Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2018

[AUDIENCE CHEERING] Jalen Rose looks
like he has Lego hair. Tracy McGrady looks like
a grown ass Steve Urkel with Biggie Small’s eyes. [BLEEP] y’all. Draymond Green’s jump shot
is almost as ugly as his face. Almost. That’s a damn good
looking jump shot. Ben Simmons
might have the most boring voice I’ve ever heard. I [BLEEP] hate
Glenn Robinson, man. What a bitch. What did I do to you? Jimmy Butler has my Most Hated
Player in the League award. Ugly [BLEEP],, what the
[BLEEP] is that on his head? He looks dirty as [BLEEP]. DeAaron Fox look like
a auntie in the face. Stevie Wonder
shoots free throws better than Andre Drummond. Now that’s straight
disrespectful. Come on now. Stephen A. Smith is
what happens when a human tries to be a Caps Lock button. Rachel Nichols, can you stop
screaming into your microphone? I’ve never seen
someone so annoying on television in my
life, and I’m old enough to have watched “The Nanny.” Scottie Pippen has the
face of a man that’s been through some [BLEEP]. I need someone to blame,
so I’ll go with old faithful. This is all Kevin Love’s fault. Charles Barkley
has pancake [BLEEP].. That’s not true, because
I would eat them. Kobe looks like he cries to
“Can I Get a Kiss From a Rose?” by Seal. Really? (SINGING) Ba da da, da da
da da da da da da da da da. I’m not crying, but
I’ll sing [BLEEP].. (SINGING) Ba da da, da da
da da, da da da da da da da. Baby– That’s it for our show– Hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel. An evil wizard has trapped
me inside this YouTube video. Click “Subscribe”
to help me escape.

100 thoughts on “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2018

  1. Kobe, that’s a great song you’re singing and imma let you finish, but Charles Barkley had one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

  2. Jimmy Butler his hair looks like an afgahn pakol hat! Thats why the hate.. but i like the haircut better

  3. Kobe crying to Seal ? Nah. But if he cried every night that year Dwight Howard was on the Lakers. That I'd believe.

  4. Here's one for Jimmy Kimmel: "U sorry excuse for a game show host, you made me watch reruns of Jonny Carson since 1880. U couldn't cheer up a celebrety if they got positive reviews."

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