Med Ball Throws – Baseball Rebellion

Hey guys, Chas Pippitt here with Baseball Rebellion. I’m joined by Eric Tyler and we’re gonna show you a great rotational
power drill: a med ball drill. So, he’s gonna throw this medball like the
hitter. So, what you’re gonna notice about Eric is he’s going to get ready in his
stance just like he’s gonna bat. He’s gonna throw this ball hard and straight
and then he’s gonna hold his finish and we’re gonna talk about how he looks then. So, he the same tempo as his general
stride same leg kick and you can vary your weights. At first we’re gonna do a 6
now we have an 8. We go all the way up to 15 here at Baseball Rebellion. So, Eric’s
going to make sure he holds this finish, completes this turn, go ahead. Strong
through the back heel, great upper back rotation. He maintains the bend well, that
protects the SI joint. It’s a great rotational power Pro for any hitter.

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