Meet Team JOOLA: Georgina Pota, Pro Hungarian Table Tennis Player

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone my name is Lily Zhang and welcome to another
video of Meet Team JOOLA. So today I’m here with Georgina Pota. – Hi – Hello – Pota plays for the
Hungarian National Team and she is a Gold Medalist in both Doubles and Teams at
the European Championships. So, thank you so much
for joining us today. – Thank you. – How are you? – I’m pretty fine, thank you. (laughs) And you? – I’m good, thank you. So I know that you and Matilda Ekholm have played Doubles together for a while and have had considerable success. Was it difficult to play
against her in the T2 league? – Yes, of course, because
we are good friends. – Yeah – Last few years we
played Doubles together and we get really close friends and of course it’s always difficult to play against your friend, so. But we are professional
players so we fight each other it was no problem. (laughs) – So you’re good off the table then? – Yes. – After the match? – For me a little bit more
difficult to get over it maybe it takes few hours but for her, I think, little bit easier. (laughs) – Who wins more? Do you guys have a record? – Yeah, I always want to win but, yeah, I cannot always win. It’s a pity but I try
my best all the time. – Okay, that’s important. (laughs) A well know quality of yours is that you’re able to stay calm under extremely stressful situations. When things are not stressful, how do you motivate yourself to do well? – Actually people are thinking that I’m not in stress but maybe you cannot see on my face but inside I’m very nervous
actually before the match so maybe it takes until
the first Set over. – Okay. – And then I get more relaxed and, yeah, before the match I try to focus and concentrate on my next matches before the night maybe I
watch some videos on YouTube, what I should play against my opponent. So, yeah, I’m getting more professional because in the past I
maybe I didn’t do so well so I try to change. – Okay. – And I think its getting
better and better. – Nice. So you would say experience
helps you a lot in this? – Yeah, the ages, yeah. (laughs) – So what would you tell someone who has a lot of trouble
calming down in a match or performing well mentally, what advice would you give them? – I think the most important
when you start the match that don’t be in panic if you don’t feel backhand or forehand just to try to focus on the
next rally, on the next point. Because if you thinking about
what you did wrong before then you get nervous, angry on yourself and then you maybe lose few more points because of your anger. – Mm, so you’d say like
take it step by step. – Yes. – You know, focus on the next point. – Yes. – Yeah. An effective component of you game is to play extremely
fast with a lot of speed rather than spin so much. What made you decide to go this route in this modern, spin dominated, game? – I think Table Tennis changed a lot because the new rules. Nowadays the balls you
cannot make so much spin. So I have play more from power but is little bit difficult for me because I played from feelings and actually my backhand had
the first ball with spin, to spin the balls, and I feel it’s little bit
disappeared from my style so I had to change little bit. – Play faster? – Yeah, play faster and
also I need better reaction to cath the balls because
my leg is not so fast. (laughs) so my arm is really fast and my reaction so I have to improve always, these things. – So, you’ve had may successful years playing for TTC Berlin Eastside, do you remember any particular year that stood out to you or maybe the most memorable match
you’ve had for them? – Yes, few times we won
three titles in one year, Champions Leagues, Bundesliga and Pokal German Cup, in one year and, yeah, it was my best years there and I’m very thankful for my club because without them I think
I couldn’t be so good player. Of course I learn Statistika, in Budapest. I learn everything there. How to play table tennis. But I think this step
in needed in my career that I changed my club
to Germany from Hungary. Because in the league there
are many different players, defense players, Chinese Penhold so its many variation. And in Hungary sometimes the practice can be boring because right-handed
or left-handed players. So, I think it was a big
step for me to go abroad. And this mix could help
me to play at this level. – Right, so it’s important to
play with many styles right? – Yes, in table tennis very important because I think this is
one of the hardest sport. – Yeah. Do you have a favorite
style to play against? – When I was younger I didn’t like to play against defense players because I have to spin
a lot and its much work. (laughs) and nowadays I can say I like it because I have time, I
can chop and then one spin and if I get harder ball
then I can smash it, so. – Okay. You have played many different
leagues in different formats, for example T2, The German League and UTT. Do you have a favorite one or
one that you like the most? – I cannot say which
one was the best for me because I enjoyed all of them and, yeah, its different ways you like because for me T2 was little bit more fun it was not so serious. And the team what I had it was really nice and The Indian League, it
was really more serious and I felt little bit stressed. (laughs) And, of course, in Germany this is my job and I should win all my matches but it’s not possible but I try. And, yeah, I like table tennis and it doesn’t matter which league I play. – So, last question, Why JOOLA? – Its a long story because when I was cadet or mini cadet, JOOLA asked me to play in their clothes and because I had some good
results also when I was cadet and since then, okay, sometimes I changed to other brand but my family is JOOLA and long time ago I’m playing with JOOLA rubbers, blade and clothes. So, I think it was not a question
for me from the beginning because from I know myself I’m
playing in JOOLA clothes, so. – Yeah. – It was not a question. (laughs) – So, JOOLA is just your family? – Yeah yeah. – and you’re
gonna stick around. – I like their equipment, long time ago I’m playing
with this rubbers and blades so, yeah, it was not a question. (laughs) – Alright Georgina, thank you
so much for joining us today. – Thank you. – And taking the time. (laughs) – Thank you. – So this was another
episode Meet Team JOOLA and we’ll see you guys next time. Don’t forget to Like
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