29 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil’s agent Dr Erkut Sogut: How to Become a Football Agent

  1. This idiot arranged the meeting between Gündogan, Özil and Erdogan. So we all know a lot about his political opinion.

  2. Diligent, sincere and wise. An excellent personality to look up to, not only for footballer but for any human being.

  3. An african dream of becoming an agent one day , thank you all for the wisdom give. i will surely get there oneday

  4. Hello bro I'm a footballer I need help please I need to chase my dreams to become a professional player please help me

  5. Good speech but you destroyed Ozil career when you transfered him to Arsenal. Should have send him at Bayern or Man Utd. Ozil is a wasted talent

  6. How to become the cancer of football. Learn how to squeeze as much as possible out of the clubs, fans….

  7. guys, i am around 15 years old and i want to start my career as a football agent. how can i do that? please help me

  8. I'm going to be one the greatest football agent's ever. I'm just really appreciative of people like Dr Erkut who are helping provide knowledge and guidance in the business to help us youngsters trying to start out and get off the ground!

  9. I'm also looking to become the best agent ever south africa has ever seen want to manage the footballers is S.A and take them to Europe watch n c

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