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Oh my name is millon you’re watching slick-haired TV today I’m here in slick hair studio with Rasmus as the cameraman and Casper my good friend is sitting over there well today I would like to show you how to style my hair like we go to LA so and are you – straightener and the hair product by Elaine first I will use a heat protectant make sure to co all your hands so will not burn it while it’s ready now my hairstylist pregnant and I would like to find the hair product by Lynn but first to the palace now I have the perfect foundation before adding the product it’s very important that you get the frenches Namah have the in gilma docile hairstyle the thing it looks even better but if I would like to change anything it will be having the sides cut to about six millimeters right now it’s about one one and a half and it’s always I’ll recommend finishing the hairstyle with a hairspray I think it’s about it remember to check out the other nice videos and remember to subscribe if you haven’t yet and write a comment down below in the description if you’d like to have more information like this hair side thanks for watching see you next time remember to stay tuned in December we’ll do one Christmas episode every single day

100 thoughts on “Miguel Veloso Hairstyle – Men’s Football Player Hair Tutorial – Slikhaar TV

  1. hi can u pls tell me wat kind of product do I use cause while riding bike I use to wear helmet n because of helmet my hair starts curl nd not looking good I want something DAT I can set my hair after wearing helmet pls suggest me something

  2. hey am a guy with a low fringe line & a high top head. like if you was to look at me side on bald..top my head slopes to my fringe line. any ideas of hair styles? I try & grow my hair but the top of my over powers my fringe so I end up cutting it all & messin it up. it looks good long but stort a sides but my fringe takes for ever to grow because of the top hight in relation to my fringe line. Haa sorry for long post. any advice would help me.

  3. If some of you don't have the time to blow dry/straighten and you want this EXACT hairstyle in less than 10 minutes do this:

    – Wet your hair completely and towel dry it in a back to front motion leaving just a little bit of dampness.
    – Straighten your hair flat and forward with a brush
    – Apply Woody's Clay (Great product if you have thick uncontrollable hair and your looking for instant spikes without blowdrying or straightening your hair)

    Done. Follow their guidelines on the cut length though. Done.

  4. I like your channel and I have to leave hair looks great to make bangs I want to make my hair straight I want him to be like his hair too will enjoy your channel I'm Brazilian I really enjoyed your video

  5. no homo, but I love ur hair.. like the texture of it..
    obviously theres many different textures of hair.. mines thin..
    but perhaps I need to incorporate more blowdrying and maybe even straightening..
    love the volume u get with urs.. and the finish u get from the products..

  6. wath kind of product yo put en your hair, before to use the iron???? que tipo de producto utilizas antes de empezar a plancharte!!??

  7. Hi Emil ! Please reply me the following questions. How many cm should have at the top? What types of spray did you use before using hair dryer? What types of cream did you use at the end?

  8. Nope. Receded hairline and my hair is wavy. Not possible Girls seem to hate if I try to grow out and hide it. When I cut it short they end up liking it… No clue why.

  9. 3rd cool hairstyle frm u guys ! I like this one a lot right nw. Now this style is one option that i will keep to get my next haircut and style. ?

  10. You had everything going but what are the names of your products that you use. For your hair. Next time do a presentation of of your bottles or a Quick picture before

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