Million Dollar Baseball Archive | Owner Interview | New York City

INTERVIEWER: Gail, wow, are you breathless? GUEST: Yeah, it hasn’t sunk in that I– It’s
not real. INTERVIEWER: We were with your friend Edie
in the green room when you go the news from Leigh, a million dollars for your baseball
archive. [APPRAISER ON TV]: For at least one million
dollars. [GUEST ON TV]: Are you serious? GUEST 2: One million? Oh! INTERVIEWER: Edie was pretty excited, but
I heard you say to Lee afterwards, that you weren’t quite sure what number she had given
you. GUEST: Yeah, I mean, I really couldn’t believe
that it could be worth that much. It was just sitting in here, in a desk drawer,
and I ran across it one day, and decided I’d like to have it, not realizing at all what
it was worth. That was when I was much younger. INTERVIEWER: Were you a baseball fan before
the ROADSHOW today? GUEST: Oh, for sure. Red Sox fan, grew up outside of Boston. INTERVIEWER: And to think you almost sold
this collection years ago, tell us– GUEST: Well, I didn’t ’cause I did wanna keep
it in the family, and someone had told me that hey, it’s probably worth more than he’s
offering. INTERVIEWER: And what do you think you’ll
do with these when you get home? GUEST: I don’t know, I mean, I’m hoping they’ll
stay in the family, although it’s gonna be tough deciding how to do that.

5 thoughts on “Million Dollar Baseball Archive | Owner Interview | New York City

  1. Wow, she better have it crystal clear in her will what she wishes to do with this amazing sports memorabilia once she passes away!

    Otherwise, her family will do stupid things with it like fight over it or divide it among themselves and sell bits and pieces of it.

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