Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter: ‘We’re still trying to develop trust’

What do you want to see in
the last six weeks or so? I think it goes back to what I said
about building on the spring training, coming into the season,
you want to see the players make progress. We want to see the team make progress. And look, we started off with
good strategy from the start and there were some [periods there where
we played some pretty good baseball. And then now we’re scuffling
a little bit late so I think that’s part of
the whole growing pains. That young players have, young teams
have is there’s some ups and you have some downs, but we gotta find ways
to get better, that’s the bottom line. The times of the games have
been changed to 6:40 PM. It’s cuz you’re old, right there. And got to get you home there. Cannot make it through. [LAUGH] Can you talk about that decision
and how you came to that decision and what the message is? I think it’s consistent with what
we’ve done since last season, we listened to our fan base. And we wanted to make sure that we
accommodate some of those fans that said they’d like to come straight
from work to the ballpark. And some that said they’d like to
get home a little bit earlier. There’s a few teams in major league
baseball that have done the same thing. So we’re gonna test it out and
see how it is, but it all comes from people listening. Do you think that that’s a way to
generate more attendance, more people? And would you say that maybe you’re
a little disappointed the way that the turn out has been this
year as a result of that? You hope it helps increase attendance. Look, we’ve invested in affordability,
from our ownership and we want this to be an option for
people of South Florida. This could be an affordable
entertainment option, but then, also, we talk about attendance. We have never shied away from it. That’s something we need to increase
the attendance numbers here. There’s been some games,
especially last weekend, where we had close to 30,000 people
in here, just see the energy level. You’re not just talking
from a player standpoint, you have that many people in here
makes it a whole lot easier to play. And I think our players
are very vocal about that. But look, we’re still trying to
develop trust, it takes time. It doesn’t happen over night, but we’ve
seen a steady increase in our attendance numbers from the beginning of the year. Especially from June to July,
our attendance numbers increased by 15%. We still got a long way to go. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I like to think we’re headed
in the right direction.

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