Mexican Baseball Fiesta has big crowds at Kino Stadium

starting tonight at keno stadium of past and future major leaguers and prospects are hidden the field for the Mexican baseball Fiesta popular pro baseball teams in this region pack keno Stadium as they continue their preseason training in the Old Pueblo we are talking to Ed emocionado Karros obregón Yankees Los Mochis konnyaku near con tomate arrows Navajo miles angular’s de Mexicali and pro sports prospects from the White Sox thousands turned out tonight in the early game the overgrown Yankees trailed three to two against the candy arrows from Los Mochis and with a runner in scoring position Tomas Solis will come through for the Yankees the RBI will tie things up in this game ends in a 3-3 tie there’ll be more games on Friday Saturday and Sunday also the next two days the classic rivalry game will take place between ed will seal and over there going to teams that pack keno Stadium every year right here and Tucson big crowds tonight all right don’t look now but the winner of Saturday’s matchup between the U of A and Colorado will also be all alone in first place in the pac-12 South yes you heard me right every other pac-12 team and the South has a loss already we were talked to us see you tires on a state UCLA a win would also give the cats four victories in a row and with Arizona’s defense improving every week there’s lots of excited fans out there that’s for sure especially if you’re a wildcat fan got to be excited even with the uncertainty of Khalil Tate’s injury the quarterback position still seems to be in good hands if freshman grant can L get some snaps again this weekend remember he threw for around 350 yards and was named the pac-12 freshman of the week also some little-known wide receivers coming into the season or now getting some press that includes this guy number five junior wide receiver Brian at Casteel the play he were looking at ended up being called back because apparently Castillo’s knee was down during the catch right there but hey still his athleticism and breaking off tackles and something brought to the touchdown well also getting some eyes out there check it out he’s the top of my trip this I kind of use my running back skills that I have in the legs and tackles and I came around I got loosed from the first one I came around and it was actually one of my friends I grew up with number 12 when you see a lady trying to talk to me logic gates and I just kept trying to just move my feet as much as I could and continue promised court and he let me go and then after that just it was a good feeling a lot of feeling unfortunately called back but hey still the talk of the pac-12 we’ll be right back to the last look at your way

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