41 thoughts on “Meet The Woman Who’s Been Offered Six College Football Scholarships | NBC Nightly News

  1. Congratulations on getting a full paid scholarship. That is a blessing in and of itself. She most likely will not make it to the NFL, that is a whole other level. I too was faster than a lot (not all) of my male peers, from elementary unto high school but once they become fully developed, they go to another level that us women cannot reach.

  2. If those colleges players aren't soft I'm pretty sure they won't let her make it beyond 5 games…
    I suggest to those college players you give her what she's asking for …

    #me2 movement style
    #blackLivesMatter but not on the field…

    I can't wait to see her get really hit …

  3. I say give Toni a chance to prove herself. If women can take the pain of childbirth, just think of what else women are capable of! Go girls, GO!

  4. dream on. another sjw story. She is chosen to the college only to show how progressive the school is and to calm the leftist sjws down. She will not be playing

  5. No college actually wants her to play … they just want the pat on the back from the media. I'd love to actually see this woman play in a real football game and get crushed.

  6. Wtf. Publicity stunt. Omg 😮 this is sooo dumb. Didn’t Cha see that man fracture that woman’s skull in the UFC not too long ago? Can you see her go head up with josh Jacobs. She’s going to die. Well they do have women football league she can join that’s a plus

  7. I think she could get a little play time in college, she has some skill…she knows the risk and she don’t care 💪🏿✊🏿. Do your thing 💯

  8. Just another way to push an agenda. Nothing in reality here. You females need to worry about all the guys thinking they are girls that are ruining female athletics and invading female sports and actually hurting the real cause for feminism. They are taking your scholarships, and spots for real females to compete. Wheres the outcry from females in that??

  9. Most of the schools that gaver her those scholarships are all doing it for attention and to try and lure people to pay money to attend their school. She is not going to be a starter for no college team

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