Meet Spain’s Only All-Female Cricket Team

(crowd cheering)
(upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat orchestral music) – [Narrator] In the Besòs
neighborhood of Barcelona, there is a unique group of girls. (girls chattering) The country’s first, and only, all-female cricket team. And this team is made up
entirely of immigrants. (speaking in foreign language) (crowd cheering) (speaking in foreign language) (tapping) (upbeat guitar music) (speaking in foreign language) (crowd cheering) (speaking in foreign language) (crowd cheering)
(crowd applauding) (speaking in foreign language) (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) The team has allowed the
girls to form a community of their own, while at the same time, helping to overcome the challenges of immigrating to a new country. (speaking in foreign language) (crowd cheering) (speaking in foreign language) (crowd cheering) (speaking in foreign language)

28 thoughts on “Meet Spain’s Only All-Female Cricket Team

  1. To get a documentary made with Great Big Story do you pitch the idea before anything is shot?

  2. Heu, As you could listen, theyspeak in Catalan, also this reports speaks about catalan (lenguage) and Catalonia (country), so you may replace "spanish" for catalan. This is the country were we live.

  3. I am Spanish and honoured of having such a team like this in Catalonia. I don't mind if they are pakistan talking catalan or muslim talking gallego or whatever, immigrants who come here are always welcomed and helped and they tend to build teams like this to be happier. Spain has a very strong immigrational background and we are proud to be one o the less racist countries in Europe. Seing all this racist coments is so sad for me….

  4. I can't read and listen a the same time!! xD. That language is really similar to Spanish but I do not understand everything and I get lost with the subtitles

  5. The Islamophobia in this comment section can piss off. To educate the European nationalists, alt right/neo-fascist and ignorant white males, the Iberian peninsula was ruled by North African Muslims for centuries. Spain has received numerous important aspects of their culture, architecture and language from their Islamic ancestors.

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