Miles meets Hector Bellerin | Climate Change | Football Manager 2020

Miles: Hi everyone, my name’s Miles Jacobson
and I’m studio director at Sports Interactive, who make the Football Manager series of games. I did a Twitter poll the other week amongst
our users about what they think about climate change and thankfully there was only a small
percentage of people who thought it was a hoax, cause I think we can all see in the
world at the moment it definitely isn’t! But what was really interesting was the feedback
that I got from that, where people were saying that whilst they were doing things as individuals,
they didn’t feel companies were doing enough and I agree with them, so we’re going to talk
about an initiative that we are doing today. But before we do, I could talk about climate
change for hours but I thought it was better to bring someone who has been very outspoken
on this and is very knowledgeable on this and hopefully you’ll recognise him – passing
over to Hector Bellerin. Hector: Hello Miles
Miles: Thank you so much for being here today. Hector: Thank you
Miles: Thanks for the words that I’ve heard you speak before about this subject but I’d
like to know and the people watching would like to know, why do you think climate change
is such an important problem in the world that we need to solve? Hector: Well to start with, I’ve always been
a kid that, I was always outside, whether in the city, in the countryside, in the beach. I was never someone that used to sit
at home and lucky for me with my grandparents and my parents, you know the location we lived. We had a house in the countryside, so in the
weekends I was always in the forest, I was always playing with my cousins, my sister. Even older family, we used to go on picnics
and stuff like that and then back home I’ve always grown up in the beachside. So, for my whole life I’ve been like countless
days just playing beach football, then going for a swim and all this stuff and then as
I was getting older and I started realising, which it is a problem that is only recently
started being very viral but before for people like me that used to live in the sea, or close
to the sea, you could see that there was a lot of plastic and a lot of rubbish in the
sea and there was so many days that I used to go with my parents and they’d be like ‘Don’t
get in the water today, cause it’s really dirty’ and all this stuff. As I grew older, I started to realise that
there was things that were going on that, you know, they didn’t really make sense for
me that I thought there was so many things that we could do that could make those little
things better. Then in these past few years I was just realising
that it was just getting worse and worse and the situation for me years ago was already
bad but seem like, as you said, some people don’t believe in it, some people think like
‘Oh no, it’s just going to clear itself’ or whatever and people also feel that one
person, one individual is not enough to change but obviously if everyone thinks like that,
there is no way we can do it. I feel like with the platform that football
has given me, I have been able to speak about the subjects that I care about more and it’s
given me that voice and I’ve always believed it’s kind of like a duty for people like me
that have this voice to use it in a positive way. One day I sat down and I realised which were
things I cared about the most and the environment was the most important for me because I’ve
lived in this world and the way I’ve seen it, I’ve seen such a beautiful way, and you
know I feel like if I ever have kids, I want my kids to experience it and the other generations
and every single human to experience it in the same way that I’ve been able to. The way it’s going right now, I don’t feel
like that is going to happen if we keep going down that hole, so that’s why I want to be
an advocate for change and I want to be an advocate for people to do those little
things that will help newer generations and grandkids of our grandkids hopefully to live
in a world liveable and with the same things we had when we did it. Miles: One of the things you said there about
plastic is, we’ve been part of that problem. The entertainment industry, not just Sports
Interactive, but the film industry, the games industry and the music industry have been
part of that problem because of the amount of plastic we use in our packaging. So, with our packaging last year, we had shrinkwrap
that wasn’t recyclable. We had a plastic case. We have had some recycled plastic cases before,
I can’t remember whether last year’s one was or not, but there’s very little in here that
is recycled. What you end up with at the end of it
is you will always have some unsold copies of the game and what do you do with them? They end up going in landfill. I don’t know whether any have washed up on
beaches, I hope they haven’t done, but it’s a problem for the whole industry and for the
entertainment industries as a whole because we need to know of a better solution. Now we do. So I’m very proud to be able to show for the
first time today – this isn’t something that we’d normally do – but this is our packaging
for Football Manager 2020. The work that’s gone into this from ourselves
and our colleagues at SEGA, including shout-outs Nat and Tim who’ve done an incredible job
on this, was to try and come up with some packaging that’s more eco-friendly, not just
for Football Manager but also for everyone else to be able to adopt as well. So, here it is. The shrinkwrap on here is low-density polyethylene,
LDPE, which means it is recyclable. It’s level 4 on the recycling scale, but it
means that people in the UK certainly, your local councils will just pick this up with
no problem. But also, the packaging itself is made from
100% recycled cardboard, it’s 100% recycled fibres that go into this. It’s printed with vegetable ink so if you
do want to eat the packaging, it’s vegan – I don’t know why you’d want to do that though! The manual that will be going inside there
will also be using recycled paper, and even the discs, whilst the discs can’t be put in
a standard recycling bin, the discs can be sent off and we’ll be providing addresses
for people in loads of different countries of where they can send their discs off to. For those from the industry that are watching,
it is more expensive. It’s about 30% more expensive. We don’t care. Some things are just more important. Now we are saving, and this is quite a big
number, I was quite shocked when I was told, but with the print run of our box copies,
because a lot of people buy games digitally now, but with the print run of our box copies,
we are saving 20 tonnes of plastic this year with what we’re doing. Now, we’re not the biggest game in
the world. Imagine what happens if every other game,
if every film company, if every music company switches to this packaging, how much plastic
we’re going to be saving in the world? Hector: It’s crazy. Miles: It’s pretty cool. Miles: Hector, thank you so much for sharing
this with us today, I don’t know if you’ve got any messages that you want to give out
to your fans as well. Hector: No, I just want to say that I give
you the congratulations and say thank you as well to you and to your team for doing
something like that. I think it’s important to be a pioneer, it’s
important to not be scared of these things, sometimes we have these dreams of like, hopefully
one day I’ll be able to do something like this, and you’ve been able to do it. I think it’s a great example that, you know
I always say it that at the end of the day, so many of these carbon emissions, so many
of this plastic is always to save money and to make more money and now we say you know
if there’s no Earth, there’s no money to spend. At the end of the day, it’s important for
everyone maybe to just cut off on that little bit of margin and be able to help people
and be an example and, you know, hopefully all together we can do little things like this
that as you say, something just little as the packaging can save 20 tonnes of plastic
going into landfills or going into the sea. I think it’s a great initiative and hopefully
everyone will start doing the same. Miles: Thanks
Hector: Thank you Miles: Cheers

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