Mauka Mauka ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Call me Nemo

really a fact, Pakistan is very poor hey mister, hold your horses
you’re disrespecting us shut up a**h*** who said I am disrespecting you (better) I am insulting, disrespecting, displeasing
you wtf but how can you say that
you’re rich and we’re poor shut up b**** we have baahubali wtf we have a huge defence system wtf we have narendra singh modi whattttt…. it’s “Narendra Modi” only and we have jio sim too holy sh** now tell me
what do you have ? we have CHINA and
HINA RABBANI wtf, omg, holy sh** mauka mauka
mauka mauka the milk is finished can I borrow some ? shut up a**h*** to hell with milk
I have rice pudding for you it’s the right time
I should also ask him for KASHMIR just like rice pudding
just give us KASHMIR too KASHMIR…
have my a** ask for milk
we’ll give you rice pudding ask for KASHMIR and
we’re gonna kick your a** no way mauka mauka
mauka mauka we have played so many IPL
and we’re ready for it Don’t be so overconfident
about your IPL India will lose this time
this time it’s pakistan pakistan will lose again when
Virat Kohli will be smashing you Champions trophy is ours
our right, keep it here bullsh** with your right
when we have misbah ul haq Champions trophy is ours
just off and do your poetry you won’t be able to do anything
sit tight and play your instrument leave it, there is nothing
in these fights and quarrels shut up a** whoever wins the match
it’s always cricket, that’s winning and we don’t hate you people
we love India we too love pakistan and it’s people a lot let’s have some fun together mauka mauka
mauka mauka

100 thoughts on “Mauka Mauka ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 | Call me Nemo

  1. He don't know our prime minister's name its Narendra damodar das modi n u r saying Narendra singh modi..

  2. khel me to jeet har ka pata nahi.
    but war me to ap ko pata hia kon baap hai .
    paistan zindabad
    10 lakh army hai kashmir me but ISI k kch hi logo ne poora kashmir hath me lia hai.
    free kashmir.
    doodh b len gay kheer B lengay kashmir B lengay Cheer B dengay

  3. Let me clearSab se pehly tu Indian jo ye samjhty hyn k sary Pakistani terrorist hyn tu Zara ja k research kr Lyn pehly Iran k jitny bhi ancient holy places hyn unhy terrorism se bachany k liye Pakistan se kai loog apny ghar chor k un ki raksha krny gay hyn kya india Mai koi esa 1 bhi ghar hy jis k loog apny ghar chor k kisi or desh Mai holy places ki raksha krny jaty ho terrorism se bachany k liye ???2nd jo loog Islam ko bura kehty hyn tu apni khud ki history utha k parho hm muslman hind Mai trading krny aay thy or hmy dekh Kar kai hazar hindu muslman ho gay thy q k un logo ko samjh aa gaya tha k Islam Hinduism se bohot zyada behtar religion hy musalmano ko dekh k kai hindu muslman hoy ye tu history Mai mil bhi jata hy par aaj tak kya kbhi koi muslman hinduo ko dekh k hindu hoa ???3rd ye k tm loog samjhty ho k Kashmir tm logo ka hy tu jao or kashmirio se ja k pocho aaj bhi wo tm logo ko btay gy k kesy tm logo ne dhoky se Kashmir apny naam kiya or agar dhoky se nhi kiya na tu aaj bhi ja k kidi bhi Kashmiri se poch lo k wo Pakistan ko support krta hy ya india ko har kashmiri Pakistan k support Mai tha hy or rahy ga Jaha tk cricket ki baat hy tu aaj bhi hm tm logo se zyada jeety hyn or is Sach ko kisi ka baap bhi nhi badal sakta agar 4 June ko india jeeta tb bhi hm tum logo se bohot zyada matches jeety huy hyn 21 matches ka bohot bara farq hota hy tm loog 1 jeet jao gy or tb bhi hm tm logo se 20 matches aaghy hi rahy gy 4th ye k jo musalman india k support Mai hyn or jo loog ye samjhty hyn k hmary nabi s.a.w ne ye sikhaya hy k dharam se zyada desh ko support kro tu ye ghalat fehmi hy tm logo ki hmesha dharam pehly or desh baad Mai aata hy Or akhiri baat mujhy ye batani hy k mai bhi india Mai time guzar Chuka ho or baad Mai Pakistan shift hoa tha Mai ne dono countries ko dekha hy un ki hr chez ko dekha hy but finally I'm in Pakistan & alhamdulillah Pakistan is better then india .Mujhy kisi se larai nhi krni na hi mujhy kisi k religion ko bura kehna hy

  4. watch lots of indian vedios that shows that childern have better sence of peace .but the elders are………………….

  5. kaha gaye sab k sab pusystani lund fakir…match se pehle sab bahot uchhal rahe the na ye krdenge wo krdenge lauda lasan…blablabla…ab bolo…maa chhod di na india ne…aise h pakistan k maa chhod degi indian army…kyuki???….kyuki "Baap Baap hota h aur Beta Beta"??????

  6. According to this revised methodology, the world had 872.3 million people below the new poverty line, of which 179.6 million people lived in India. In other words, India with 17.5% of total world's population, had 20.6% share of world's poorest in 2011

  7. Some 70 percent of households in India don’t have access to toilets, whether in rural areas or urban slums. Roughly 60 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open. And the consequences for women are huge.

    These range from polluted water leading to women and children dying from childbirth-related infections to the risk and reality of being attacked and raped, most infamously the gang rape of two teenage girls in rural northern India two years ago Lolx

  8. Moka Moka Karte Rehna .. Toilet Na Banwana .. Apni Maa Behno ki Izzat Bachao Bahir Nangi Karti Hain Phir Ahem Ahem Hota Hai

  9. Pakistan can't even score 200 hehe and they will beat india bhai sapne me ho kya champion trophy choro glli danda khelo

  10. ooo hello WO kashmir wala hum nay banaya tha haha kiya kry uneducated log ghlti tum logo ki nhi tum logo ki qismat hai hi aisay

  11. kashmir py khel lo match kashmir tumhary bap ka hay aur chmpn trophy tumhary bap ki hay modi ko kaho aj tj aik selfi lenay dy gy kohli ki owkat dekh li 2bar out kya es kholi ko bacho abi aur khelo pak tum sy hr chez mn agay hay agr apki foj mn hemat hy tou dekhao soso na nekal jy hamary comado ko dekh ky buzdiloo

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