s 2 to 2 if you guys look on the right-hand side as soon as you look at me I’m the ball. I can’t move I can’t do anything everything is very zoomed in okay Madeline you have to hit me through that tunnel right over there Ok ok looking looking tell me when to jump I’m powering up You got it ok use my squad job one two Yes We turned the corner Natalie if you hit me far enough I can make it in this hole you gotta hit me far enough though Okay stop Madeline hit me hit me and use the putter going Please don’t make it. Please don’t make it He’s get three jumps Nice okay, so It is five to five we are still tied up going on to hole three. Oh, it’s over there Okay, battlin you so if I do levitation. Oh levitation could work okay, Madeline I’m gonna power up on three. I want you to jump ready Okay, powering up one two three jump Go Madeline go You did it jump what I said jump, though. Okay? I’m gonna have to punch across this. Oh shit. Okay. This is good Okay, okay, three two Jump Battle you are the worst ball ever Need more practice You know what you know what you want to put a blocker up, I’m gonna do the rewind I’m doing my shot over Ice or that we decrease the shot I’ve got a blob and it go around your barrier Madeline are you ready? Okay, I’m charging on my shot you jump in three two one go okay jump battlin. I’m jumping That was so good you Are the best ball ever Okay, so it’s back to six to six all right crater. It’s on you Do you have a Ball gets three Okay, okay, okay, Madeline ready. I’m gonna use the putter I’m gonna use the Putterman it hit you a little bit to the left. I don’t want to hit it that hard okay I’ll keep it to power ready two one go All right next foolish Madeleine, okay, we might be able to do a cheese tray this is I have levitation though Madeleine don’t bake her go home. Are you ready give me give us a countdown then hit You can hit me through there, okay, are you guys going? Okay, it’s blocked. Can I not get through there? No. I can’t get through so you’re not gonna be able to Madeline yeah, hit me towards Craner we could catch up here we go catch up here yes Yes, hit me. Hit me to the right a little bit. I can’t get behind you okay, just hit me. I got this trust me Just try something okay One two three okay, I made it I made it I made it They didn’t make it okay Okay go one mm-hmm three. Okay. Okay? Okay? Okay? Here’s the deal? Okay Madeline if you hit me good here, I can make this I promise do you believe in me? Okay, believe in you do you believe in me go go – Madeline we’re only down one shot. We can do this. This is the final hole right here Let’s do this hi Madeline here’s the hole, so here’s the tee and the holes over there We could either choose to go the long way or the fast dangerous way I’ll try my best to jump if we hit. LA if you hit lava you get teleported back. It’s just like water Play this safe ready, I’m gonna hit you in there good jump in three two one ciao Mm-hmm Natalie don’t hit lava don’t hit lava Madeline I’m rolling I’m done. Okay. You roll for so long All right, it’s I’m teeing crater now. Are you ready? Let’s take the dangerous way. I was feeling that are you sure? Okay, this could be really good really bad Are you sure are you sure you’ll make it Oh here. We go here. We go okay, turn the whole small shift ready three two one cow go battlin We made it in 14 shots if they don’t make it on this shot, okay, I’m gonna send you over that Course was completed in a tie So we just rewatched the footage we thought it was a tie But actually there was a glitch and Tia got two extra strokes for no reason As you can see by the right-hand side team Denmark has beat Team America You guys have enjoyed this episode of lucky blocks hit the like button down below team America will come back Also hit the subscribe button on notifications, and yes day to America go back to making Danish danishes What Just just roll with it Craner, just just say okay, okay? I’ll go back to making Danish danishes



  2. SSundee it should have been a tie because Tia went out of bounds in real goal or mini golf when you go out of bound it's an extra stroke

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