Middle School Volleyball Tournament 2017

Middle School’s recently wrapped up their
8th volleyball season, with a series of tournament matches at Warwick High School. The top seeded Dozier girls and boys teams
both advanced to the finals, hoping to sweep the tournament. But the number two ranked Gildersleeve girls
showed dominance in the past, winning 4 championships over 8 years, including last year’s crown. And on the boys’ court, the bottom seeded
Hines boys were determined to continue their magical postseason to upset the Dragons. The girls’ teams from Dozier and Gildersleeve
are familiar with one another, going head to head again this year for three tournaments
in a row. Dozier won in 2015, while Gildersleeve was
triumphant last season. This year, Dozier was dominant from the first
serve, winning the first two sets, and completing an undefeated season. Dozier’s Coach and 8th grade TAG science
teacher, Jane Marioneaux (mare’in-no), who coached the female Dragons all 8 seasons,
attributed the championship season to strong teamwork. But with a starting lineup up of only 8th
graders, who will move onto high school, next season will rely on a younger Dozier squad
to continue their winning ways. After the girls’ match, the pressure was
on the Dozier boys to put the final touch on their own undefeated season. Standing in their way was a Hines boys team
who won only one match in the regular season. Dozier took the first set, but Hines wasn’t
intimidated and came back strong to win the second set. Dozier’s boys seemed shocked by the turn
of events, and both teams fought neck and neck during the decisive third set. Ultimately, the Cinderella team pulled through
and upset the top ranked Dragons to win the boys’ tournament. Hines coaches, Nicole Graziano and Alison
Kirsteatter, knew their young team had strong fundamental volleyball skills, and were a
force to be reckoned with when they gave 100 percent of their effort. The Hines boys put the regular season behind
them as they trekked victoriously through their postseason matches. This is the Spartans’ second championship
crown after winning the inaugural season in 2010, and most of the starters from this year
will hopefully return next season. With parents and teachers cheering on the
student athletes, and Warwick’s own girls’ volleyball team assisting with officiating,
the middle school volleyball tournament was an exciting display of skill and sportsmanship.

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