Mike Roberts on Valle Baseball Training Gloves

I also heard that you’re a big fan of the
Valle Training Baseball Gloves. Oh, I love, my grandson Tyler is 4 and a half and he has
the 975 Eagle he actually used in his league this fall. In the 5 and 6 year old league
and then I have another grandson, there’s two, Tyler’s brother Brock and he uses the
little Claw. I think the name may have changed but it’s the smaller version and they love
it. And what’s so great about the Valle Gloves, my son, Brian who plays in the Major Leagues
actually is the one that put me on to Valle Gloves through John and some other people
and so Major Leaguers can use it. I use it all summer in the Valley League with my college
guys. The catcher’s mitts, the little first baseman’s mitts, they’re the best training
gloves in my 40 years of coaching, that I’ve ever used and the most durable gloves and
they go all the way down to these young men this age because I think one of the problems
with baseball today is youngsters use too large of a glove and the Valle Training Glove
fits the little guys but it also fits the big guys to get them to work on seeing the
ball into their glove. So, I’m a big advocate of Valle Training Gloves. Yeh, I love the
Valle Gloves as well. I sell them on my website. Oh, do you really? Yeh and I love them. I’ve
got nothing but great feedback and all my players use them. Well, we just started selling
them on my website so we hope to catch up with you. Outstanding. And so John can go
to the beach real soon. There we go. Well, thanks a lot Mike, I appreciate it. Alright,
thank you.

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