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Hey guys Chas Pippitt here with Baseball Rebellion and I’m joined by Tyler Zupcic and we’re going to show you guys the mimic drill. Now, the mimic drill is important for hitters that are struggling with timing quick can’t quite get comfortable or find their temple in a game. So Tyler is going to be the hitter that’s struggling and I’m gonna do three or four different hitters so you can see the difference. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show Tyler a toe tap, short stride, a leg kick, show him some different things. I’m gonna do it once and then he’s going to try to jump in and match my movements and match my tempo. So hopefully he can find something that works for him. Alright Tyler, let’s go ahead I’m gonna close that first So watch me do the first one, so I’m here Tap and go so now Tyler’s gonna jump in Alright, he’s trying to watch me. He’s not really worried about the pitchers watching me. So it’s your tap and go Tap and go look Tap and go awesome one more. Tap and go. So now we’re going to try a leg kick So again, if he’s been having some trouble with timing or tempo or he’s been feeling like he’s going too fast And maybe he’s getting stuck on the back side. It’s always good to have somebody who’s doing it well find a good example for somebody else has been learned. So now I’m gonna go open stance, you can go open stance too we’re mimicking and I’m gonna go leg kick from here. Kick and go. Open stance. Kick and go. There we go. It’s do it again. Kick and go. So Tyler’s job is to make sure he’s with me, kick and go and my job is to just be myself. Obviously, he could be the leader, I could be the leader, somebody else could be the leader. Your whole team can do this by 16 different setups, 16 different tempos and some of those work for some guys that are scuffling right now. Thanks

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