100 thoughts on “Meet Zelina Vega’s family: WWE Hometown Superstar presented by Cricket Wireless

  1. She is one of my favourites, I have followed her for years.
    Really want her to compete more in the ring, but she still rocks regardless

  2. You have beautiful family this is why your so great woman zelina respect we love you and yeah sorry for your loss RIP your father

  3. i feel like WWE is holding her back, as far as showing her real wrestling skills, she's been wrestling for years! She needs to be womens champ! like within the next year! That would make her the first Latina to hold wither the RAW or SD womens title right?

  4. Damn why does Zelina get all this attention im not mad or anything just curious is she the next female they wanna push or what? I want answers hahahahah 😛

  5. Huge fan, Zelina and to this very evening I'm still so sorry for y'alls loss. As it broke on TV – the attacks I mean – I was so shocked that, at the time I was supposed to take names in a classroom when the teacher walked out for a bit, yet I was so stunned and shaken up by what I was seeing on our TV that I couldn't concentrate on taking names for the teacher, out of anyone who were out of line while the teacher was out for a few. That whole DAY was heartbreaking. I met a lady a few or so years ago who said she had a friend who died in one of the attacks. So sad to know and my continued love and respect to you and to ALL of the families who lost loved ones from that horrific time. <3

  6. How about giving her husband some TV times or a championship run. He's one of the most charismatic wrestler out there.

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