Mauricio Pochettino’s Funniest Moments

– [Reporter:] Can you do it [the Dele Alli Challenge]? – I try one time and was perfect. [Laughing] No, no, no, I prove this. And he [Dele Alli] said, “Oh fantastic, that is why you are the boss.” He said to me, Dele. – [Reporter:] Did you play against a smaller team and maybe not have a good result? – I don’t remember. But against [Poli] Ejido, I believe no, eh? Maybe it is wrong. This Wikipedia? Congratulations, Jesus, happy birthday. I want to put… – My first meeting was in his [Daniel Levy’s] house. He was without shoes. Yes, it was like a pyjama, dressed in a pyjama. But it was in the afternoon. Or maybe to play again with Paul Merson. Against Paul Merson. To kick. Bam! Some people are going to fall asleep and sleep in here, hey? So tired. Some problem last night? With all my love. I kick with all my love. Happiness night, no? Difficult morning, no? – [Reporter:] You’ve lost weight? It’s true that you’ve lost weight? I don’t know. I saw you thinner. Is it true? No? – Like some people joked before, finally I got a trophy.

37 thoughts on “Mauricio Pochettino’s Funniest Moments

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  2. He also have a younger brother.He isn't a coach or football player but really famous throughout the world.Capucchino

  3. About the first interview, Poch actually still has his near perfect touch on the ball. … If you search for the video in which those F2 Freestylers played with him, even at his age he beat them hands down with smooth technique.

  4. Thank you Poch, you will join Hughton and Jol as people who have transformed the club but got fucked by them off as a gesture… Thanks for everything and sad even now you're gone

  5. Yes pochetteino is funny I missed him Tottenham should never sack Pochetteino he is way better then Mourinho and hopefully after 3 years pochetteino might return to Tottenham?!

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